TANKUP to authorize 1000 Fuel Entrepreneurs across India


TankUp is one of the major in the mobile fuelling legroom with a Pan India occurrence empowering Fuel Entrepreneurs (FuelEnts) to build, supervise and grow a flourishing business of Door to Door Delivery (DDD) of High-Speed Diesel.

DDD is a flagship proposal by the Government of India, projected to build a brawny network for entrepreneurs in the mobile fueling segment. The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (MoPNG) along with Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) has been dynamically working in promoting the project inviting start-ups through an Expression of Interest for DDD of Diesel.

TankUp’s mobile fueling solutions have enabled Fuel Entrepreneurs to convey more than one Crore liters of Diesel to their manufacturing and station clients. The company is now extending its proficiency and solutions to guide 1000 new FuelEnts in scenery up and administration a successful DDD business. With an initial investment of just 25 lakh, FuelEnt can start a predictable and sustainable business by partnering with TankUp.

TankUp fabricates mobile dispensers (bowsers) at its State-of-the-Art manufacturing amenities in three locations across India. The facilities follow endorsed quality and management systems for the fabrication of PESO-approved Bowsers. The Bowsers are custom-built and tough in design for long-term usage. They are fitted with a Smart IOT device for automating the fuel dispensing process making the monitoring and operational process highly simplified and efficient for the Fuel Entrepreneur. The fueling system is further secured by its proprietary TankLock device, an anti-pilferage, and an anti-theft mechanism that can save capable of 3 Lakh worth of Diesel cost annually.

TankUp’s team broaden across India handholds inventive and striving persons in their journey of setting up and management a successful Fuel Delivery Business. From company arrangement and product expansion to successful introduction and marketing the fuel release operations, TankUp provides end-to-end mobile fuelling solutions to FuelEnts that include pre-fabricated fuel delivery vehicles, fuelling course automation, tech support, branding, and marketing services for procuring fuelling clients and support services such as spares, repair & maintenance.

“India uses more than 87 million KL of diesel annually, out of which 82 percent is used by B2B segment (Commercial Transportation & Industrial Use). The DDD opportunity is focused on Delivery of Diesel for Industrial Use Only, which is approximately 26 million KL market currently serviced through the unorganized and inefficient barrel and jerry can procurement system that results in pilferage and handling losses. Substantial loss of fuel is incurred due to such forms of pilferage, every year to industrial clients. This is precisely the problem that TankUp aims to solve by empowering Fuel Entrepreneurs to participate in the organized delivery of diesel for industrial and other commercial uses. The DDD market currently is 0.3 million KL and has the potential to grow to about 10 million KL of diesel annually in the next 5 years, creating an 80,000 cr market. The first movers will have an added advantage and TankUp is ready to guide them in every step of their journey fuelling their growth and the growth of the nation,” said, Gaurav Lath, Founder, TankUp.