The Exponential Raise of e-Students Amidst Covid-19 Epidemic Season

The Exponential Raise of e-Students Amidst Covid-19 Epidemic Season

By Avinash Roy, Content Writer, 0

e-Learning is playing a very important role as a suitable solution in the current Covid-19 epidemic season.

Technology is developing every second and with its advancement, it is impacting almost every facet of life, and education is no exception. Though, education seems much the same as it has been for many years, but the advancement in technology has definitely changed the modes of delivery. Nowadays, the classroom no longer refers to a physical location and students can learn from an environment they are comfortable in, as e-Learning has changed the way students think about education and it has drifted the method of learning imparted to the students. But why are we talking about e-Learning? It is because e-Learning is playing a very important role as a suitable solution in the current Covid-19 epidemic season.

The closure of schools, colleges, and institutes due to the epidemic outbreak has failed to stop learners from learning as they are proactively opting for online classes while embracing e-Learning with great interest. Tough e-Learning is just a provisional solution in the epidemic’s context but it has become the key trend towards the ‘smart school’ model in Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG) education system. Most of the schools under NHG have vastly adopted the e-Teaching system; however, there still exists a gap. A gap which is a result of the lack of preparation of the system, and due to this gap, e-Learning at few schools has not attracted enough attention & interest from students to achieve the same effect as the traditional way does. Hence, in order to bridge this gap, NHG is striving hard by implementing the best solution for academic learning.

How Effective is Digital Classes?

The occurrence of an epidemic, as well as the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19, gave impetus to adoption of digital technology platforms in many schools and organizations worldwide. So is the scenario with NHG. The occurrence of Covid-19 and the student’s day off due to this epidemic has urged many NHG school systems like iSchool International Integration Schools, UK Academy International Bilingual School (UKA), International Schools of North America, Gia Dinh University, Ba Ria - Vung Tau University, Hong Bang International University (HIU) and Hoa Sen University (HSU) to implement online direct training through applications appropriate for each student. Additionally, in order to maximize the efficiency in the teaching process, schools are organizing regular training sessions for teachers on how to use the tools.

“NHG has been regularly using e-Learning methods for a long time. With the support of Microsoft Office 365, teachers can create a learning environment like regular classrooms from lectures, assigning tests, competency assessments, supporting students anywhere and anytime” says Nam Ngo Thanh, Deputy Head - Primary School, NHG.
“At the high school level, we have applied many e-Learning programs like double degree general education programs with many partner schools in the US through the online system. Students graduating from high school through these programs will be granted a high school diploma recognized by the top 200 universities in the US and guaranteed to get a student visa if they intend to study in the US,” states Pham Tien Thinh, Director - Information Technology Department, NHG.

“HSU has built an e-Learning system, professional filming studio, issued policies to encourage the development of digital learning materials, training sessions for teachers about e-Learning courses, purchasing artificial intelligence (AI) services integrated into e-Learning systems to detect plagiarism and predict learners’ results based on the data of attended courses and build the virtual campus in Second Life,” says Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Vice President, HSU.

e-Learning for a Better Future

With the help of booming virtual platforms, interesting technology, eye-catching pedagogy as well as innovative teaching methodologies NHG education system is definitely changing the way how education is imparted. Looking at the effective results, as well as the interest of the students and the ease of e-Learning, education leaders are now thinking about the long-term investment in this methodology.

Dr. Nguyen informs that HSU is highly satisfied with the e-Learning process as the system at HSU works very well on both mobile devices and regular computers. In the first semester of the 2019-20 academic year, the system has served 2.73 million hits of the school’s lecturers and students. He further avers about the advantages of online blended learning model - skills development and necessary critical thinking of 21st-century employees; flexibility for schools, learners and lecturers; easy adaptation to a variety of learning styles. “However, e-teaching with high quality is not that simple. The school must carefully invest in teaching methods, technology platforms, and digital learning materials. Contrary to most people’s thinking, e-teaching with high quality requires more investment than the traditional way. Therefore, tuition fees for high-quality online degree programs of UK and USA are higher than traditional ones,” adds Dr. Nguyen.

Talking about the opportunities of e-Learning in the coming future, Pham Tien Thinh stated “In the near future, Vietnam should follow abroad e-Learning models, even at high school level. Currently, e-Learning is a trend. In some countries, information technology is applied right from the preschool level, by the time you already know how to read, write, calculate, and math, you have already learned online by 40 percent.” He further adds “Artificial intelligence (AI) is also developing rapidly in our country; this technology will be applied in remote teaching and will outbreak in the near future.”

For NHG education system, e-Learning is a long-term direction and solution in the era of 4.0 technologies and for the world, NHG’s education system is an inspiration. NHG has been leveraging its e-Learning system with great efficiency in the epidemic season. Moreover, NHG considers this situation as an opportunity for everyone to accelerate the implementation of the smart school model, originating from an information technology platform.