UNISOC Launches New Chipset UNISOC T760, Aiming to Democratize 5G in India


semiconductorSemiconductor design firm UNISOC has unveiled its latest offering, the UNISOC T760 chipset, targeting widespread adoption of 5G technology in India. Partnering with key OEM players, UNISOC aims to introduce the chipset to the Indian market, promising enhanced performance across various applications.

The UNISOC T760 chipset is built on advanced 6nm EUV process technology, supporting Hard Decode/4K@30fps encoding and decoding capabilities, and is compatible with FHD+ resolution displays featuring 120Hz refresh rates. This technological foundation enhances gaming experiences, ensuring immersive entertainment and seamless multitasking.

With benchmark scores exceeding 510,000 points on Antutu V10, the chipset excels in high-definition gaming, photography, and video recording tasks, offering users extensive functionality and satisfaction.

UNISOC emphasizes the chipset's AI development platform, enabling rapid enhancement of diverse applications for a more intelligent user experience. The chipset also integrates AI intelligent adjustment technology and a multi-mode innovative architecture, resulting in a 37% reduction in power consumption in 5G data scenarios and an 18% reduction in 5G standby scenarios.

The launch of the UNISOC T760 underscores UNISOC's commitment to democratizing 5G technology, making it accessible to a broader audience in India through strategic collaborations with leading OEM partners.