Yotta Data Services Teams Up with NVIDIA for India's AI Transformation


yottaYotta Data Services and NVIDIA have joined hands to offer advanced GPU computing infrastructure and platforms through the Shakti Cloud platform. This collaboration aims to advance AI solutions in India by making cutting-edge AI capabilities accessible to various organizations, businesses, startups, and AI researchers across the country. As part of their ambitious plans, Yotta intends to deploy a significant number of GPUs, aiming to become the first NVIDIA Partner Network cloud partner in India. This strategic alliance positions Yotta at the forefront of transforming India's AI landscape, emphasizing innovation and inclusivity in the rapidly progressing field of artificial intelligence.

Yotta has placed a significant order for NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and aims to initiate operations with a substantial number of GPUs by 2024. This strategic move is intended to cater to the rising demand for high-performance GPUs across research labs, enterprises, and startups handling HPC and AI workloads. With NVIDIA's full support and a shared goal to advance India's independent AI sector, Yotta plans to extensively expand its GPU resources, directly meeting the escalating requirements of local, Asian, and global markets.

Upon its launch, Yotta's Shakti Cloud AI platform will offer a variety of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions, providing crucial AI models and applications to aid Indian enterprises in developing robust AI tools and products. By introducing the first cluster of GPUs at its esteemed Uptime Tier-IV data center located in Navi Mumbai, Yotta aims to deliver unparalleled GPU-as-a-service solutions. This strategic move is designed to empower various entities, including businesses, governments, startups, and researchers in India, fostering advancements in AI, machine learning, gaming, content creation, and scientific research.

In the midst of India's substantial growth in embracing AI, the collaboration between Yotta and NVIDIA stands as a pivotal advancement. This partnership signifies a significant milestone in India's efforts to accelerate innovation and transform industries by providing NVIDIA GPUs as a service. It aligns with the country's emergence as a center for technological progress, highlighting Yotta's collaboration as a catalyst for growth, efficiency, and excellence. Ultimately, the strategic alliance between Yotta Data Services and NVIDIA not only marks a significant step in reshaping India's AI landscape but also empowers businesses, startups, and researchers with exceptional GPU capabilities and cutting-edge AI solutions, marking a groundbreaking era for technological advancement in the nation.