Reckonsys Tech Labs: Shaping Product Ideas of Startups into Reality with Minimum Investment

Reckonsys Tech Labs: Shaping Product Ideas of Startups into Reality with Minimum Investment

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The latest report by KPMG on the Indian startup ecosystem reveals that the number of startups in India has escalated from 7,000 in 2008 to a whopping 50,000 in 2018. However, there lies a large gap in the industry wherein startups do not get associated with the right technology partners across their entrepreneurial journeys. Moreover, a big portion of these startups have no insights on the market demands and spend volumes of money in moulding their obsessed product ideas into reality. This is where Reckonsys Tech Labs Pvt. Ltd. comes into picture as an adept software product development firm that truly understands and resolves the major pain points of startups.

In this process, Reckonsys stands as the clients’ true partner and charts out a short-term roadmap for developing their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in just five months. This way, clients can realize their product ideas with minimum investment, mould the MVP into the next level through appropriate funding and eventually gain high returns. Today, Reckonsys takes pride in its seven products successfully developed during the last 3.5 years, out of which three bagged external funding.

The Founder & CEO of Reckonsys, Sathish Visanagiri (technologist) currently oversees the sales and organizational strategy of the firm besides endeavouring to take it to the next level. Sathish discloses a spectrum of aspects about the firm right from its inception till date with CEO Insights.

Reckonsys is a successful firm today proudly succouring the emerging startups. Brief us about its inception story.
It was in 2012 I came back to India after staying at US for 12 long years! Despite being highly reserved in nature, I under took diverse roles in different organizations besides residing at six different US states. During my association with Goldman Sachs, I was inspired by Bangalore’s startup ecosystem as well as the passion with which people were pursuing their aspirations. This pushed me to evolve out of my comfort zone at a high-paying job and create something that will fetch me satisfaction and also a purpose for my life.

That’s how I moved on to establish my startup in 2014 with my own funds but faced huge difficulty in acquiring enough funds as well as the right technology partners. It was post this in 2015, I laid the foundation for Reckonsys paying heed to my friends’ request to help other startups in building their products. By constantly honing my skillset on the latest technologies, I continued to assist my clients with the right solutions for their problems and today, we have grown to delve into any upcoming technology and deliver solutions. Indeed, it was an exciting journey of four years at Reckonsys!

"To avoid any mismatch between clients’ expectation and final product, we constantly understand their pain points and feedbacks, thus being their sensible, disciplined and true partner"

What distinguishes Reckonsys as a product development company among the mere software service companies?
Each product we develop for our clients is based on a unique product development approach that was devised from my work experiences at diverse enterprises. From day one, we bring in the Agile process into the product development lifecycle with enterprise maturity, thus imbuing products with scalability, security and robustness. Apart from this, we work only on Python Stack at the back-end and no other technologies in order to provide long-term careers for our team members. We
are also actively working on Data Sciences and Blockchain while striving to plunge into IoT, thereby breaking out of our comfort zones and standing at the forefront of emerging technologies. Moreover, we seamlessly learn and innovate on different technologies for each product internally thus moulding our skills to solve clients’ problems in a better way.

We also forayed into developing the UI/UX of products to our clients based on their customers’ requirements. Unlike our peers, we do not just deliver the product to clients but rather assist them in making their product live by connecting them to the right cloud providers in the market.

Explain about the strategies that you follow to stand up to the clients’ expectations.
To avoid any mismatch between clients’ expectation and final product, we constantly understand their pain points and feedbacks, thus being their sensible, disciplined and true partner. We also devise a fixed price model for each product once the visual designs are developed and never alter it. Clients are further edified on the nuances of the technology being utilized in their product along with the industry scenario, thereby not forcing them to blindly adopt the developed product.

Could you tell us about your teams and the work culture they are bestowed with?
We focus on recruiting self-driven individuals with the right attitude and fervour rather than their aptitude. Most of our team members are millennials with an average work experience of 3.5-4 years. As a part of our culture, we infuse a sense of ownership, responsibility, respect and pride into each team member besides empathy for clients and their issues. We adapt transparency and open-door policy wherein we have discussions on building reforms, but never follow micro management. Today, I’m blessed and fortunate to have a team of 42 people working in a swanky office spanning 3000 sq. ft., who are the prime reason for our positive cash flow.

Have you charted out any plans for Reckonsys’ future?
Yes! We are aspiring to set-up new offices globally in the next few months to penetrate into new markets and leverage more opportunities. Today, we are elated to have received great reviews from our clients and most importantly, beheld their smiles for solving their pain points!

Key Management:
Sathish Visanagiri, Founder & CEO
An engineer from NIT Warangal and MBA graduate from University of Connecticut, Sathish has 25 years of extensive work experience across various firms & industries.


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