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 Chandra Prakash Jha: A Leader In The Production Of Cruelty-Free Silk & Sustainable Luxury Textile

Chandra Prakash Jha: A Leader In The Production Of Cruelty-Free Silk & Sustainable Luxury Textile

    Chandra Prakash Jha,        Founder

Chandra Prakash Jha


There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness”, said by Mahatma Gandhi. Chandra Prakash Jha, a pronounced fashion designer with a Master’s degree in Fashion Management from SDA Bocconi, began his social entrepreneurship with the vision to introduce the production of cruelty-free silk within the fashion industry. His noble vision also includes eradicating the exploitation of the environment and also building a happy life for the rural people of India by creating hundreds of jobs for the local women. Under his insights, Cocccon Crafts & Loom has been able to develop a new niche in sustainable luxury by decentralizing the use of any method that destroys the Earth’s bio diversity.

Keeping sustainability at the forefront of his life and business, Chandra is leading
a social responsibility of encouraging sustainable utilization of manpower, ecology, and natural resources in the business operations. He has been bestowed with Eco-Design Award from the Ministry of Environment in Germany and the German Sustainability award for his unique inventions in the area. He has joined hands with the environment and is perpetually working to make sustainable living convenient, sustainable business profitable and sustainable change fashionable.

In a recent interview with CEO Insights, Chandra talked about his entrepreneurial journey and how he paved his way to success through his sustainable business model. Here is an excerpt from the same.

Enlighten us with your inspiration to build a sustainable business model and establish Cocccon Crafts & Loom?
After spending around eight years in the fashion industry and being in close contact with its production processes, I could never unsee the hazardous impact of the industry on our environment. There are very few people who understand how the production & consumption of polyester, viscose and many more
results in deforestation and destruction of the green environment. Therefore, I established Cocccon Crafts & Loom with the motto to reduce the exploitation of social & ecological resources. I started my business model focusing on the production of cruelty-free silk, encouraging greenery and generating mass employment opportunities for rural India. I have successfully been able to use regenerative agriculture methods in Jharkhand, with host trees parallelly with rice and other seasonal vegetables. All along, my inspiration has always been to preserve Earth’s biodiversity and create employment opportunities.

Our unique business model is acting towards providing direct or indirect employment around 10,000 people in Jharkhand by 2024-25

What were the initial hurdles in the journey? Tell us more about Cocccon Crafts & Loom as a unique business model and the services it provides to its clients.
Cocccon Crafts & Loom is the first of its kind and leads a uniquely sustainable approach in the industry. Hence, I had to create an example for others. Creating organic silk in the market required a lot of education and strategies to make our clients understand our vision. Overcoming the difficulties, we have been a certified producer of organic silk and leading the industry for 10 years now. Cocccon Crafts & Loom is an Indo-German venture changing the way the world sees sustainable fashion. We focus on giving this industry highquality organic silk and generating employment in the rural areas of Jharkhand. Our services are categorized in two sections, we are a brand in ourselves, and we supply our fabrics to other brands as well. Our brand has been a prominent part of the Berlin Fashion Week and now FDCI X LFW.

Your team is the essence of your business. Tell us about Cocccon Crafts & Loom as a team?
I began this venture with five village women from Jharkhand and a few silk farmers. It took me some time to educate people about my idea of producing silk organically without the use of chemical pesticides, fungicides, and other chemicals during degumming. With time I met
people who understood my concern for the environment and who also wanted to contribute to my mission of saving the Earth from being exploited. Each member of our team has equal space to talk while taking every decision and directly benefits from our business model. I have very enthusiastic team members who are constantly learning from each other.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you to arrive at positive outcomes?
10 years ago, when I entered the segment, very few people knew about organic silk and social entrepreneurship. Every day I go through challenges in different stages of our business operation. Every day is a challenge from producing the fabric to attracting new clients. I want my clients to see the beauty of our fabrics. And I believe to be able to achieve that level of contentment one needs to be patient. Patience is the mantra that I follow. It took me years to build my venture, but I never stopped believing in my vision and patiently worked for my success.

What Advice Would You Give To The Upcoming Entrepreneurs In The Same Industry?
Look for sustainability in your business. Your business must contribute to the preservation of Earth’s natural resources. The effect of global warming is increasing every year. People must understand the fact that if there is no earth, then there is no business. Entrepreneurs must focus on developing products that create the best experience for their clients.

What are your future plans for Cocccon Crafts & Loom?
We are already doing great in the European market. With FDCI X LFW, we are in the process of building our brand and creating awareness of sustainable fashion in India. We are planning to grow our business in India. Our unique business model is acting towards providing direct or indirect employment around 10,000 people in Jharkhand by 2024-25.

Chandra Prakash Jha, Founder, Cocccon Crafts & Loom
The founder of a unique & sustainable business model, Chandra is known for his versatility and exceptional innovative ability. He has a strong educational journey in Fashion and plays the role of a philanthropist, and a consultant in sustainable fashion, blockchain, traceability, and regenerative agriculture.

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