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 Dr. Arjun Dang: Democratizing Quality Diagnostics With Digitization And Innovation

Dr. Arjun Dang: Democratizing Quality Diagnostics With Digitization And Innovation

  Dr. Arjun Dang,     Chief Executive Officer and Partner

Dr. Arjun Dang

Chief Executive Officer and Partner

Dr. Arjun Dang, Chief Executive Officer and Partner of Dr. Dangs Lab is a Pathologist by training. Having done his MD from Sri Ramachandra Medical College in Chennai and trained thereafter at Institutions such as Kings College Hospital London, Lady Hardinge, and Apollo, Dr. Arjun has a keen interest in the fields of GI and Liver Pathology apart from testing for Allergy and Food Intolerance. He has been working in the lab in various roles culminating in the current one as the CEO of the organization. Operationally he plays both a technical and a strategic role.

Dr. Arjun proudly shares that his guiding light has been the wisdom imparted by his grandfather. He recalls his grandfather teaching him about the very essence of humanity and kindness and that is being a doctor he would get the greatest of opportunities in life to help patients with compassion and care. He further adds that his father, a stalwart in healthcare has taught him that the “secret to success in healthcare is the formula of the three Ps - Passion, Patience and Perseverance" and that the cornerstone of any high impact healthcare organization is the trust & empathy between a doctor and his patients. Coming to work daily with the power to help and make a difference in people’s lives and interact with his employees who are the extended family driving the collective vision is really what drives Dr. Arjun at the local level.

Tell us about Dr. Dangs Lab and its position in the industry. How does your company differentiate itself from the competition?
Dr. Dangs Lab is known for its ability to provide unmatched quality services along with a highly personalized experience whether for the patient or for its clients. Providing both simultaneously is often a tough ask. Dr. Dangs Lab was founded in 1983 with Dr. Manju Dang, MD, and Prof(Dr.) Navin Dang, MD as the two partners.It has received numerous national and international awards, a few notable ones of which are, the Dr.B.C Roy national award for Dr. Navin Dang, the Business World 40 under 40 in
HealthCare, and the Hindustan Times Trailblazer Award for Dr. Arjun for being the change maker who contributed significantly to India during the pandemic, and Best Path Lab(National) by the Economic Times healthcare awards. Driven by the motto of “Our family caring for yours”, Dr. Dangs Lab was the first lab in the country to receive ISO-9002 certification and has been accredited by NABL since 2001 in Medical Laboratories.

The “secret to success in healthcare is the formula of the 3 Ps - Passion, Patience & Perseverance" and that the cornerstone of any high impact healthcare organization is the trust & empathy between a doctor and his patients.

Dr. Arjun comments that the ethos, compassion, and dedication of Dr. Dangs Lab’s staff towards patients are the key reasons that Dr. Dangs Lab has reached the pinnacle of quality stand alone labs in India. Dr. Arjun confers that it has never been about the market presence or business, it was and will always be about patient care and personalized associations with clients with the focus to deliver the best in the healthcare industry. “Value over Volumes” is what he says.

What challenges have you faced in your professional journey so far and how have you overcome those?
Dr. Arjun states that “being prepared for the unexpected at all times” is a learning that he has imbibed from his father Dr. Navin Dang. As a simple example, the Dr. Dang spare no thought to having more than adequate manpower and more than adequate technology so as to never be faced with being unable to issue out timely reports. Despite the above, "I as a healthcare professional have been deeply affected by the storm that is the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the significant learnings it brought in. From distraught patients and their immense suffering, the health of staff being affected, logistics shipments affected by lockdowns, the need to start new tests and rampup capability overnight; the challenges were numerous and one could have only dealt with the same with calm due to each member of Dr. Dangs Lab bending backward to give their 100percent, no questions asked, trusting the guidance received from the management. I never cease to be amazed when I think back to how the staff who remained in good health, worked day and night to keep the lab fully functional and will always remain humbled by their selfless efforts". signs-off Dr. Dang Lab’s team has also successfully implemented the
first drive through model for sample collection for the Covid RTPCR test.

What are the key factors behind the success of Dr. Dangs Lab?
Dr. Arjun believes that a brand is only a reflection of the people it has. There is no success story without a brilliant team. Today, Dr.Dangs Lab is an incredible amalgamation of individuals who have been with the lab since the beginning who embody the spirits and ethos of the lab, as well as new entrants with fresh ideas. “Each member of Dr. Dangs Lab has offered their valuable services to society, even at the times when their families needed them. Moreover, words can never be enough to ably express just how much each and every team member of Dr. Dangs Lab contributed during the pandemic. Their dedication and diligence in their work and expression of abundant love for patients is the beautiful combination of learned, dynamic professionals with a high emotional quotient and it is my privilege to be a part of this team”, says Dr. Arjun.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behaviour that you anticipate, and what are the opportunities that you foresee as a leader?
The COVID-19 induced pandemic revealed major cracks in the healthcare systems, worldwide. Dr. Arjun thinks it’s very unfortunate to say that in our country, the void of adequate healthcare facilities and debilitating healthcare infrastructure was felt the strongest. He shares, “Hope fully, with the pandemic easing out and the immense learnings it has conferred on us, I have realized that the digital revolution needs collaborative efforts from all the healthcare fraternity.” Dr. Arjun is a voracious reader, a keen writer, and an enthusiastic orator. With having led various Pan India studies and clinical trials in multidisciplinary fields, he believes that continuous interactions with the stalwarts of healthcare, constant innovation, experimentation with data, regular research, and studying publications with a single goal of enhancing patient care would certainly be a must to keep up with phenomenal changes happening in the realm of the healthcare. “Lab development is an ongoing process with expansion in test menu, equipment, infrastructure, manpower being the key. While relentlessly pursuing the field of excellence, we are today recognized for, I would personally want to look at broadening our horizons across the spectrum and I wish to be part of the more impactful research and trials that will directly lead to better patient care and management which will fulfil my dream of making the highest level of quality healthcare a reality for the citizens of our nation”, says Dr. Arjun.

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