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 Rahul Sharma: Driving Energy Efficiency & Conservation Through Excellence In Engineering

Rahul Sharma: Driving Energy Efficiency & Conservation Through Excellence In Engineering

 Rahul Sharma,   CEO

Rahul Sharma


India is one of the fastest-developing nation in the world, and there has been large-scale acceptance of modern technology innovations across various sectors of the business ecosystem. Be it consumer electronics, telecom, or renewable energy, there has been a comprehensive development at every step of business operations. During the last decade, technology innovations have also been embraced by the businesses. This is one of the reasons why only experienced professionals have been able to change solutions and services according to the changing trends of the industry. Many prominent industry leaders have emerged with time and have added value to the industry as a whole with their experience and expertise in the field. It has always been the passion of technology leaders to keep excelling with the growth of technology and keep developing specializations according to the changing trends of the industry. Though many claim to provide the best solutions and services, only the knowledgeable and experienced professionals are able to do so.

Rahul Sharma, CEO, Vrinda Nano Technologies is a leader & handling various portfolios within the organisation owing to his huge industry experience. He started serving consumer electronics in 1997 and headed various departments and worked as Country manager, headed sales, purchase, engineering, manufacturing, and project management in organisations like Eltek, Delta, and more. The CEO Insights magazine engages in a conversation with him in order to learn more about his career and the impact achieved by his company.

Give a brief account of your educational and professional journey.
I completed my bachelor's degree in Electronics & Communications in 1997 and embarked on a career in the consumer electronics industry. With a wealth of experience gained across various departments, I transitioned into the telecom sector and later ventured into the renewable energy field. Throughout my journey, I was at Country Head positions in different capacities, shouldering responsibilities for P&L across multiple organizations nationwide. Currently, I proudly serve as the CEO of VNT (Vrinda Nano Technologies), leading a team of over 400 dedicated professionals.

Our unwavering passion for harnessing innovative technologies has propelled us to spearhead the delivery of cutting-edge solutions. At VNT, we are fully committed to meeting your present needs while strategically planning for future business endeavors. With an unwavering focus on safety and quality control, we strive to provide unmatched solutions that cater to the ever-evolving requirements of the critical sectors we support.

Integrity and a strong dedication to serving others form the cornerstone of our holistic approach. We prioritize addressing critical priorities and developing comprehensive strategies that align with your business objectives. As we continue on this path, we remain steadfast in our mission to deliver unparalleled solutions that expand horizons and elevate business utility.
Join us as we embark on an exciting journey of technological advancement, anticipating your needs and paving the way for a successful future.

Educational and professional journey part needs rephrasing.

How is the company positioned in this segment? What kind of impact is the segment having because of it?
We are glad to inform that Vrinda Nano Technologies has supplied power management solutions to more than a 100,000 telecom sites and supplied solar solutions in more than 25 GW of solar power plants, and EV charger solutions for various sectors. We have started various new verticals catering to consumer, industrial, railway, and defense sectors, and developed new high efficiency rectifiers and SMPS for telecom. VNT was incorporated in 2003 with the vision of providing reliable solutions and comprehensive services of the highest quality in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Vrinda Nano Technologies brings decades of expertise to its client's businesses through its integrated approach that meets stringent expectations for power management solutions, energy conservation, fire safety, lightning & surge protection, & asset monitoring

The company brings decades of expertise to its clients' businesses through its integrated approach that meets stringent expectations for power management solutions, energy conservation, fire safety, lightning and surge protection, asset monitoring. In the ever-challenging business sectors such as telecommunications, renewable energy, defense, railways, and others, the company constantly seeks new and innovative ways to make every operation reliable, flexible, safe, and sustainable. It focuses on enhancing business utility and intervention to work for a client, anticipating client needs today, and preparing business strategies for tomorrow. With a dedicated team of technical experts and certified professionals, our maintenance services allow businesses to manage unforeseen risks. We place a high value on comprehensive earthing audits, electrical health and safety audits, energy audits, and more, from visual inspections to comprehensive risk consulting. Our long term vision and commitments put the resilience and reliability of our services to the test.

Safety is VNT’s foremost priority. It does not compromise in its commitment to the safety of its employees and customers. It constantly provides unparalleled solutions and services and delivers excellent products every time, and quality is a non-negotiable factor for the company. It believes in leading by example and is dedicated to designing the products keeping in mind their scope and expand ability for the future.

We put our customers first and believe in making positive changes to their lives. We deliver exactly what we promise and demonstrate. Our services and solutions are efficient and well-researched.

Our company’s success is the culmination of our partnership with DEHN SE + Co KG. and Fire away Inc., pioneers in their respective lightning protection and fire safety
fields. Through this affiliation, we have tremendously strengthened the underpinning of our services and solutions.

Our services and solutions abide not only by national standards but also by international conventions. All of our processes and procedures are TUV certified from Germany and have raised the bar for our industry’s standards. Our national certifications, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, further validate the authenticity of our services.

What are the expansion plans that you have for the company? Where do you see it in the years to come?
Our decade-long experience has taught us that energy efficiency and conservation are critical components of achieving sustainability. It is both our moral responsibility and social obligation to contribute to climate change mitigation through our solutions that propagate energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and facilitate the conservation of fossil fuels.

We possess the spirit of an innovator and the capability of a provider. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the overall efficiency of our energy-saving products. We gear all our innovation and R&D efforts towards stewarding sustainability through better engineering. From our efficient telecom solutions that save businesses considerable costs to our solar solutions that aid in quality power management to our ecofriendly fire suppression systems, we put our knowledge to action by enhancing our product portfolio and solution capacity.

All of our endeavors are concerned with safeguarding the interests of our stake holders, including our employees, customers, policymakers, and the environment in which our businesses operate. Since its inception in 2003, the company has been able to deliver many large-scale projects with absolute experience and expertise and has been able to gain the trust of all its clients. My vision is to make VNT the most trusted solution provider in telecom, solar, railways, EV C&I, and defense. We have added many verticals and have seen growth of 150 percent year on year, which will be increasing in the years to come. The company has manpower of 400, and it is trying to grow revenue by 200 percent in the next 2–3 years.

What are your plans for overseas expansion? Currently, you are operating in all markets what’s the future plan?
We have started our operations in the Philippines, UAE, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia. We will soon be entering in the North American market. We are always committed to providing world class products with an aspiration of Indian roots and a global mindset.

Rahul Sharma, CEO, VNT (Vrinda Nano Technologies)
Rahul holds a coveted background in electronic engineering. He has been able to render invaluable insights to practically all of VNT India’s business domains through his knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering, digital signal processing, telecommunications, SMPS systems, and other relevant disciplines. His customer-centric approach drives business growth while bringing about exponential growth in the telecom sector in India and neighbouring countries.

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