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 Rajesh Singh:  A Global Leader Renowned For Developing Unique Strategies For Business Growth

Rajesh Singh: A Global Leader Renowned For Developing Unique Strategies For Business Growth

 Rajesh Singh,      Country Manager

Rajesh Singh

Country Manager

A global leader in the field of minimally-invasive clinical solutions for the Aesthetic & Vision (Ophthalmology) markets, Lumenis is a world-renowned expert in developing and commercializing innovative energy-based technologies, including Diode Lasers, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Ablative CoSubscript, Long Pulse Nd:Yag, Fractional Non Ablative, Q-Switched Nd:YAG, BLEND X Alex YAG and Radio-Frequency (RF). Led by Rajesh Singh in the Indian & South Asia market, Lumenis is leaving no stone unturned to bridge the market gaps.

An MBA graduate with degree in Marketing, Engineering background, SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT Certified & Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditor Certification by TUV NORD Germany, Rajesh holds more than twenty years of experience for India/South & Asia/APAC region to handle P&L, Presales, Operations, Service Commercial, Channel & Service delivery. Previously worked with GE Healthcare and handled many roles.

Rajesh recently engaged in an interactive session with CEO Insights; here’s the highlight from the same.

Tell us more about your professional background and experiences. What inspired you to venture into this sector? What is the leadership approach you follow to guide your team?
P&L, Sales, Operations, Service Delivery, Quality, Service Commercial, Channel Management, Team Management, & Customer Management in the Healthcare Industry with extensive expertise. Every role is surrounded by a customer-centric approach that is always motivating.

Acquainted extensive experience gives edge to achieve consistent year-over-year business growth. Passion on processes, excellent
customer relationships and sound technical understanding helped to build strong firm. Always focus to enhance team skills & developed self-sustainable business model.

Always think about bigger goals in your life, your mind will be aligned accordingly and when you get an opportunity it will be easier for you to take it forward as your mind is already prepared for the challenges towards the same

Right behaviour and culture are critical to an organization's success; if these two factors are in sync, overall productivity will rise. It should be like this: if your absence has no influence, you are developing leaders. Connect Coach Care, these three factors are also highly important, and I try to incorporate them into my professional life to achieve the greatest results.

Brief about Lumenis as an organization and its current market position. What gives you an edge over your competitors?
Lumenis, the world's largest medical laser inventor manufacturer, seller, and service provider, has a direct presence in India. In the fields of Aesthetics and Vision (Ophthalmology) we provide a variety of research based laser technologies. Having the most research and patented technologies on the planet, with over two hundred twenty registered patents and many FDA clearances, we have cutting-edge technology.

Lumenis has reinvented medical therapies and set technological and clinical gold standards for years. The firm has created treatments for previously incurable diseases, as well as ground breaking technologies that have transformed traditional treatment techniques in each of the industries in which we operate.

Our commitment to innovation stems from our unwavering commitment to improving our patients'health and well-being, addressing the new and growing needs of ageing populations, and providing cutting-edge solutions to medical professionals that are seamlessly integrated into the twenty-first century healtheconomics environment.

You hold more than two decades of experience, how has your path to success and what is your success
Started as a service engineer and rose through the ranks to Country Manager. People think they should be at this level or that level while handling multiple roles, however, if you make an impact in your current role, your next role will open up immediately.

When embarking on any journey, two things are critical: 'where to go' and 'how to get there'. If you know these two things, you can reach any destination. When it comes to professional life, having the appropriate vision is crucial, and having only one vision will not work; you must believe that it will happen. Right vision + Belief = Success is my success mantra.

What are the future market opportunities in which you plan to invest your time to achieve your objectives?
We have the world's top laser machines with the latest technologies that are very effective in hair removal skin rejuvenation, and body shaping segments. Though we are the top brand and the first option in medical, we still have vast business potential in India, thus, we are continuously striving towards growing and expanding the business to the next level in the next years.

What would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs making their way in this domain?
First and foremost, you must identify your goals and objectives, as well as what you intend to accomplish. And then, you must figure out how to achieve them. Customer buying habits change frequently, and one must be creative to adapt and capture opportunities before someone else does. Set short and longterm objectives, as well as timeline and priorities, and work hard to achieve them. Focus on team competency and empowerment. Also integrity is the high basic fundamental structural need of an organization which will take you in a long way.

Rajesh Singh, Country Manager, Lumenis
In the role of Country manager Rajesh is structuring sales and marketing strategies for Lumenis(India & South Asia) to make the firm reach out to a larger business growth & customer base.

Hobbies:Listening to fast-track music
Favourite cuisine:Mughlai Food
Favourite Book:Mindset– The new
psychology of success-
Caral S. Dweck
Favourite Travel Destination:
Hill Stations and Beaches

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