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Abdul Momin: Using His Prowess To Help Businesses Elevate Their Value

Abdul Momin: Using His Prowess To Help Businesses Elevate Their Value

Abdul Momin,  Chief Innovation Officer

Abdul Momin

Chief Innovation Officer

The role of a Chief innovation officer (CIO) is to handle product innovation as well as development, which is also the backbone of any organization. It's based on these products or projects, the organization's growth, as well as future road maps, are decided often. So in a way, the role of a CIO is extremely valuable for the sustainability of a firm. After a wonderful career as a Research Scientist, Abdul Momin joined Eigenlytics Data Solutions in 2020 and has been leading the product innovation and development team since then. His out-of-the-box approach and diligent efforts have helped the firm earn steady growth as well as a string of clients.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Abdul shares his early experience, the innovative product development taking place at Eigenlytics, and much more.

Shed some light on your educational & professional background? What motivated you to pursue a career in the IT field?
After completing my B.Tech in 2010, I worked as a Research Scientist in government funded projects for five years where I worked as well as led a couple of projects and teams. Then in 2015, I did my Ph.D. which was completed this year. I joined Eigenlytics, an early stage startup, in 2020 and have been leading the research and development operations. Our work at the firm involves document image processing, image processing, machine learning, deep learning, and so on while trying to achieve process automation.

Define Eigenlytics Data Solutions as an organization & its current position in the industry? What are the unique services that are provided by Eigenlytics Data Solutions?
Eigenlytics is a B2B tech startup, where we are working on solving the document data extraction, the transformation of the landscape, or entire data automated into a document driven operation. For example, in places like insurance offices, banks, and so on, where there are uses for paper trails, we try to automate the landscape into a faster and more data driven platform with better usability. Started almost four years ago, and even though the firm is still having its startup tag, it presently has some steady clients as well as revenue.

Be a passionate learner and make sure that you remain updated and current in the industry

At Eigenlytics, we are mainly working on the ICR OCR solutions which are present for almost the last 40 years. However, the major difference is that instead of data authorization, we are focusing on cherry picking the informative data and collecting them out of the document. The data processed can be of any form such as text document, image document, structured, unstructured, and so on. So we have one of our flagship products, named DocEye, which automates the whole process of cherry-picking the data for digitalization. We also have data analytics products, where we have built a dashboard and give insights about the current data trends in a coherent manner. We are also part of an e-governance project, on which we are working in collaboration with the government.

Could you describe more about your role & how have you been helping the company to go forward? What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
As the Chief Innovation Officer, along with innovating the products, I handle the entire Research and Development wing of this company. Once we get the product, we try to understand the use case as well as the landscape it can fit into. I lead the team to find a unique product that may be able to solve the needs of our customers.

Persistence, perseverance, and consistency are some of the qualities that I believe a lot. There could be bad days, but you need to get out of that while focusing on improving yourself and your strategies. To extract the best out of your employees, you need to first understand them to have empathy towards their problems and goals while motivating them to overcome the barriers while consistently contributing to the organization. These are the success mantras that I believe in.
What are the technologies you feel could make an even greater impact in about five years from now? What will be the kinds of areas that you would focus on investing your time in?
As a data-driven company, we are more focused on Data Science. Besides that, we are mainly focusing on AI technologies. NLP will be very crucial in the coming days not only natural language processing, but natural language understanding will be very crucial in terms of how humans speak and write their stories in a context paper. Except that we are also into 3D rendering, which we feel will be the next big thing in the Banking Finance domain.

Based on your strong professional experience, what advice would you give to the upcoming leaders in the same industry?
The advice I would like to give to budding entrepreneurs is to always be open to new ideas. Every idea count and you never know what will give you the next million-dollar business. So, always have an open mindset. Be more empathic towards your employees while nurturing them and giving them time and trust, which will give you the core team setup. Once you have the core team set up, your firm will be just one step away from success..

Abdul Momin, Chief Innovation Officer, Eigenlytics Data Solutions
After an accomplished career as a Research Scientist and leading many Government funded Projects, Abdul joined Eigenlytics in 2020 as the CIO and has been helping the firm innovate and develop many out-of-the-box products related to automated extraction of digitalized data.

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