• Mirza Rizwan,    Chief Innovation Officer,  Si2 Microsystems

    Mirza Rizwan, Chief Innovation Officer, Si2 Microsystems

  • Today, the biggest driver of business growth is innovation. Innovation allows a business to take risk and expand beyond the horizon and find opportunities to enter emerging markets. Whenever you talk about innovation, the topic is always accompanied by change. The business landscape is indeed ever-changing, but the pandemic further accelerated it. As enterprises march ahead in a post-pandemic period, organizational resiliency will be among the main goals, and innovation will be at the heart of becoming resilient. Chief innovation officers assist companies develop the ability to rapidly respond to unexpected events and the associated shift in customer needs. This story is about a change bringer, Mirza Rizwan, the Chief Innovation Officer for Si2 Microsystems, who has been guiding the firm through innovative undertakings and projects.

  • Mirza Rizwan: Innovation Ecosystem Architect Of India & Innovation Evangelist

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Top 10 Chief Innovation Officers ­- 2022

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  • Top 10 Chief Innovation Officers ­- 2022

    A Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) is the designated person in a company who is primarily responsible for managing the process of innovation in an organization, helping in identifying new strategies, business opportunities and new technologies and then develops new capabilities and architectures with partners, new business models and new industry structures to serve those opportunities. A Successful innovative officers focus on delivering the key principles behind innovation leadership, creating networks, harnessing idea development, leveraging the right incentives and building/managing an effective, transparent and efficient innovation process.

    CIOs focus more on the inside issues within IT rather than looking outward to customer needs. Top strategies of a CIO includes, delivering business solutions, improving IT management and governance, improving the IT organization and workforce. CIOs prioritize efficiency over delivering strategic value or building relationships with IT customers. A Chief innovation officer oversees and implements changes in approaches, methods, products, and processes to enhance competitiveness and improve organizational efficiencies.

    They identify, strategize, develop, and drive transformative initiatives and champion the role of innovation by aligning overall business strategy with innovative thinking.

    The CIO develops a cohesive mission plan and set of strategies, and delegates related tasks to the teams that are most capable of executing them. The office of the CIO addresses this problem by unifying the drive toward innovation under one mission and one vision. A successful chief innovation officer is someone who can not only generate new ideas, but also recognize the potential in the innovative ideas of other people. The CIO must assess the value in new business opportunities, strategies and technologies as well as potential partnerships, industry structures and business models.

    This issue of the CEO Insights magazine introduces you to a list of `Top 10 Chief Innovation Officers ­- 2022' who have been torchbearers of success and growth of their respective organizations. The list has been crafted by a team of Industry veterans, CEOs, VCs and the CEO Insight editorial team thus delivering inspiring stories of their journey and the contributions & roles played by them in the creation and empowerment of powerful business and nation.

Top 10 Chief Innovation Officers ­- 2022

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Eigenlytics Data Solutions Abdul Momin,Chief Innovation Officer Eigenlytics Data Solutions After a successful career as a research scientist, he is presently working as the CIO at the firm while innovating and developing new products based on customer requirements
Razorpay Amitabh Tewary,Chief Innovation Officer Razorpay With over two decades of experience in leading sales, business relationships strategy, and regulatory engagement, he is Skilled at hiring, habilitating and growing people
Panasonic Manish Misra, Chief Innovation Officer Panasonic Leading the company’s Innovation hub and focused towards creating an ecosystem for the company to shape the future product strategy, and enable in digital transformation
Pernod Ricard India Minoo Phakey, Chief Innovation Officer Pernod Ricard India A marketing Professional with 18+ years experience with strong passion for creating powerful brands
Si2 Microsystems Mirza Rizwan, Chief Innovation Officer Si2 Microsystems A US national award-winning serial innovator currently working as Chief Innovation Officer at the firm and responsible for leading and managing global innovation teams to deliver high-tech solutions
Livpure Pradip R. Subramaniam, Chief Innovation Officer Livpure Focusing on bringing Frugal Innovations for Global B2B Corporations using disruptive technologies and expertise in Air & Water Domain including IOT capabilities
Aditya Birla Group Shrijeet Mishra, Chief Innovation Officer Aditya Birla Group He works closely with latest Consumer, Technology trends and the resultant new Business opportunities for the firm's growth
Tis Labs Sreeram P. A., Director- Technology & Strategic Innovation Tis Labs He has left his secure job as a Professor to follow his passion for IT and presently working at the firm helping to grow and create a niche in the market
Bosch Global Software Technologies Uday Prabhu, Chief Innovation Officer Bosch Global Software Technologies A seasoned professional served many well known firms through leadership board, having expertise in Innovative Management, Product IoT Enablement, Problem Solving and Solution Consulting, Design Thinking and more
DIAGEO India Vikram Damodaran, Chief Innovation Officer DIAGEO India A practitioner and evangelist of entrepreneurship & innovation, driving large scale business initiatives with long term strategic outcomes