Abhishek Bansal : Spearheading Technological Advancements & Strategic Growth In CRM & Cloud Domains | CEOInsights Vendor
Abhishek Bansal : Spearheading Technological Advancements & Strategic Growth In CRM & Cloud Domains

Abhishek Bansal : Spearheading Technological Advancements & Strategic Growth In CRM & Cloud Domains

 Abhishek Bansal ,  Senior Director - Software Engineering & Product Management

Abhishek Bansal

Senior Director - Software Engineering & Product Management

Every business knows that customer relations and retention are important to strive in the industry. Hence, CRM software is crucial to monitor and assess customer interactions, preferences, and buying patterns. Salesforce is an extensive collection of CRM software tools designed to facilitate communication between marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT departments and their clientele. Initially operating as a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for CRM, Salesforce has evolved into a multi-faceted entity with forays into multiple clouds (Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce cloud, and more), offering Industry specific solutions and a robust Platform and Integration ecosystem. Abhishek Bansal, Senior Director, Software Engineering & Product Management of Salesforce has been involved in the software development alongside analysing pinpoint areas for modification and improvement.

In a candid interview with our team, Abhishek showed how Salesforce has evolved into the most used CRM worldwide and his professional journey.

Can you share some details about your professional journey and what drives your daily activities? What keeps you motivated each day?

Since graduating from NIT Bhopal, my 20-year career journey has been filled with excitement and adventure. Despite majoring in mechanical engineering, I discovered a passion for coding and began my software career at Patni Computer Systems. In 2007, I joined Oracle, where I delved into core product development, specializing in the fusion suite of ERP applications. This experience culminated in developing enterprise cloud products at scale.

My transformative moment came when I joined Salesforce as a Senior Engineering Manager in 2018. This role allowed me to explore not just IT but also finance, HR, and now legal and compliance domains, managing global challenges with resilience.

My daily motivation comes from
a clear sense of purpose, a continuous thirst for personal growth, a positive outlook that emphasizes opportunities, and a commitment to balancing physical and mental well being, ensuring vigor and enthusiasm in tackling daily routines.

What unique experiences does NIT Bhopal provide, and what non-academic lessons did you gain from your time on campus?

My NIT days have garnered me to have a transformative change in my career beyond my academics. The diverse cultural milieu at NIT Bhopal provided a global perspective, fostering networking, camaraderie, and interpersonal skills. Living independently on campus instilled responsibility, self-reliance, and effective time management, crucial for balancing academics, extra curriculars, and personal responsibilities. Overcoming chal-lenges during college life taught me resilience, adaptability, and leadership skills, shaping my personality and preparing me for professional endeavours.

Exploring different verti-cals & functions with-in your organization can be immensely beneficial as it enriches your exp-erience & keeps you adaptable to change

Can you describe Salesforce's status in the market and how you would define the organization as a whole?

Salesforce is globally recognized as the top player in customer relationship management, offering a diverse range of products and services and standing as a key figure in the software development industry for nearly 25 years since its inception in 1999. What sets Salesforce apart is its steadfast adherence to core values like trust, customer success, innovation, equality, and sustainability, which permeate every aspect of its operations. This dedication to values creates a unique sense of camaraderie within the organization, referred to as Ohana, fostering a familial atmosphere among employees.

Alongside its robust product offerings, Salesforce has embraced the AI and data revolution, combining these technologies with CRM to create highly intelligent customer relationship software. This strategic positioning has propelled Salesforce to the forefront of the market, with a strong trajectory expected to surpass $100 billion in revenue in the coming
years. Despite industry challenges, Salesforce's resilience and commitment to its people have solidified its reputation as a top-tier company, continuously innovating and leading in the industry.

Can you describe your leadership style and the principles or strategies you adhere to as a leader?

My leadership approach has evolved over two decades, particularly in the last 14-15 years of holding leadership roles. While initially embracing servant leadership with a focus on consensus-building, I've learned to adapt methodologies based on situational needs. Leading by example, empathy, authenticity, and transparency are central to my style, fostering trust and openness within the team. I maintain an open-door policy, regularly engaging with team members at all levels to stay connected and gather insights.

Continuous feedback through 360-degree mechanisms helps me identify areas for growth. With a shift towards coaching and mentorship, I prioritize developing the next line of leaders, effective delegation, and nurturing a culture of learning and development. Overall, while my leadership style evolves, servant leadership remains foundational in my approach to daily operations.

Where do you envision yourself heading in the future?

I'm working towards becoming a Chief Executive Officer in a major tech company within five to ten years. To achieve this, I'm pursuing an MBA to gain broader skills like managerial expertise and financial acumen. Alongside leading teams in technology and product, I explore different functions like finance, HR, legal, and risk to gain diverse experiences. Mentorship also plays a key role in my growth. I believe Salesforce's focus on CRM, data, and AI positions it well for future success, and I aim to contribute significantly while expanding my role.

Abhishek Bansal, Senior Director, Software Engineering & Product Management, Salesforce

Abhishek Bansal combines strategy, technology, engineering, and management skills to build high performing global teams. He excels in innovation, multi tasking, achieving objectives, and satisfying clients. Abhishek thrives in dynamic environments, is recognized for clear communication, effective decision-making, and problem-solving skills. He is passionate about creating value and leaving a meaningful impact in the cloud domain.

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