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Akram Ansari: Catalyst For Dreams, Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Social Change

Akram Ansari: Catalyst For Dreams, Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Social Change

  Akram Ansari,   Founder

Akram Ansari


In the pursuit of addressing unemployment and societal challenges, it is essential to direct efforts towards creating job opportunities for the younger generation while concurrently emphasizing the importance of imparting education to underprivileged children and empowering the transgender community through skill development. These interconnected initiatives aim to cultivate a brighter and more dignified future for everyone. At the heart of Apkritmy’s initiatives in event management and construction sectors lies the influential leadership of its Founder, Akram Ansari. Serving as a guiding force, Akram has played a pivotal role in elevating industry standards and making efforts to empower the youth and other communities for a better tomorrow.

In an exclusive interview, Akram shared insights into the company's operations, his early foray into the industry, and other significant aspects with us.

Briefly outline your academic and professional background. Explain the motivation behind establishing Apkritmy and highlight the driving forces propelling your current pursuits.

During my time at NIT Rourkela, I actively participated in the Entrepreneurship Club, fostering my interest in creating something meaningful. This led to the initiation of my NGO, which initially focused on aiding underprivileged children. College experiences, including a social entrepreneurship program in Indonesia, fueled my entrepreneurial aspirations. After corporate stints at L&T Construction, I founded my event management company and ventured into construction under ME. Both companies witnessed significant growth, with a Rs. 2.5 crore turnover within a year. Concurrently, I expanded my NGO, Bless N Bliss Foundation, focusing on women's empowerment, skill training for transgenders and education across states. Balancing entrepreneurship, societal contribution, and personal interests like marathon running, cycling, and mountaineering, I've found fulfilment in my professional and personal pursuits.

Share insights into the distinctive experiences provided by NIT Rourkela and elaborate on the lessons gained from the campus environment beyond academic pursuits.
Running my own companies, which employ over 100 individuals across various projects, is fueled by a profound sense of responsibility. The journey began with experiences at NIT Rourkela, where active participation in clubs, especially as a placement coordinator, honed my communication, leadership, and work ethic. The exposure to diverse responsibilities during college, from coordinating placements to participating in drama clubs and athletic events, instilled a sense of discipline and resilience. These experiences, coupled with the joy derived from my NGO's initiatives in education and women empowerment along with enhancing transgenders’ skills, form the core of what motivates me. The lessons learned and the ability to navigate obstacles gained during my time at the university continue to guide me in both my professional and societal endeavours.

Your significant potential merely requires nurturing, grounded not in theory but in personal experience & actions

Can you provide a definition of Apkritmy and elucidate its current market standing?

Within a year, Apkritmy, operating in event management and construction, has orchestrated 40+ events, including the International Conclave for major PSUs. Notably, the company distinguishes itself by ensuring fair and timely vendor payments and addressing industry challenges. This approach builds trust, fostering reliable vendor partnerships. Prioritizing transparency and professionalism, Apkritmy signs meticulous agreements with clients, aligning expectations for seamless event execution. This strategy not only satisfies clients but also elevates the event management sector in the region.

Share your leadership approach with us. Outline the principles or methodologies that guide you as a leader.

Leading 100+ employees across diverse projects, I prioritize active leadership, guiding and motivating individuals for their potential realization. As a motivational speaker at institutions like NIT Rourkela, IIT Kharagpur, NUS Business School Singapore, XLRI Jamshedpur, Sarala Birla University Ranchi, and AIUB University Bangladesh, I emphasize leadership skills, aiming for a ripple effect. True leadership, ingrained since my college days, is about inspiring others to become leaders themselves, a philosophy echoed in seminars. My goal is to instil the belief in untapped potential, extending efforts for societal betterment.

Provide insights into your CSR initiatives and the strategies
employed to engage and motivate your workforce to actively participate in these endeavours.

Our CSR initiatives encompass a range of impactful projects, including job creation, providing clean drinking water, and supporting an orphanage for girls. In collaboration with various NGOs, we extend our reach to digital learning programs for underprivileged children and also provide vocational skill training for transgender individuals. An intriguing aspect of our CSR approach is the engagement of volunteers in our NGO. Instead of assigning specific tasks, we empower volunteers to choose the causes they're passionate about, aligning with their skills and interests. This flexible approach allows volunteers, ranging from doctors to IT professionals, to contribute based on their preferences and expertise. By granting them autonomy in choosing projects and working hours, we foster a sense of ownership and enthusiasm in our CSR initiatives. The commitment and dedication of our diverse volunteer base, spanning ages and professions, form the backbone of our impactful contributions to society.

What is the future destination you are aiming to reach?

Engaged in CSR activities, we focus on education for underprivileged children through dedicated centres and expert teachers. Coordinators diligently monitor initiatives, including building toilets in villages to promote sanitation. Future plans involve significant growth in my event management and construction companies, taking on larger projects. In event management, the aim is to provide employment for students supporting their education. Simultaneously, in construction, expansion to different states is envisioned for community development. Personally, I aspire to run six International Marathons and to climb Mt. Everest, reflecting my dedication to personal growth. The integration of social work and professional endeavours can coexist gracefully.

Akram Ansari, Founder, Apkritmy

Akram Ansari aims to harness his knowledge and potential to contribute significantly to the improvement of society and the nation. His focus is on creating employment opportunities for the youth, actively participating in the fight against unemployment, and addressing various prevalent issues in the community. Akram is dedicated to providing education to underprivileged children, ensuring a brighter future for them.

•Did cycling for 6000 km from Ranchi to Singapore across six countries in 49 days.
•Completed 51 km ultra, marathons in Ladakh, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata
•Got alpha in NIMAS Basic Mountaineering, did Mount Black Peak Expedition

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