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Aman Johri: On A Mission To Make India Self-Reliant In Aviation

Aman Johri: On A Mission To Make India Self-Reliant In Aviation

 Aman Johri,    CEO

Aman Johri


The aviation and aerospace industry stands as a testament to human ingenuity and the relentless pursuit of progress. It is an ecosystem where engineers, visionaries, and pioneers come together to shape the future of transportation, exploration, and technological advancement. Within this captivating industry, Aman Johri is a name that has left an indelible mark. Aman's journey began during his formative years, while he witnessed his father's 45 year remarkable career in aviation maintenance, and his grandfather was in helicopter operations.

Together with his father, they embarked on a mission to indigenize maintenance equipment and test benches for Jet Airways. Instead of relying on foreign OEMs, they developed cutting-edge solutions inhouse, setting a new standard for the industry. Aman's technical drawings, at such a tender age, gained regulatory approval, marking the beginning of his remarkable journey.

With a family deeply rooted in aviation, it was no surprise that Aman pursued a Bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering. Throughout college, he represented his college and country in international aerospace competitions, pushing boundaries and authoring research papers that showcased his innovative mindset. Following graduation, Aman founded Jatayu Unmanned Systems, a drone startup that revolutionized the industry. Collaborating with the Indian defense sector, they made waves in the field of drones and antidrone technology. Their achievements extended to partnerships with emerging airlines like IndiGo and AirAsia, as well as prestigious clients such as NAL and HAL.

As career skyrocketed, he steered the company towards expansion, securing rare funding from a prominent investment firm. This milestone enabled Aman to pioneer groundbreaking initiatives in India's aviation industry, solidifying their position as leaders in the sector. Meanwhile, he pursued a Master's degree in Astronautics from Purdue University, immersing himself in NASA projects and pushing the boundaries of space exploration.

Today, Aman Johri and his team continue their ambitious journey,
venturing into new frontiers and undertaking unprecedented initiatives in India. CEO Insights is thrilled to interview this young achiever.

What has been your philosophy of success?
My success mantra thus far has been rooted in my unwavering belief in the importance of making India self-reliant. I firmly believe that unless we prioritize indigenization and develop local capabilities, our progress will be limited. It is crucial for all airlines to reduce costs by minimizing the reliance on foreign services and instead fostering growth within our own country. With this mindset, I have embraced risks and challenges confidently, placing trust in my own capabilities as an Indian engineer.

Aman is driven by a mission to contribute to India's space race and propel the country to new heights in the domain of space exploration

I have often encountered skepticism from foreign original equipment manufacturers (FOEMs) and foreign maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) providers who view us through a different lens. They may doubt our ability to handle complex and highend work. However, I have always been determined to prove them wrong. This drive to defy expectations and showcase the immense potential of Indian engineering has been a significant factor contributing to my success.

How would you define Aman Aviation and Aerospace Solutions as an organization?
Aman Aviation and Aerospace Solutions is a prominent industry leader, particularly excelling in the component MRO space. With cutting-edge technology and in-house capabilities, we overhaul unprecedented components and undertake ground-breaking defence programs. Our commitment to exceptional quality and efficiency ensures we consistently exceed client expectations, never causing aircraft grounding or delays. With a strong track record and a focus on innovation and superior performance, we remain dedicated to maintaining our position of excellence in the industry.

What are the factors you take into account when developing effective corporate growth strategies?
I prioritize factors that contribute to effective corporate growth strategies, particularly the value we provide as a reliable maintenance partner to the government. We aim to bridge the gap between the government and private players by emphasizing quality control systems, faster turnarounds, and
corporate like professionalism.

The ongoing trial phase of assessing private MRO capabilities presents an opportunity for us to establish ourselves as trusted partners. By showcasing our capabilities and consistent performance, we will build confidence and strengthen the partnership between the government and private players. With a positive outlook and a focus on innovation, we envision a strong future as a trusted partner in the industry. We believe in the simple philosophy of Make in India but with a global outlook.

Describe the roadmap of the company.
In the upcoming years, my goals revolve around expanding my reach and making a significant impact in the industry. I aspire to work with global airlines, such as Emirates, Etihad, Delta Airways, and other major players, providing them with exceptional services. Additionally, I aim to take on the responsibility of managing the entire fleet of the Indian Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, BSF, and paramilitary forces, ensuring their aircraft are always operational and ready for action.

Moreover, I envision extending our support to allied countries, both in terms of civil and military maintenance requirements. Collaborating with our international partners and playing a role in enhancing their aviation capabilities is a part of my larger vision.

Considering my personal background and expertise, I am also excited about the future advancements in rockets, drones, satellites, and space exploration. I see the potential to expand our operations into these domains, becoming a significant private player in the space industry. Contributing to the growth and development of the space sector aligns with my longterm goals. Additionally, I believe that the next few years will present opportunities for us to explore manufacturing as well.

Aman Johri, CEO, Aman Aviation and Aerospace Solutions
He is one of India's youngest players in the Aviation & Aerospace industry. As a helicopter pilot and the youngest lifetime member of the prestigious Rotary Wing Society of India and advocate for the transformative power of helicopters, he aims to elevate the industry and increase its impact on saving lives and shaping transportation logistics. Capt Aman has also represented India at Helicopters Association International (HAI), world’s premier Helicopter body. Additionally, his passion extends to hobbies like music composition, motorsport racing,rifle shooting and exploring new topics in programming and coding. He is also a TEDx Speaker and a professional motivational speaker.

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