Amarnath Betal: Harmonizing Engineering Mastery With Stellar Customer Service In The Hospitality Industry | CEOInsights Vendor
Amarnath Betal: Harmonizing Engineering Mastery With Stellar Customer Service In The Hospitality Industry

Amarnath Betal: Harmonizing Engineering Mastery With Stellar Customer Service In The Hospitality Industry

Amarnath Betal,   Chief Engineer

Amarnath Betal

Chief Engineer

Exemplary in their role, hospitality engineers are the backbone of seamless guest experiences. Their technical prowess, attention to detail, and commitment to quality ensure that facilities run flaw lessly. From designing efficient systems to addressing emergencies, these experts contribute to a comfortable and safe environment. Their ability to balance engineering expertise with customer service excellence makes them invaluable contributors to the hospitality industry's success.

Amarnath Betal is one such seasoned professional in hospitality engineering, currently serving as the Chief Engineer at Bhairavghar Palace, Udaipur. With over 18years of experience spanning various leadership positions at renowned establishments across the hospitality and retail sectors, Amarnath's journey stands as a testament to the seamless integration of engineering expertise and a passion for delivering impeccable hospitality experiences. Currently assuming the role of Chief Engineer at Bhairavghar Palace, Amarnath Betal is driven by meticulous attention oriented towards ensuring guest satisfaction and the triumphant execution of projects.

In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights Amarnath Betal elucidates more about his professional traits and his unique play at Bhairavghar Palace.

Could you give a brief about your professional journey and what motivates your daily routines?
My journey has been one fueled by a passion for both engineering and hospitality. After completing my BE in electrical engineering, I embarked on an 18-plus-year voyage within the hospitality and retail sectors. My journey commenced at Future Knowledge Services where I dedicated six years serving in roles ranging from Senior Executive Facilities to Head of Facilities and Safety. My path then led me to Mahindra Holidays & Resort India as
Deputy Chief Engineer and Head of the Engineering Department. Later, I assumed the role of Head of the Engineering Department at The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group's Khajuraho Area. I continued my journey at Radisson Hotel Varanasi as Head of Department before returning to Mahindra Holidays & Resort India. Presently, I hold the position of Chief Engineer at Bhairavgarh Palace Udaipur.

My motivation thrives on tackling new challenges head-on, pushing me to enhance my skills continuously

My daily routine mirrors that of a day-to-day engineer, involving meticulous checklists, parameter monitoring, and ensuring guest satisfaction while preventing any complaints or breakdowns. My motivation thrives on tackling new challenges headon, pushing me to enhance my skills continuously.

Define Bhairavghar Palace as an organization and its position in the hospitality sector.
Named in reverence to Lord Shiva, Bhairavgarh Palace stands as an exquisite palace retreat, gracefully perched atop the Aravalli Hills. Famed for its impeccable standards and warm hospitality, this palace embodies a seamless blend of tradition and opulence. The overarching concept is to uphold heritage while enveloping guests in a lavish and exceptional ambiance, achieved through the harmonious fusion of contemporary design and Rajasthani crafts manship. Within the confines of this resplendent resort, each room is adorned with top-tier amenities. The service team continually refines their skills through dedicated training, enhancing the quality of their offerings. Suites and rooms boast panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscapes, providing a private retreat enhanced with personal Jacuzz is and tranquil patios, allowing guests to indulge in a truly enchanting experience. The entire expanse is thoughtfully adorned, evoking a comforting sense of home for every guest who graces its premises.

Tell us about the vital lessons you have inculcated from your previous career experiences and how do you find them helpful in your current role and operations?
Effective project execution draws from my experience and the lessons
learned from past endeavors. Timely project completion and staying within budget are paramount for building a reputation for delivering value. To achieve this, I follow key principles such as data-driven project management and consistent documentation. Regularly revisiting and updating documentation aids in breaking down complex tasks, while daily team meetings and vendor management maintain smooth operations.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines/methodologies you follow as a leader?
My leadership approach aligns with the Democratic style, fostering inclusivity and open communication. All team members are encouraged to actively participate, share their insights, and rest assured of my support. This approach ensures a collaborative environment where everyone is engaged and knows they will receive guidance when needed.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?
Continuing to foster my skills and expand my knowledge, my aim is to make a more substantial impact and take on greater responsibilities within the organization. I eagerly anticipate assuming elevated leadership positions, steering the team towards excellence and providing unparalleled guest services that define our commitment to exceptional hospitality.

Based on your professional experience, what would be your advice to budding industry leaders?
I would advise aspiring leaders to uphold operational standards and procedures while prioritizing both guest and employee satisfaction. Following these principles ensures a solid foundation for success in the dynamic hospitality industry.

Amarnath Betal, Chief Engineer, Bhairavghar Palace
With a diverse professional journey spanning 18years in the hospitality and retail sectors, Amarnath Betal holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and has served in pivotal roles at esteemed establishments. From Future Knowledge Services to Mahindra Holidays & Resort India, and Lalit Suri Hospitality Group, he has diligently honed his expertise. Presently, as Chief Engineer at Bhairavgarh Palace, Udaipur, Amarnath Betal is dedicated to delivering excellence, ensuring guest satisfaction and project success

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