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Anant R. Koppar: Guiding Innovation & Shaping The Future Of Tech

Anant R. Koppar: Guiding Innovation & Shaping The Future Of Tech

 Dr. Anant R. Koppar,   Managing Director

Dr. Anant R. Koppar

Managing Director

Data analytics empowers businesses to swiftly and judiciously decide their course of action, steering clear of financial waste on ineffective approaches, inefficient operations, misguided marketing initiatives, or unverified ideas for new offerings. Kushagramati Analytics is propelled by a collaborative effort of serial entrepreneurs, distinguished technologists, and domain experts. These emerging leaders, adept in Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, boast exceptional professional backgrounds that harmoniously blend promising to revolutionize existing paradigms and unveil innovative solutions. Anant R. Koppar, the Managing Director of Kushagramati Analytics, wielded considerable influence not only on the industry but also within the organization, propelling it to attain a notable edge over others.

During an exclusive interview, Anant provided insights into the functioning of the organization, shedding light on his early life and a peek at the future.

Can you provide a concise overview of your career path and the driving force behind your daily routines?
In 1984, I joined Wipro, the 55th employee back then. I initially worked in Wipro's R&D for three years. Later, we began the Systems Engineering Division, handling significant projects with public sector companies like ISRO for satellite tracking and weather forecasting. In 1990, I ventured into a startup within TATA, Alexei. It was a success. In 1992, I co-founded VFL Soft, a pioneering pure software company. In 1996, I started Shaama Technologies, a triumph in product engineering services. Emphasis was acquired in 2003. Afterwards, I initiated K2 Technology Solutions, focused on telemedicine. Subsequently, I joined a university as a professor and pursued a Ph.D. Due to COVID-19, I ventured into Kushagramati Analytics in June
2020, experiencing significant success. Throughout, I've been motivated by the need to be active and make an impact, even in my later years.

Businesses use data driven strategies for higher profits, efficient resource management, & predictive insights

Describe Kushagramati Analytics, its role in the market, and its organizational standing.
At Kushagramati, we specialize in strategic consultancy, guiding businesses to modernize and adopt digital transformation effectively. We meticulously evaluate diverse digital transformation strategies, presenting clients with a comparative analysis for informed decisions. Our expertise lies in crafting solutions infused with Advanced Data Analytics, providing timely and pivotal business insights. We prioritize continuous monitoring and refinement of Data Analytics insights, ensuring our clients maintain a competitive edge. Speed is a cornerstone of our approach, and our agile team enables us to swiftly deliver superior solutions, distinguishing us in the market.

In your role as the Managing Director, what considerations guide you when devising successful strategies for corporate expansion within the company?
Certainly, when formulating strategies, there are four pivotal factors I take into account. Firstly, the market is crucial; in today's digital age, every industry must embrace digitalization. This shift, amplified during COVID-19, spotlights data analytics as a major opportunity. Secondly, people are key to our strategy. Attracting talent is vital for a startup's growth. Individuals are drawn by my experience in the industry and our strong technology partnerships with companies like Data bricks and Snow flake. Thirdly, technology plays a significant role in our approach, being a prime attraction for talent. Lastly, finance is essential for initial investment, and fortunately, I secured crucial backing for our startup. Our strategy involves continuously exploring new markets, leveraging technology, and crafting customer-centric solutions.

What are your expectations regarding the future market trends?
Essentially, the hype around what's
considered 'new' in technology like AI might not be entirely accurate. AI has been in use, but the technology has significantly evolved over time. Creative AI and other advancements are emerging, but it's crucial to acknowledge that our own intelligence remains fundamental in creating effective AI products and solutions. Looking ahead, the demand for data engineering and analytics is high, and the key challenge is to attract skilled individuals to work on these tasks.

Where do you envision your ultimate destination to be in the future?
I've been heavily involved as a mentor for numerous startups in Bangalore, dedicating six to eight hours a day to this role. Additionally, I serve as the chief mentor at an Incubation Center affiliated with Kaley Tech University in Africa, where approximately 50 fledgling companies, spanning from IT to full-fledged technology and various businesses, seek guidance. I assist them with strategies, sales, marketing, and related areas. Apart from this, I engage in consultancy at the Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology in Bangalore. On the social front, I'm actively engaged with various organizations. These include roles in the Chamber of Commerce, where I've served as the past president and currently hold a position as one of the vice presidents. I'm also involved in teaching and promoting Sanskrit through a third-party organization. Additionally, I'm a part of the Karnataka Foundation, focusing on initiatives that drive social impact and intrapreneur ship. Notably, our efforts have impacted around 1.2 lakh youths under the SY scheme and involve initiatives like building an agribusiness corridor to benefit around two lakh farmers and the rural population from Chamarajanagar to Belcam District.

Anant R Koppar, Managing Director, Kushagramati Analytics
Dr. Anant R. Koppar stands as a distinguished figure, celebrated for robust leadership, strategic acumen, and unwavering ethics across his 37-year tenure in the IT sector. As a serial entrepreneur, he has founded and steered high-value technology companies to notable success. Notably, he was honoured with the prestigious Karnataka Rajyotsava Award in 2008, the states highest civilian recognition, for his exceptional role in advancing the IT Industry in Karnataka.

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