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Anurag Gupta: Crafting A Greener Future Through Innovation & Sustainability

Anurag Gupta: Crafting A Greener Future Through Innovation & Sustainability

 Anurag Gupta,  Managing Director

Anurag Gupta

Managing Director

Leaders emerging from IIFT are known for their exceptional skills and holistic approach to business. They are equipped with a global perspective and a profound understanding of international trade, making them well rounded professionals in today's interconnected world. Among these distinguished leaders is Anurag Gupta, an alumnus of IIFT.

With a background in engineering and an MBA from this esteemed institution, Anurag stands out as a prominent figure in the field of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR) Industry. His journey from a Graduate Engineer Trainee to the founder of Micro Coils is a testament to the transformative education and global exposure IIFT offers.

Engaging in an idiosyncratic interaction with CEO Insights magazine, Anurag shares the imperious details of his journey and future road map for Micro Coils. Let’s hear it from him.

Share your insights on the distinctive experiences and non-academic learnings one can gain at IIFT.
Studying at IIFT has been a transformative journey for me since it's a gateway to a world of distinctive experiences that extend far beyond the confines of traditional academics. The heart of IIFT lies in its unwavering focus on inter national business and trade. The faculty and guest lecturers, often with rich global experience, impart knowledge that transcends borders. Exchange programs and internships abroad expose students to diverse cultures and multinational companies, teaching the art of cross-cultural management, which is an essential skill for anyone aspiring to lead in the global business arena.

The Institute's regular interactions with industry leaders and experts through guest lectures, seminars, and workshops offer a unique
perspective, while the myriad student clubs nurture entrepreneurship, cultural ethics, and sustainability thinking. The alumni network and connections with industry professionals provide unparalleled networking opportunities. My journey at IIFT has broadened my global outlook and left an indelible mark on my professional and personal growth, for which I am truly grateful.

At Micro Coils we are redefining HVACR industry with innovation that's cool, sustainable, & ahead of the curve

Describe Micro Coils as a company and discuss its current market position.
Micro Coils is a testament to the power of experience and innovation in the HVACR industry. As a young organization with a team of over 100 professionals, many of whom have engineering backgrounds, we're driven by a passion for simplifying complex technical solutions for our customers.

We have established ourselves as a reliable supplier in the HVACR industry, serving well-known multinational corporations from both Western and Indian markets, earning their trust and confidence. Our reputation is built on unwavering quality standards and a relentless pursuit of innovation. What truly sets us apart is our diverse product range, encompassing heat exchangers for various industry needs, refrigeration solutions for cold rooms, transport the dairy industry, process cooling, and cutting-edge solutions for 5G telecom networks and last-mile refrigerated delivery vans.

Explain your leadership style and the strategies you employ as a leader.
For me, leadership is an ongoing journey rather than a final destination. I place great emphasis on effective communication and active listening as essential leadership qualities. Leading by example is a principle I hold dear, and I often share my personal "golden moments of truth" with my team to inspire them. In a dynamic world with ever-changing external factors, I stress the importance of adaptability, be it in response to regulatory shifts, technological advancements, or global uncertainties.

Could you elaborate on your long-term career goals and where you
envision yourself heading in the future?
My goal is to lead Micro Coils in its evolution from a component/part supplier to a pioneering product supplier that caters to our valued customers with cutting-edge, sustainable solutions. I envision a future where our products embody the latest technologies, contributing to a greener world, reduced carbon footprint, and sustainable practices for generations to come. The core of our focus will be on energy efficiency, striving to minimize energy consumption while ensuring responsible resource recycling. Also, innovation will be the driving force propelling our company forward, shaping the industry's future and enhancing our commitment to sustainable progress.

Drawing from your extensive industry experience, what guidance would you offer to emerging leaders in the field?
First and foremost, have a clear vision and a well-defined strategy, but remember that effective communication is the bedrock of leadership. Adaptability and continuous learning are essential as the landscape evolves rapidly. Develop strong team-building and mentoring skills, and never compromise on ethical leadership. Embrace innovation and maintain a customer-centric approach. Be resilient and don't shy away from calculated risks. In today's technology-driven world, leaders should possess a strong financial acumen and utilize predefined MIS dashboards. Lastly, always prioritize work-life balance for yourself and your team, as a harmonious work environment fosters creativity and productivity.

Anurag Gupta, Managing Director, Micro Coils
Anurag Gupta holds an engineering degree from Bangalore University and an MBA from IIFT. Anurag embarked on his career as a Graduate Engineer Trainee at Lloyds, a renowned player in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry. Over the years, he gained extensive experience in various functions within the organization. He then ventured into sales roles at leading OEMs. In 2014, Anurag Gupta founded Micro Coils, focusing on heat exchanger solutions, leveraging his wealth of experience in the field.

•Favorite Hobbies: Exploring different places and cultures, reading business related articles and reviews, doing social work
•Favorite Cuisine:Indian and Italian
•Favorite Book: A Man called Otto
•Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere with Mountains

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