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Arjun Bikas Dutta: Steering Growth With Finance And Compliance Leadership Skills

Arjun Bikas Dutta: Steering Growth With Finance And Compliance Leadership Skills

  Arjun Bikas Dutta,    Chief Compliance Officer

Arjun Bikas Dutta

Chief Compliance Officer

Non-banking Financial Companies(NBFCs)hold a significant position in the Indian financial system as they address the diverse credit requirements of various sectors of the economy. Their capacity to offer personalized financial solutions suited to the distinct demands of different societal segments renders them an essential element of the financial system. HDB Financial Services (HDBFS)is a prominent Non-Banking Financial Company(NBFC) that meets the expanding requirements of an aspirational India, providing financial solutions to both individuals and businesses. Arjun Bikas Dutta, as the Chief Compliance Officer has been playing his role in implementing & ensuring of enterprise wide compliance culture.

During an exclusive interview, Arjun Bikas Dutta revealed how HDB Financial Services has been reinforcing the financial system and how businesses have been capitalizing on these efforts to their advantage.

Can you provide a brief summary of your professional history and encounters? Additionally, what drives and inspires you in your daily endeavours?
Certainly, my current passion revolves around fostering connectivity. As for my professional back ground, I began my journey in 1986 when I joined the Reserve Bank of India. During a major part of my career span throughout my career, I specialized in regulatory compliance, monitoring, control, and detection, and also served as the faculty in charge at one of the inhouse training establishments of RBI. Over the years, I have conducted inspections of NBFCs, banks &cooperative banks. It had been a rewarding and challenging experience. Being a part of a prestigious institution like RBI has made this journey even more fulfilling. Presently, I hold the position of Chief Compliance Officer at HDB Financial Services.

What are your responsibilities as a Chief Compliance Officer at HDFC financial services and how is your work adding to the value of the company?
The Compliance Officer's job is quite challenging as it requires balancing various regulations from different authorities like SEBI, IRDA, and other related laws, rules & regulations. In an ethical organization where zero tolerance for non-compliance the task is more challenging.Facing numerous challenges, I have successfully implemented a strong compliance culture throughout the organization. HDB Financial Services operates as a compliant organization, ensuring strict adherence to supervisory prescriptions and all rules and regulations. My prime responsibility is to abide by the rules and regulations and ensure their implementation effectively, thereby protecting the wider interest of stakeholders.

Maintaining a strong compliance culture is vital in a challenging role like a compliance officer, ensuring strict adherence to regulations and ethical standards

How would you define HDB Financial Services as an organization and its current position in the market?
HDB Financial Services a majorly -owned subsidiary of HDFC Bank, is an integral part of HDFC Bank Group. As a non-banking subsidiary of HDFC Financial Services, it has been actively present in the financial market since its establishment in 2007. Over the years, it has made significant progress, with remarkable achievement in all aspects of financial parameters. With a focus on digital lending, it has extended its reach to even the remotest corners of India through its widespread branch network. The organization has garnered a strong reputation in aspirational India for its impressive Y-o-Y growth rate. The Company has been conspicuous in maintaining a healthy work-life balance and emphasizing excellence, a growth oriented and challenging environment. It is seen as a balanced and growing financial institution with a commitment to achieving targets without undue pressure.

Explain your leadership style and the principles or methods you adhere to as a leader.
My leadership effectiveness is subject to external evaluation rather than relying solely on my own merous challenges while implementing mana perception. As a leader, I have encountered nu gement services, especially in the financial sector where strict regulatory prescriptions are in place. Meeting these challenges has been demanding, especially since the industry operates under zero tolerance for noncompliance with rules and regulations. Nevertheless, I strive to ensure strict adherence to these regulations for both the benefit of the organization and its stakeholders.

What were the initial challenges you encountered, and how did you overcome them to achieve success in your professional journey?
Leading a role as a CCO is undeniably challenging, especially when it comes to convincing both individuals and the organization to comply with stringent regulations and implement new limitations. This is equally applicable to both banks and NBFCs. Complying with rules and regulations is essential for the betterment of any organization’s overall health and success. To overcome these challenges, strong leadership qualities, effective communication, and persuasion skills are necessary. Even when faced with resistance or criticism, explaining the rationale behind rules and regulations becomes crucial. It may initially appear challenging, but adhering to these regulations is necessary for sustainable growth and improved performance.

What are your future plans?
I am fully committed to taking responsibility for any potential damages. Right now, my primary focus and duty are to strengthen HDB Financial Services, which remains my short to medium-term goal. Once that is accomplished, I might consider exploring new ventures in the future. My aspiration has always been to achieve excellence, and I firmly believe that success will naturally follow as we strive for greatness. To attain that level of excellence, I am prepared to face various challenges, viewing them as opportunities for growth. My immediate priority is to ensure HDB Financial Services achieves full compliance with all regulations and standards..

Arjun Bikas Dutta, Chief Compliance Officer, HDB Financial Services
Arjun Bikas Dutta has been affiliated with the Reserve Bank of India for the past 29 years, accumulating extensive expertise in Banking, Finance, Risk Management, Control and Governance

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