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  • Non-banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) hold a significant position in the Indian financial system as they address the diverse credit requirements of various sectors of the economy. Their capacity to offer personalized financial solutions suited to the distinct demands of different societal segments renders them an essential element of the financial system. HDB Financial Services (HDBFS) is a prominent Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) that meets the expanding requirements of an aspirational India, providing financial solutions to both individuals and businesses. Arjun Bikas Dutta, as the Chief Compliance Officer has been playing his role in implementing & ensuring of enterprise-wide compliance culture.

  • Securing The Future Amidst A Changing Compliance Landscape

India's Compliance Landscape Is Evolving Rapidly

By: Editor Team

A few months ago, the Delhi High Court recently made a ruling that the California-headquartered online payment platform, PayPal, is a ‘Payment System Operator’ within the framework of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

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Hey there! Have you ever thought about how vulnerable you are to cyber threats? We all love the convenience of being connected to the internet, but the digital world is not always

Top 10 Chief Compliance Officers - 2023

Time for India To Be Future-Ready in LV And MV Cables Segment

By: Shashi Amin, Chief Executive Officer (Cable Solution), APAR Industries

Shashi Amin is the Chief Executive Officer (Cable Solutions division) at APAR Industries. In the cable industry, Shashi has more than 30 years of expertise in sales and marketing, business


Latest Supply Chain Trends & their Impact on 3PL Services

By: Deven Pabaru, Chief Business Officer, Stellar Value Chain Solutions

Supply chain in India today is at a very interesting inflection point, wherein numerous factors are acting as rocket fuel to this sector. Firstly, the government is undertaking a lot of infrastructure


The Future of Fintech Product Engineering Services

By: Raj Gummadapu, CEO, Techwave

In 1980s computer manufacturers were developing their own proprietary operating systems VAX VMS, MS DOS, IBM CICS etc. Since then IT industry has transformed drastically. During COBOL days to achieve a feature or functionality we have to write


HR: Cultivating The Workforce To Achieving Business Goals

By: Anuja Karlmarx, Director - Human Resources, ITW India

Below are the essential elements derived by Anuja Karlmarx, Director Human Resources, ITW (Automotive Division), with a conversation with CEO Insights Magazines, from the transforming

  • Top 10 Chief Compliance Officers - 2023

    Navigating Rules, Upholding Trust
    A Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) is a high-ranking executive within an organization responsible for overseeing and managing the compliance and regulatory affairs of the company. Their primary role is to ensure that the organization operates within the legal and ethical boundaries defined by government regulations and industry standards. The CCO plays a crucial role in helping the company avoid legal issues and maintain its reputation by ensuring that employees and processes adhere to applicable rules and regulations.

    "The CCO is emphasized with commitment to ethics, compliance, and the organization's integrity and resonate with the principles and values"

    Driving Compliance, Building Confidence
    CCOs are tasked with developing, revising, and implementing compliance policies and procedures that align with relevant laws and regulations. These policies serve as a guide for employees to follow, Staying up-to[1]date with the ever-changing regulatory landscape is essential. They are responsible for ensuring transparency and accountability through proper documentation. In cases of alleged compliance violations, CCOs lead or oversee investigations to determine the extent of the issue, the root causes, and the necessary corrective actions. CCOs are responsible for setting an example and fostering an ethical work environment. Enforcing compliance policies and, when necessary, implementing disciplinary actions for non-compliance. This includes identifying and addressing repeated violations. CCOs must regularly assess and enhance the compliance program to adapt to changing regulations and minimize future risks. In summary, the Chief Compliance Officer plays a multifaceted role in maintaining the integrity of an organization by overseeing compliance with laws, regulations, and ethical standards. Their responsibilities span policy development, monitoring, education, and risk management, ultimately contributing to the organization's long-term success and reputation.

    CEO Insights in this issue presents a list of ‘Top 10 Chief Compliance Officers - 2023' who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience in offering effective skills to the market. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board. We recognize their valuable contribution to the ever expanding and competitive market and their ability to sustain themselves and emerge as top contestants through their reliable knowledge.

Top 10 Chief Compliance Officers - 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
DCB Bank Aditya Prasad, Chief Compliance Officer DCB Bank A business leader passionate about driving innovation and fostering inclusive environments, with a wealth of experience, empowering teams and encourages diversity to shape a better future
PayPal Amit Sahal, Head - Compliance, India PayPal A dynamic leader with a demonstrated history of working in the insurance and takaful industry, skilled in data privacy, non financial risk, privacy law, enterprise risk management and life insurance
HDB Financial Services Arjun Bikas Dutta, Chief Compliance Officer HDB Financial Services A seasoned professional accumulating extensive expertise in banking, finance, risk management, control and governance, also implementing & ensuring of enterprise wide compliance culture
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Kesavan Narayanan, Executive Director & Chief Compliance Officer JPMorgan Chase & Co. A visionary leader with possessed knowledge ranging from strategy, corporate finance, project management to backend development, data extraction, automation and smart contracts
Poonawalla Housing Finance Naveen Manghani, Chief Compliance Officer Poonawalla Housing Finance A professional leader with aim to raise awareness of entrepreneurship and highlight gender inequality, and showcasing the journeys of inspirational entrepreneurs, side hustlers and their mentors
Google Satya Yadav, Chief Compliance Officer - India Google A passionate leader with intrest about public service, and having a strong track record of bringing together multi-disciplinary teams to address complex public policy problems
PhonePe Shalini Chakravorty, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer PhonePe An Internationally experienced businesswoman with P&L management experience in designing, developing and deploying strategy, with demonstrated ability to deliver results and lead multicultural teams
SMIFS Sudipto Datta, Designated Director, CFO & Compliance Officer SMIFS An accomplished financial expert with a career spanning over three decades, demonstrating a remarkable blend of leadership, financial acumen and a great passion for regulatory compliance
Indian Bank Sureshkumar Shanmuganathan, Chief Compliance Officer Indian Bank An executive banking compliance leader (Domestic and overseas) with expertise in compliance, controls and governance within high-profile public sector bank, also having a proven track record in organisational change management
American Express Vineet Dhamija, Chief Compliance Officer, AEBC & Head International Compliance Operation American Express A remarkable professional with experience in over seeing the management of compliance risks, also skilled CXO with banking and payments industry experience