Balakrishnan R: An Inspiring VFX Leader Providing Some Of The Groundbreaking VFX Works To Leading Studios Across The World | CEOInsights Vendor
Balakrishnan R: An Inspiring VFX Leader Providing Some Of The Groundbreaking VFX Works To Leading Studios Across The World

Balakrishnan R: An Inspiring VFX Leader Providing Some Of The Groundbreaking VFX Works To Leading Studios Across The World

 Balakrishnan R, Managing Director & CEO

Balakrishnan R

Managing Director & CEO

The massive evolution of the global film industry over the years is primarily driven by awe-inspiring VFX. Highly realistic and technically advanced VFX has transformed the film and entertainment industry helping filmmakers create stunning visual experiences by turning their creative thought process into reality. While the Indian movie industry is still way behind, when it comes to special effect finesse, many reputed Hollywood projects are still choosing Indian VFX companies for their extraordinary expertise and perfection.

After working for some of the major VFX firms in India, Balakrishnan R finally decided to start his entrepreneurial venture and founded Basilic Fly Studio in 2013. Under his able and inspiring leadership, the firm has experienced tremendous growth over the years while working on some of the biggest projects across the world. Today, BFS has an employee strength of around 500- 600, with offices across Chennai, Pune, Vancouver, and London.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Balakrishnan discusses his professional background and experience, his leadership approach and milestones achieved so far, and much more.

Shed some light on your professional background and experiences. What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?
I have done my M.Sc. in Electronic Media from the College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University. During my post-graduation, I started my career as a trainee at EFX Chennai and worked there for almost three years. Later, I joined Pixion and worked there for two years before joining MPC as a 2D Artist. I was a part of the core team at MPC and even started the advertising unit at the firm. After three years at MPC, I decided to follow my dream of starting my entrepreneurial venture and founded
Basilic Fly Studio(BFS). For me,working on these huge Hollywood movies itself is a huge motivation. I still get excited to work on kind of exciting movie projects. The hustle of being in a space where you can build a team for these high-end jobs motivates me to build a company of this sort.

Tell us about your leadership approach. Throughout your journey, what are some of your major milestones so far?
I don’t believe in micromanaging or being involved in day-to-day processes or routines. I prefer strategic leadership, where I look into aspirations that can drive our people and help us achieve more. We also encourage a can-do attitude among our team members. So overall, I believe in and practice strategic leadership, which some times can get crazy and is more challenge-driven.

The conviction to stand by our commitment while going through tough times is what really matters

Starting from scratch with just five to ten members, currently, we are a team of 500 to 600 people spread across Chennai and Pune. We also have a small team in Canada as well as in London. Starting from a small team to reach where we are today is a huge milestone for us. Another milestone of ours is the trust we have built in the industry. Over the years, we have worked on major Hollywood movies from Marvel, Disney, Netflix, and many more, which shows our client’s trust in our ability to handle such projects.

Define Basilic Fly Studio as an organization and its current position in the market. What is the future destination you are heading towards?
I would define BFS as a place with a perfect environment to continuously adapt and evolve while keeping on reinventing ourselves, which also has been our core principle over these years. Coming to the workflow, we don’t believe in hierarchies and follow a circular organizational structure, where everyone takes up their responsibility and feel free to express themselves.

In initial stages, we were providing traditional VFX outsourcing services
including Roto, Paint, and Match move. Now, we have built strong CG and Comp teams and aim to handle the entire VFX process from concept to final delivery. We are also interested in post production opportunities in the European and Asian markets where we want to explore co-production opportunities and also willing to step in as a VFX partner. We would like to take up these opportunities and continue creating breathtaking visuals.

In light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to budding industry leaders?
My advice for budding entrepreneurs is to be committed and grateful. While building an organization, we will have both good and not-so-good times. But the conviction to stand by our commitment while going through tough times is what really matters. As we gradually grow, we get to meet more people. Building a company is not an individual thing. For a company to be successful, everyone has to come together. Being grateful to everyone who has been a part of your success will take you places.

Balakrishnan R, Managing Director & CEO, Basilic Fly Studio
An accomplished VFX artist and inspiring leader with more than 18 years of extensive experience in a wide range of VFX services, Balakrishnan R started his career as a trainee at EFX Chennai before working in many reputed VFX organizations. He started Basilic Fly Studio, a Chennai-based leading VFX service provider firm, in 2013 and currently works as the Managing Director & CEO at the firm. A postgraduate in Electronic Media from the College of Engineering Guindy, Balakrishnan has been the Board Manager of the prestigious Visual Effects Society in the past.

•Hobbies:Taking long drives, listening to music
•Favorite Cuisine:South Indian, Fish curry
•Favorite Book:Tholaindhu ponavargal by Sa. Kandasamy
•FavoriteTravel Destination: Thailand, Austria

Awards & Recognition:
•Been the Board Manager at the prestigious Visual Effects Society
•Won the ‘Company of the Year in Creative Media Solution 2022’ at the India Icon

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