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Bandwagon Communications: Bestowing Startups with Unparalleled Brand Reputation

Bandwagon Communications: Bestowing Startups with Unparalleled Brand Reputation

  Shaina Mehra Wij,  Founder

Shaina Mehra Wij


In the present-day startup ecosystem that is seamlessly flourishing, what does a startup truly require to distinguish itself from its competitors? The most vital aspect would be the right brand visibility, which can be achieved through Public Relations(PR). Well, acquiring the right target audience for each startup by deeply absorbing their requirements and goals is no mean feat. But for Bandwagon Communications, a boutique PR & Social Media Management firm handholding startups across PAN India, this is just a piece of cake! Wondering how? It is because the firm meticulously analyzes each startup’s USP & mindset and vests immense confidence in their innovative solutions that can solve modern life problems. Besides, the firm also absorbs their apprehensions along with the limitations and challenges across the media world before offering them the most comprehensive solutions.

Altogether, Bandwagon Communications outclasses as a holistic communication consultancy that builds, enhances and also maintains the client’s brand reputation, ensuring that it never dwindles. It also stands true to its tagline ‘Envision. Create. Communicate’ across every service it delivers. In an exclusive colloquy with CEO Insights, Shaina Mehra Wij (Founder, Bandwagon Communications) passionately articulates about her firm and its excellence in the PR realm of India.

What are the various domains in which your firm’s expertise lies?
We are a full fledged agency with unmatched expertise in offering PR Consultation for startups. We take pride in our PR capabilities ranging from PR strategy & consulting, brand positioning & message
development identifying target media & bloggers creative, thought provoking proactive story line development, media training to rapid reaction news pitching, and a lot more. Besides, we also deliver branding concepts and strategies, including Social Media Management Photography, Videography Copy writing and Creative Services. On the whole, we outshine as a one-stop shop for all the PR & Social Media needs of startups. With a strong motive of bagging utmost client satisfaction, we provide doable solutions that neutralize the effect of their crises (positive & negative).

Bandwagon Communications outclasses as a holistic communication consultancy that builds, enhances and also maintains the client’s brand reputation, ensuring that it never dwindles

Walk us through the diverse opportunities that you foresee from the current PR industry in India.
I believe that the PR industry in India has greatly evolved during the last decade, while there is a massive influx in startups. The surprising fact is that these startups have been acknowledging the significance of PR in developing compelling narratives across newer industry domains. Hence, we are posed with a swarm of business opportunities that can help us concoct innovative solutions/ strategies and thus widen our horizon. Further with the advancements in technology the PR industry has witnessed tremendous transformations for instance, the introduction of influential marketing, digital media and many others. Hence, we ensure to dig deep into consumer insights and drive innovative campaigns for all startups based on their core business.

Also are there any challenges that you witness across the industry?
Yes! Despite the increased acceptance of PR among startups most of them still do not
comprehend the importance of building relations with media and other stake holders at an early stage of business. They don’t realize that funds can be raised only when they effectively portray their story to the world regardless of the size of their business. This is the major challenge that we have been facing. Yet, we are happy to have had a quite fulfilling journey!

Tell us about your team of experts, and how do you stay abreast of the industry trends?
We have a team of dynamic and committed PR experts including fresh graduates who bring-in fresh ideas to the table with better understanding of newfangled technologies, as well as experienced professionals who provide greater insights and stability for our business. We are also a group of creative professionals who take care of social media campaigns, video graphy, photography, copy writing and other aspects. Our main motto is that we consider client’s business as our own and deliver them the results they deserve. We stay abreast through constant reading and networking. We also love to connect with the industry stakeholders and learn about their consumers, case studies and other nuances about that particular industry.

What are your future plans?
In the next two years we aspire to enhance our team’s expertise expandour operations, and incorporate digital marketing across our portfolio. We also envision working with bigger startups and thus soaring high as a holistic communication agency.

Shaina Mehra Wij, Founder
Besides holding a Master’s Degree in International Public Relations & Global Communications Management from Cardiff University, Shaina also gained lot of exposure and practical knowledge by working at Camron PR, The Global Panorama, and MSL Group India. She has been effectively leveraging this profound expertise to take her brainchild Bandwagon Communications to newer heights.

Office: New Delhi
Offerings: PR Consultation, Social Media & Digital Marketing and Copy writing & Creative Services

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