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Bhaskar Bhosale: Leveraging His Enriching Knowledge & Experience To Steer SGDC India Towards Success

Bhaskar Bhosale: Leveraging His Enriching Knowledge & Experience To Steer SGDC India Towards Success

Bhaskar Bhosale,   CEO

Bhaskar Bhosale


Leaders, in particular, may benefit greatly from having a strong sense of purpose and passion. A leader's commitment helps his team keep focused and moving ahead and avoid feeling stalled and discouraged in this fast paced and complicated market transition. Successful CEOs who have risen to prominence in their respective industries often possess a strong desire that allows them to work very hard.The CEO of SOM Autotech Bhaskar Bhosale, is an example of a leader who has shown that working with a great level of passion may lead to bigger accomplishments.

Bhaskar has worked for a number of firms in India and the United Kingdom during the course of his professional career, which spans more than 30 years. And he has risen to the leadership position as a result of his hard work and commitment. To top it all off, Bhaskar's commitment to maximizing profit margins is unmatched among leaders in his field.

Below is an excerpt of Bhaskar's exclusive interaction with CEO Insights.

Take us through your Professional Back ground.
I started my professional career with Batliboi & Company as a sales engineer. As time went on, I rose through the ranks and was promoted to Deputy General Manager at Gabriel India, where I remained for over 18 years. In addition, I've worked with a number of high profile firms, including Carborundum Universal, SKF Bearings, and Degussa India Ltd. Later in 2006, I was appointed as Associate Vice President at Mahindra CIE, where I was responsible for leading the P& L to financial success. During my tenure at Mahindra, I worked with the company's Mergers & Acquisitions division and managed a 15 person team to achieve organizational goals.
Furthermore, at Minex Metallurgical, where I had previously worked as Vice President and General Manager of external and internal stakeholders, I was elevated to CEO and led the firm for almost three years. Several initiatives and procedures were implemented during this endeavor including the appointment of a dedicated Key Account Manager to oversee client satisfaction. Additionally, I played a key part in the development and presentation of a large growth strategy with the support of CFT, as well as the effective management of Operations, IT, and HR & Marketing.

For SOM, excellence, competitiveness, & sustainability are the keys to creating long-term value for its workers, customers & the broader community

Define SOM Autotech as an organization and its current position in the industry?
It is our long term goal to become a one stop shop for all of the aluminum alloy, casting machining, and surface treatment needs. To this day, SOM Autotech is regarded as an aluminum industry pioneer, supplying high and low pressure die castings for prestigious firms like Bajaj, Dell'Orto, Honda Motorcycles & Scooters and Piaggio throughout the last decade. Moreover, being founded in collaboration with some of the industry's most renowned leaders, SOM Autotech has developed into a business with annual revenues of over Rs. 250 crore thanks to their hard work and experience. Our cooperation with the world's leading vehicle manufacturers has enabled us to rise to the top of the list of fastest growing enterprises in India and overseas. In addition we have got the essential expertise in product design and development, production technology,quality management and so on.

SOM Autotech is now in a position to secure new business from prominent auto OEM companies in both the local and international markets. As part of a strategy to diversify the company's customer base, SOM purchased Honda Motorcycles & Scooters and Piaggio last year. An increasing number of RFQs are coming from other well-known auto original equipment
manufacturers(OEMs). Furthermore, our motto of'Growing with You' shows our commitment to meeting the needs of all of our company's stakeholders and constituents.

Could you tell us about the unique services that are provided by SOM Autotech? What is the unique proposition that your organization offers to its clients?
Excellence competitiveness and sustainability are SOM's cornerstones to long term customer engagement. In addition, SOM is a complete solution provider for Aluminum alloys, components and assemblies produced through casting machining and surface treatment methods. Our aluminum foundry and precision machining allow it to excel in product design and development, and the company intends to establish a global brand and product line.

SOM Autotech is unique in the market attributed of its focus on Lean Management, as well as its employees' dedication to providing great customer service.

Being the CEO, how do you plan to apply your exceptional understanding of this do main to SOM Autotech and take it to the next level? What is your success mantra?
Success for me is all about team cooperation, which I believe is crucial for obtaining desired outcomes.

Based on your strong professional experience, what advice would you give to the upcoming leaders in the industry?
To produce groundbreaking outcomes, I would want to advise aspiring leaders that, they should think outside the box and act beyond their comfort zone.

Bhaskar Bhosale, CEO, SOM Autotech
Bhaskar holds a bachelor's degree in engineering and a master's degree in marketing from BITS Pilani, respectively. Bhaskar has previously worked with several well known firms in India and the United Kingdom, including Gabriel India Ltd, MahindraCIE Automotive Ltd, and Minex Metallurgical, and is presently the CEO of SOM Autotech.

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