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Brij Raj Gupta: An Industry Veteran Setting New Benchmarks In The Pharma Industry

Brij Raj Gupta: An Industry Veteran Setting New Benchmarks In The Pharma Industry

Brij Raj Gupta,Director

Brij Raj Gupta


Initiating his career as a medical representative to become the director of a multi million dollar firm, Brij Raj Gupta has come a very long way. Since his struggling days, he planned about establishing a company that can face multinational competition in the pharmaceutical industry. It’s because of his hard work and determination Brawn Laboratories has created a position in the industry domain and standing strong for more than 30 years. During the pandemic, Brawn Laboratories took the responsibility to help people with medical services and tried to reach out to more people possible both domestically and globally. Other than the Modern medicine category, Brawn has also excelled in manufacturing and marketing of Herbal Formulation and Cosmetics, Complex Oncology API Development, and marketing with Pharmaceutical Printing and Packaging Solutions.

Brij Raj engages in an exclusive interaction with CEOInsights

Can you share a concise summary of your professional background and experiences? What made you choose the pharmaceutical industry as your career?
I initiated my professional journey as a medical representative and in that era pharmaceutical domain was dominated by multinational companies. While working as a medical representative, an idea struck my mind and at that moment I had planned to form a company that can withstand the competition from various multinational firms. Over the past 30years from entering the pharmaceutical domain to setting our branches to over 60 countries, the whole journey was full of ups and downs. We have enjoyed moments of accomplishments and hated the moment of failures but what followed over the years have been the reward of our strong endurance, passion, and zeal.

What is your mantra of staying ahead? What do you consider as
your biggest achievement that satisfies you both personally and professionally?
My business mantra is straight forward, whatever you do, you should do it with full enthusiasm and with team spirit, we have meticulously complied with our core values like focusing on quality, abiding by ethics, transparency, commitment, and customer satisfaction. All these values helped us to stay focused and ahead in the industry dynamics. Since the inception of my professional career as a medical representative, I have always dreamt of serving the common man with easily accessible, affordable, and quality medicines and anticancer medicines. Today the dream turned into reality as Brawn Laboratories has extended its reach globally and serving mankind for three decades. What satisfies me the most is that Brawn is reaching millions of people and affecting their lives significantly. We are looking forward to cater the oncology domain with highquality and affordable medicines and it is my wish to make oncology treatment within the reach of common people.

It gives me utmost satisfaction that Brawn is touching millions of lives globally and making an impact in their lives

How would you define Brawn Laboratories as an organization? What makes it stand out from its competitors in the industry?
For more than three decades in the industry Brawn Laboratories has made its position and created a Trust worthy Image in the export market. Brawn has kept itself updated with the latest industrial and technological development and that is the one thing client always looks up for best in class quality medicine and reasonable pricing.

What are the various products of the company’s holdings and what makes the consumers choose it over other brands in the industry?
Brawn portfolio constitutes an array of therapeutics ranging from formulations like tablets, oral liquids, dry syrups, creams, and ointments, eye or ear drops, injections like vials, ampoules, dry powder injections including lyophilized injections and pre filled syringes. Brawn has also pioneered the manufacturing of Herbal formu
lation & Cosmetics, and has DSIR recognized R&D which can develop new formulations from conceptualization to commercialization. We strive to cater to many needs of our clients under one brand name with our vast range of product portfolios.

What was your strategy applied for the company to cope with pandemic challenges? what are your vision and mission for the future and how you are going to implement it for the future?
During the pandemic, it was our vision to serve humanity and also to deal with the repercussions of the pandemic. When the country was in the need of essential medicines or critical medicines, it was Brawn who volunteered and took a strategic decision to launch its product nationwide like a range of hand sanitizers/hand washes and also introduced critical care medicines needed for the curtailment of COVID nationally and globally and made certain of the supply chain management in the crisis hour. After establishing a respected and trustworthy brand name in the ROW/CIS/SEA and Latin American market, we made it our long term goal to recreate the same success in the regulated U.S./European markets. The EU, GMP, and USFDA compliant plant is under full swing construction in Gujarat and we are also setting our foot into the API manufacturing area where we can reduce the dependency of Indian Industry to work on China. It is our vision to provide highquality domestically developed complex oncology API at a competitive price and this can contribute a bit to the Atam Nirbhar Mission of the Government of India.

Brij Raj Gupta, Director, Brawn Laboratories
After successfully running a company for more than three decades and making a mark in the pharmaceutical industry both domestically and globally, Brij Raj is playing a prominent role as the Director of Brawn Industries.

Hobbies-Reading books
Favourite cuisine-Indian and Continental
Favourite Book–Dare 2 lead
Favourite Travel Destination
-Home town

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