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Damanpreet Kochar: Helping Clients Transform Visions Into Reality

Damanpreet Kochar: Helping Clients Transform Visions Into Reality

Damanpreet Kochar,   Co-founder & Director

Damanpreet Kochar

Co-founder & Director

The supreme quality of leadership is integrity”, said Dwight D. Eisenhower. Damanpreet Kochar, Co-Founder & Director, Trueseed is one such dynamic business leader who isknown for his integrity, honesty, and commitment. He is a believer in living life with integrity. Keeping up with such ideology & mantra in life, he has always been true to his businesses and has been piloting his venture toward prosperity & success. Before taking the road to entrepreneurship, Damanpreet was the Zonal Manager of ICICI with more than six years of management experience in the banking Industry. His expertise lies in business process re-engineering, networking with HNI's and law enforcement, risk management, financial projections, portfolio management, training, and analytics. His accomplishments include leading massive teams, developing & implementing operational controls in the organization, and creating fluent customer service. Moreover, he is the Co-Founder of Trueseed Wealth Services through which he invests in Startups & other companies with a focus on the logistics & warehouse segment. Damanpreet is an outstanding real estate leader whose determination, conduct, and relationship ha ve taken him to greater heights. Below is an excerpt of the CEO Insights’ exclusive interview with him.

What has been the idea behind establishing Trueseed? How has the company evolved over the years?
In 2009, Simranpreet Singh (Co-Founder & Director, Trueseed) and I saw the growth opportunities in the real estate industry and decided to plunge into the sector. We started Trueseed with a common vision to offer beautiful commercial & residential spaces for our clients. As our first project, we bought three acres of commercial land for
developing a retail mall & offices in Gurgaon. The project is now known as Broadway. Soon we realized that there was a lack of organized corporate spaces in the market. Many companies were looking for office spaces, but there were not a lot of players who are organized enough to provide such turnkey
solutions. Therefore, addressing the gap we started procuring commercial real estate. By 2014 we were able to complete one million transactions with over 200 tenants. We successfully offered 700 corporate offices to leading international clients. We have also entered into building residential floors and logistics & warehousing spaces and have propagated for leading projects like Lucknow-Awadh Warehousing & Logistics and Gurugram Darius Warehousing & Logistics.

We as a team have exceptional experience in meeting the client’s needs & mitigating their problems by offering the property that is best suited for their requirement

How would you define Trueseed as an organization?
Trueseed is one of the most favoured and highly recommended brands for corporate leasing in Gurgaon. We as a team have exceptional experience in meeting the client’s needs and mitigating their problems by offering the property that is best suited for their requirement. We are amongst the top three commercial real estate players with 7000+ brokers working for us in the market. We have nine architects & inhouse interior designers who extraordinarily execute plans and turn the client’s vision into reality.

Why did you choose Gurugram to be the breeding ground for your company?
Gurgaon is developing at a faster pace and has immense opportuni
ties in the realestate space as most of the corporates are functional in this city. Also, as of now, the average real estate prices are low in the city as compared to Delhi which makes it a good investment opportunity for people and a great business opportunity for realestate developers.

What are the changes in market behaviour that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you foresee?
With the growth in the trend of online shopping, portals like Amazon Flipkart and Shopclues are gaining popularity in the market. It has transformed the shopping patterns of the people and they are now more inclined toward shopping online wherein they receive their products in a day. These online marketers need warehouse spaces to store their goods to ensure ontime delivery. This has created great opportunities in logistics and ware housing. Therefore, we look at it as our next investment opportunity and have started taking up projects for building warehousing & logistics parks for these online marketers. We have already built a beautiful 2000 square feet of warehouse space for Shopclues.

In the light of your strong experience in the industry, what advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?
To be a successful entrepreneur, one must possess the quality of persistence & perseverance. I believe nothing is impossible with hard work, dedication & commitment.

Damanpreet Kochar, Co-founder & Director, Trueseed
Damanpreet has been a topper of an MBA program at Leads Business School in West Yorkshire, England. He is a versatile leader who has worked across diverse industries. At present, along with being the Co-founder of TrueSeed, he is the Senior Partner in TS Enterprises a design & build company, and Director & Advisory in Premco Auto a vehicle spare part distribution business. He is a pragmatic business leader who loves to travel & play golf in his free time.

•Favorite Cuisine:Thai & Kashmiri delicacies
•Favorite Book:The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli
•Favorite Travel Destination:
Edinburg in Scotland

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