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Dev Abhilash: An Industry Leader Stepping Up To Skillfully Providing Effective Marketing Solutions

Dev Abhilash: An Industry Leader Stepping Up To Skillfully Providing Effective Marketing Solutions

Dev Abhilash,   CEO

Dev Abhilash


Marketing and advertising are integral parts of a company's strategy for building a broader customer base. The global pandemic has resulted in a transformation of promotional activities, which has made companies formulate innovative marketing strategies. Keeping in mind the need for a creative advertising plan, Dev Abhilash is offering his clients DOOH(Digital Out of House) advertising for the best customer experience through Bellplus Media.

Dev Abhilash is an MBA graduate in marketing and a passionate explorer of advertisement technology. Before co-establishing Bellplus Media, Dev strengthened his expertise by working for various marketing and advertising firms.

Dev Abhilash engages in an interactive session with the CEO Insights Magazine.

Tell us about your professional journey. What is the motivating factor that makes you keep going today?
Immediately after receiving my MBA in marketing and advertising, I began working as a strategic planner for a traditional OOH media company. I've always noticed a bias in the OOH media's clientele, as many SMEs & startups enquire about advertising but cannot do so because of the high costs involved and their lack of flexible resources for quick broadcasts. Despite the size of these businesses, only the best ones in each industry use OOH advertising. Gayathri Reddy and I developed this concept to start digital screen advertising in residential and commercial locations. Our company is driven by the desire to service a vast sector of businesses, many of which are SMEs and other startups
like us. According to statistics, DOOH in India is increasing at a rate of thirty-two percent, and this market has a lot of room for expansion.

I always seek growth with proper attention to each vertical in the company, which will make things easier and more stable in the long run

Define Bellplus as an organisation. What are the special features that make it unique from its competitors?
Bellplus Media is a residential and commercial DOOH provider that offers special advantages to the businesses that advertise on the displays as well as the properties they represent. In a market first, Bellplus Media has introduced a dual display screen that we have customized. The client will be provided with a direct link to update, delete, and add material as well as daily information on the number of visitors and proof of play to ensure the highest RoI for our brands. One screen, which is a primary screen, is utilized for branding. The second screen, commonly known as the secondary display, serves as a digital notice board for residential or commercial premises. It will feature a unique interface for each property that allows for the updating, adding, and deleting of material that is provided without charge by the company. In addition to reading the notice, the viewer will simultaneously see the advertisement, which will draw greater attention to the brand from users.

Describe your leadership style and how it helps you to formulate corporate strategies.
I support democratic leadership because it ensures that every employee in the company has a voice. I always pay attention to employee feedback, analyze any ideas they may have, and then walk them through the possible next steps until we all agree on a work around. Although it occasionally hurts, my team feels much more invested finding that they have a voice in the business.
The primary factor is the service we offer to our customers, as we correct any errors and facilitate a smooth process. Additionally, listening to our customers is the best way to ascertain what else they want and what needs to be set up as we expand our market share. To make things easier and more stable in the long run, I always aim for growth while paying careful attention to each business division within the company.

What are the industry practices infused in your administration? Describe the type of technological advancement that has had an impact and enabled brands to express their thoughts under your direction.
Under my management, Bellplus Media operates with honesty and integrity, which is also the meaning of the plus sign. In addition, despite purchasing more than three hundred societies in a short period, we have always delivered our clients the greatest results. We also keep solid relationships with all of our properties.

To enable brands to have more adaptable and result driven advertising, we are developing break throughs in Ad technology. Leading brands like Apple, Malabar, Volkswagen, and Apollo we have worked with them on campaigns, and have given them strong brand exposure through our media. Shortly, we want to use AI and ML to make DOOH campaigns more RoI focused and targeted.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years and what are your long term objectives?
We plan to establish the business as a prominent player in the DOOH residential and commercial industry with a sizable market share.Since there is currently no significant adtech company in India,which is experiencing a digital revolution in the fields of fintech, edtech and food tech we want to occupy this market segment as a key player shortly by developing technology in the area and developing more accessible, adaptable, and sustainable advertising models.

Dev Abhilash, CEO, Bellplus Media
Showcasing his skills as a leader, Dev is formulating new strategies as well as providing his clients with a revolutionary form of advertising through Bellplus Media.

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