Dr. Binish Desai: The Waste Warrior & Recycle Man Revivifying the Lives of Uneducated Rural People

Dr. Binish Desai: The Waste Warrior & Recycle Man Revivifying the Lives of Uneducated Rural People

Dr. Binish Desai,Social Entrepreneur & Innovator

Dr. Binish Desai

Social Entrepreneur & Innovator

It is never too early to envision big and create a difference. Dr. Binish Desai (Social Entrepreneur & Innovator, Eco Eclectic Technologies) is indubitably a living proof to this statement. At the age of 11, little did Dr. Binish know that his concept of chewing gum and paper could revolutionize the world in no time. The roots of this concept sprouted when his chewing gum got stuck to his pants during one of the classes at school which he later enclosed in a piece of paper. In fact, the sealed gum and paper hardening into a thick and tough block triggered him to believe that by further experimentation, he could design a brick using the same, which might shape into one of the sustainable solutions to build houses for rural people and slum areas. Dr. Binish’s convictions turned out to be absolutely true when his first commercial prototype was created from his innovative P-block bricks (gum & paper) for cost effective housing. Refining this process further, he introduced a much suitable organic binder in place of the chewing gum which enkindled him into establishing his own company 'BDream Foundation', manufacturing hand-made P-block (patented)bricks in 2010.

With the belief that nothing in the world is a waste, Dr. Binish forayed into waste management. Despite no moral or financial support from his renowned family who disregarded his pursuit towards waste management, he managed to build the firm with just his pocket money(Rs.1200). Focusing heavily on research earned him research grants from Government, while clients, family and friends further poured funds to boost the organization. Dr.Binish’s sole emphasis to conduct researches and innovate on newer technologies rather than handling a monotonous product resulted in the inception of Eco Eclectic Technologies, a laboratory that deals with industrial waste recycling & seamless innovations, in 2016. Instead of
confining to only paper wastes, he assembled 50 different types of industrial wastes, analysed diligently and metamorphosed them into 150 eco-economical products(products that are eco-friendly and economical at the same time)including artificial wood, precast roofs, absorbents like crude oil, soundproofing panels, acoustic panels and a lot more. Know more about Dr. Binish’s relentless pursuit of innovation and his determination to help the needy from the following excerpts of his exclusive conversation with CEO Insights.

" Despite the influx of problems during inception, I managed to resolve them by comprehending its nuances and came up with an eco-economical model"

While constructing eco-friendly houses and toilets, what motivated you to empower rural women?
While constructing my first house,I was alarmed by the surging industrial pollution levels in the environment and therefore crafted a social and economical model for my business. Meanwhile we came across this widow who was financially bereft and hence built a toilet at her house. But she reverted back with anger saying that she did not have money to maintain the toilet and it was then that we realized that mere toilets can do no good to these people and what they badly needed was employment. Therefore, we established micro social enterprises and factories in several parts of the villages for people to develop their own products and earn their livelihood. Later in 2017, we also started a socio-economical platform–Ecolite Studio, primarily to empower widows and uneducated rural women who do not have a way of living. This eco-friendly platform today stands as a manifestation of trash being converted into an asset and luxury products. Eventually, my parents gained a positive perspective about waste management, appreciated my success and supported my further endeavours.

As a young entrepreneur, how did you balance the business,family and your own space all at once?
Despite the influx of problems during inception, I managed to resolve them by comprehending its nuances and came up with an eco-economical model that can not only sustain the business but enhance the development of products too. Everything I do is hinged on a task-oriented schedule, which provides me free time to watch something over Netflix, read
books and listen to music, while steal some family time to go on drive with friends. I love travelling, skiing and swimming.

Kindly illustrate on how you keep updating on the technological advancements and spread insights on the same. Also, how do you envision the upcoming waste recycling sphere?
Being a technology freak with the most updated knowledge and hailing from a smart home,I am currently engaged in developing eco-friendly smart homes for multiple purposes, constructing 3D printers that could print houses and also making eco-friendly dyes for those printers with the existing technologies. In addition, I ensure to give keynote speeches about my journey across TEDx events, seminars, conventions, schools and colleges while educating students on waste recycling via ‘Punaravruti’ education program.

I felt greatly honoured for receiving the ‘Rotary International Alumni Humanitarian of the Year’ award for South Asia and being featured in ‘Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018’ list of successful social entrepreneurs. People who recognized my works called me ‘Waste Warrior’ and ‘The Recycle Man’ while Dr. Nikhil Chandwani, Padma Shri nominee drafted my struggles and success story in his book titled ‘The Recycle Man’ which is yet to be released.

With the profusion of solid waste in India, I envisage our nation to fight against this scenario relentlessly and also the world to create something better from the wastes. Because what can be a waste to you can become someone else’s asset and hence there is nothing useless in this world!

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Dr. Binish Desai, Social Entrepreneur & Innovator
Embracing an Honorary PhD degree in Environmental Science & Technology for eight years of unparalleled work,Dr.Binish stands as an exemplar of an entrepreneur in the sphere of waste management & recycling.

Office: Valsad
•Industrial Waste Recycling
•Developing New Technologies
•Innovative CSR Projects
•Waste Management Education: Punaravruti
•Eco Center
•Micro Social Enterprise

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