Dr. Kamini D Lakhiani: Transforming Lives Through Comprehensive Care Backed By Two Decades Of Expertise | CEOInsights Vendor
Dr. Kamini D Lakhiani: Transforming Lives Through Comprehensive Care Backed By Two Decades Of Expertise

Dr. Kamini D Lakhiani: Transforming Lives Through Comprehensive Care Backed By Two Decades Of Expertise

  Dr. Kamini D Lakhiani,   Endo-Diabetologist

Dr. Kamini D Lakhiani


Despite being one of the youngest populations globally, India, unfortunately, bears the burden of a disheartening reality a nation plagued by diabetes. More than 100 million individuals in our country suffer from diabetes, revealing a staggering increase of 44 percent in diabetic cases since 2019 as per the ICMR report.

An Endo-Diabetologist at Sadhana Proactive Clinic, Dr. Kamini D Lakhiani has emerged as a key figure in helping people battle this chronic disease with over two decades of experience in healthcare. She has won several awards as a testimony to her credibility like the Golden Aims Award for the Most Preferred Diabetologist in Mumbai in 2021, the Most Trusted Diabetologist in Mumbai in 2022 and the Three Best Rated award for being one of the Top Rated Diabetologists in Mumbai consecutively from the year 2008-2023.

In this exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Dr. Lakhiani shares her insights on her professional journey by shedding light on the healthcare industry in India.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences?
With an enduring fascination for the medical field since childhood, I have relentlessly pursued my dream of becoming a doctor by obtaining my M.B.B.S. from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College in 1988, followed by a Diploma in Diabetology from Topiwala National Medical College in 2002.

For the past decade, I have also served as an Honorary Diabetologist at Ramakrishna Mission Charitable Hospital in Khar West. Prior to that, I gained valuable experience as an Ex-Honorary Diabetologist at S.L. Raheja Hospital (All India Institute of Diabetes) in Mahim and Mahavir Medical Research Institute in Khar West.

I embarked on a journey as a Clinical Associate at S.L. Raheja
Hospital and seized the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. B.S. Raheja on research focusing on Omega 3 fatty acids, resulting in the publication of the ‘Journals of Diabetic Care.'

I also had the privilege of receiving specialized training in the medical and surgical management of diabetic foot and its care under the guidance of Dr. Arun Bal and managed my own Outpatient Department (OPD) as a Consultant Diabetologist at S.L Raheja Hospital.

Currently, I specialize as an Endo-Diabetologist at my private practice, Sadhana Proactive Clinic.

The ultimate source of satisfaction & motivation for me is witnessing my patients express their gratitude & experience improved health based on the care & advice we provide

How would you define Sadhana Proactive Clinic as an organization and its current position in the current healthcare industry?
Sadhana Proactive Clinic stands as the embodiment of my dream, vision, and aspiration. Our clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive diabetes care and addressing various lifestyle challenges, including obesity and thyroid disorders. With a proactive mindset, our organization is committed to delivering exceptional medical services through clinically based protocols aligned with Mayo Diabetes Center and American Diabetes Association guidelines. Embracing my proactive nature, the clinic is equipped with support staff who mirror my holistic approach and work tirelessly to fulfil the needs of my patients by conducting in-depth check-ups and an intensive acquisition of medical history with a focus on assessing end-organ damage. I advocate an inclusive and non-toxic work environment that has helped me retain my trusted staff; making my clinic a safe space for all my patients. This would not have been possible without the blessing of my spiritual Guruji, parents, patients and well-wishers.

What are the current challenges hindering people from making healthy lifestyle choices? What advice would you give to upcoming healthcare industry leaders?
The combination of a sedentary lifestyle due to technological advancements along with easy access to unhealthy processed
foods high in salt, sugar and unhealthy fats has contributed to poor dietary choices. Stress and busy schedules prioritize convenience over health, leading to insufficient sleep, increased stress levels, and disrupted routines. Lack of awareness and education regarding the impact of lifestyle choices on long-term health outcomes also plays a significant role. To succeed as healthcare leaders, staying updated with research and advancements is essential along with promoting education, awareness campaigns, policy changes, and providing support systems to encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

As a doctor, what sets you apart from others in your field?
I’m never one to toot my own horn. I believe in treating my patients comprehensively and reversing the disorder instead of the standard treatments. Every doctor may have their own conventional perspective but I rely on a detailed approach that delves deep enough to reach the root cause that creates a domino effect. In layman’s terms, I cater to all the organs like the heart, kidneys, liver, and more. together instead of a lengthy process that can tire the patient out and ultimately lead them to give up on themselves. Something as minute as hair and skin is given the importance it deserves.

Many of your reviews online have deemed you an ‘attentive listener’ and ‘accessible’ doctor without conventionally marketing yourself online. How do you manage this?
I’m extremely invested in my patients’ health. I feel passionate towards making my patients understand their diagnosis and treatment plan. I’m actively available if my patients have any questions or concerns without rushing them. I feel confident enough to affirm that once my patients trust me and see the results I give them, they don’t feel the need to consult with anyone else. Of course, I refer particular specialists if I feel they need additional help. All my patients have come to me via word-of-mouth which has motivated me to maintain my stance professionally. Despite the love I have for my work, I strive to make my patients reach a point when they don’t need me or any medicines as a crutch throughout their life. That’s how I know that I’ve succeeded.

Dr. Kamini D Lakhiani, Endo-Diabetologist, Sadhana Proactive Clinic
Dr. Lakhiani is committed to upholding the oath of helping and alleviating the pain of her patients to the best of her abilities.

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