Dr. Pawan Gupta: A Proficient Healthcare Consultant With Expertise In Innovative Cancer Care & Rehabilitation | CEOInsights Vendor
Dr. Pawan Gupta: A Proficient Healthcare Consultant With Expertise In Innovative Cancer Care & Rehabilitation

Dr. Pawan Gupta: A Proficient Healthcare Consultant With Expertise In Innovative Cancer Care & Rehabilitation

Dr. Pawan Gupta,  Founder & Director

Dr. Pawan Gupta

Founder & Director

Healthcare as an industry is a wide sector, and there’s a hefty increase in the number of patients today, specifically cancer patients. Cancer is a lifestyle disease, hence just reaching out to the public, making them aware, and motivating them to change their lifestyle is some thing that is going to have a big impact in the future. Dr. Pawan Gupta an Innovative Cancer & Rehabilitation healthcare consultant very well realizes this and thus is contributing to the space through his venture ICANCARE an Innovative enterprise for Cancer Care and Rehabilitation, and Tobacco Cessation data-driven protocol-based intervention on ICANCARE APP, Virtual Clinics, and ICANCARE National

Dr. Pawan is a Cancer Surgeon and has done M.Ch. in Surgical Oncology from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, and MBBS MS from Odisha SCB Medical College, Cuttack. He has done his fellowship in Surgical Oncology, then a fellowship in Plastic Surgery and Uro-Oncology. Right now, besides being the Founder of ICANCARE, he is the Director of Surgical Oncology at the Max Institute of Cancer Care, Vaishali Delhi NCR. He keeps motivating all for Cancer healthcare in two ways. One is his clinical practice as an Oncology Surgeon where he performs Cancer-related surgical operations & care. While another very important one is, as an ICANCARE person. Through,ICANCARE Academy he has trained over 1000 doctors in tobacco cessation and created 1000+ Tobacco MARSHALs in society.

Recently, the CEO INSIGHTS team had an exclusive interaction with Dr. Pawan Gupta to know more about him and ICANCARE. Kindly read on!

How are you leveraging health information technologies in healthcare decision-making and investigations?
Well, there are two aspects to it patient care & knowledge and preventive treatment. We have got various apps for the same. As for patient knowledge and awareness management, where we have a great medium our Max app, we strive to give the patients a second opinion through it, providing a way for one-to-one investigations and discussions of the treatment. On the preventive side, it’s the ICANCARE
app my venture that serves as both the information platform on tobacco and a treatment expert. By downloading this app, a person can see and understand the various things aspects of tobacco, the craving factors, the withdrawal aspects, the addiction level, the amount of money that he's losing on tobacco, and more. Additionally, on the quit tobacco treatment level, a certified tobacco cessation specialist also takes the patient through a specific protocol based intervention which helps measure their addiction level and do appropriate treatment intervention for successful quitting. CANCARE quit tobacco app is a very unique AI based app developed for the first time in India and in the world for this purpose.

Build an approach towards life and affirm a thought process that benefits all of society & every person who comes across you

What are the latest challenges hindering people from making the right lifestyle choices, and what are the solutions to helping people make the right choices?
Today, how people are running their speedy lives is domineered by peer pressures, certain advertisements, and more. Caught in the hustle-bustle of life, they hardly have time to sit and think about themselves. Hence, they fall behind in making the right lifestyle choices.

One thing I know is that the way we live determines the way we will die too. And, it is our lifestyle which ultimately makes a difference in our own life. So, our proper lifestyle is what is important for the future of our own life. Hence, I help them in this pursuit by making them aware.

Tell me about your leadership approach.
Well, leadership can be easily maintained by setting an example for the team and then guiding them to take responsibility. Hence, one very important thing that I always say to my team is to take responsibility. If every person becomes a driving force, automatically things will improve. My purpose is that each one has to become strong and each one has to be the leader in them self. And, most importantly, I ensure it is all innate and not pressurized to lead my team.

What are some of the major milestones of your professional journey so far, and also what is the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
My success mantra has been innovative thinking and striving to
try new things. I have been the pioneer in leading a lot of new things that have taken place in the cancer space. I always stressed equally on cancer management as well as cancer prevention. Coming from a humble back ground and setup in Odisha, I am the first Amphitheater Surgical Oncology from Odisha. Selected in 1996 when I went to Ahmedabad, my journey was like developing a skill in the field of Surgical Oncology i.e., Cancer Surgery was hardly known at the time. Once diagnosed with Cancer, patients assumed it to be a dead-end, but yes, over some time, we have been able to change that.

Instead of fighting against cancer, I promotedlet's just not fight cancer, but win over cancer, starting this ‘Win Over Cancer’ slogan in 2008, and it really made a difference. I also started the ‘Save the Youth’ campaign in 2015, basically to win over tobacco. We are now promoting it throughout schools, colleges and healthcare professionals. Also, this year we launched ‘Advise Quit Tobacco’, where we are asking all doctors to advise their patients to quit tobacco. One of the research works that I have been doing is basically creating a tobacco cessation program, and this is how our ICANCARE app exists. A small change in thought can make all the difference. These steps are both my attempts and milestones in the Cancer space.

As a leader in the healthcare sector, what advice would you like to give to the upcoming leaders?
My advice to the upcoming leaders is that learn to take responsibility,not give responsibility. Have innovative ideas and emphasize out-of-the-box thinking. And the most important thing, think about others, hence build an approach towards life and affirm a thought process that benefits all of society& every person who comes across you. Also, do have empathy.

Dr. Pawan Gupta, Founder & Director, ICanCaRe
An MS, M.Ch., FSOG, FAIS, Cancer Surgeon, Writer, Social Activist, Book Author and Motivational Speaker, Dr. Pawan Gupta specializes in Innovative Cancer Care Treatment & Tobacco Rehabilitation. He is also the Director of Surgical Oncology of MAX Institute of Cancer Care, East Zone, MAX Super Specialty Hospitals, Vaishali, Delhi NCR, the Founder-Director of ICANCARE (Innovative Cancer Care and Rehabilitation Pvt. Ltd.), National Convener & Master Trainer for Tobacco Cessation Courses accredited by Gujarat University, National President of I CAN WIN Foundation, and author of many books like - ‘Be Smart Do Not Start, Win Over Tobacco Made Easy, Tobacco Cessation - A Comprehensive Guide, Win Over Cancer’, and more.

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