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Dr. Picheswar Gadde: Working Towards Instilling Skills And Knowledge In Young Minds

Dr. Picheswar Gadde: Working Towards Instilling Skills And Knowledge In Young Minds

Dr. Picheswar Gadde,    CEO & Chancellor

Dr. Picheswar Gadde

CEO & Chancellor

People's understanding of themselves and the world is enriched by education, it improves the quality of life and has significant societal implications for both individuals and society. Education increases people's productivity and creativity besides enhancing skills to face the challenges. Instilling the competency and the skills to face the world Dr Picheswar Gadde is contributing his expertise to provide best-in-class education through Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth.

Before as a chancellor of Lingaya’s Group of Institutions, Dr.Picheswar worked in electronic media and later he shifted his interest to education. Dr Picheswar is a doctorate holder in management and mechanical engineering.

Dr Picheswar Gadde recently engaged in an exclusive interaction with the CEO Insights, here’s the highlight from the same.

Tell us about your educational journey and professional background. Also, explain your current roles and responsibilities at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth and Lingaya’s Group of Institutions?
I advanced my profession in advertising with a PhD degree in management and mechanical engineering. I worked for Creative Eye Limited in the early 1990s and helped the company reach the top of the electronic media (TV) industry, which had just begun in India. Later on, my contributions to the subject of education, which span more than twenty-five years, earned me a name and reputation in academia. My hard work and dedication helped me construct a milestone achievement: the Lingaya's Society, which set various educational benchmarks. As the Society's Secretary, I launched my first dream project, 'Lingaya's Institute of Management 10& Technology' (LIMAT), Faridabad in 1998. Presently, I am handling various responsibilities like Secretary, Association of Self-Financed Institutions in Haryana. Member, Federation of All India Medical & Engineering Colleges
Association. Chairman, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International School of Textiles & Management (Government of India) and Founder Member, Haryana State Counselling Society, Govt. of Haryana.

What are the key aspects of your institution?
Our campus offers a cutting-edge infrastructure that includes academic buildings, air-conditioned libraries, workshops, labs, auditoriums, student activity centres, playgrounds, gymnasiums, dormitories, and other amenities. Research, Development & Innovation, Industry & Academia Collaboration, Patents & Copyrights, Multiple Scholarship Schemes, Career Counselling, Guidance & Placement Support, Internships & Minor as well as Major Projects, on-the-job Training, and various Social Initiatives are some of the initiatives that the Vidyapeeth has been focusing on. Our Vidyapeeth's knowledge base and distinguished mentors have extensive experience in their respective professions. These seasoned academicians identify our students' needs and give them the best education possible to satisfy current and future demands.

Making education accessible to all, irrespective of their economic or social status is what I aim for

As the leader in the education industry, how do you seek to revolutionize the present-day educational framework? What has been your success mantra?
Lingaya's Vidyapeeth's overarching goal is to help our students develop holistically so that they can become future-ready and responsible citizens. My goal is to make education available to everyone, regard less of their socio-economic condition. To make this possible I've created several scholarships and fee-waiver programmes that allow students to receive fee waivers of up to a hundred per cent. Several initiatives, such as LSET (Lingaya's Scholarship Entrance Test), have been taken to achieve this noble goal. This programme is intended to give financial assistance to Covid-19 soldiers, veterans, and deserving students who are inspired to pursue professional and technical education.

Apart from official events where honours and accolades are given, I always strive to go the extra mile by serving them home-cooked meals
from a range of cuisines, casual parties, and family trips as a gesture of appreciation and love. As I previously stated, I believe in the healing power of human contact. With the introduction of new technologies and our growing reliance on devices, human intervention is required so that we are not governed by technology but rather use it to supplement our efforts to improve our lives.

As the Chancellor, how do you organize your day to meet the various demands and commitments required?
My team is strong and dependable, and all of my institution leaders have performed admirably in their duties. But it's meeting them for a tête-à-tête as often as possible that motivates and connects them. These little conversations help me understand their troubles, frustrations, and wins; when I aid them where I can and congratulate them on theiraccomplishments, it feels like a family where the rule of thumb is personal, and success is the key. My main responsibility is to meet the requests and needs of various institutions in terms of the greatest resources for better teaching-learning and to provide cutting-edge technology to our students so that they are future-ready.

Educational experiences have a significant impact on every student's life. What techniques have you implemented to assist students at the Lingaya Group of Institutions in meeting their learning goals?
My sole aim has been to instil a sense of belonging in my kids. I always made sure that kids were active in events, in-house training, and contests whenever and wherever possible so that they did not feel lost. This is what allowed them to stay connected and participate, and it is how they were able to overcome the post-pandemic trauma. During the Covid era, my students have acquired so many lessons that they have grown more self-reliant and socially responsible.

Dr. Picheswar Gadde, CEO and Chancellor
A PhD in Management and an experience holder of twenty-five years in the field of education, Dr Picheswar Gadde is setting educational benchmarks with Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth.

•Hobbies: Travelling
•Favourite Cuisine: Continental
•Favourite Book: all time fan of Shakespeare
•Favourite Travel Destination: Australia

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