Dr. Rajeshwarijarupula: A Skilled Dermatologist With Over 20 Years Of Industry Rich Experience | CEOInsights Vendor
Dr. Rajeshwarijarupula: A Skilled Dermatologist With Over 20 Years Of Industry Rich Experience

Dr. Rajeshwarijarupula: A Skilled Dermatologist With Over 20 Years Of Industry Rich Experience

   Dr. Rajeshwari Jarupula,     CEO & Director

Dr. Rajeshwari Jarupula

CEO & Director

There is little doubt that novel approaches have far-reaching effects on the healthcare industry as a whole, but in the case of some areas, like surgery, a complete overhaul of the field is possible. Relatively, the field of dermatology is unlikely to undergo as dramatic a change as surgery, but it will still be affected in significant ways. For some time now, technology has been gradually changing dermatology practices, but this shift will speed up in the next years. Also, to remain at the forefront of their industry, skin and hair care experts need to be abreast of the rapid technological development now underway in dermatology. Dr. Rajeshwari Jarupula, an Indian skin, and hair care pioneer believe that staying up-to-date on skin and hair care advancements enables doctors to deliver optimal treatment for every patient's need.

Dr. Rajeshwari is a well-known specialist in cosmetic dermatology, having mastered the fields of Clinical Dermatology, Cosmetology, and Dermato Surgery. Dr. Rajeshwari has gained widespread reputation among her peers for her expertise in the area as a result of her effective handling of several cases around the country. As a result of her groundbreaking work in Dermatology, Dr. Rajeshwari has been asked to speak at a wide variety of prestigious conferences throughout the world.

Below is an excerpt of Dr. Rajeshwari’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

How would you define Dr. Rajeshwari's Skin Care & Hair Restoration Centre as a healthcare centre and the values it possesses?
From the moment a patient enters Rajeshwari's Skin Care & Hair Restoration Centre to the moment they leave, they receive the highestcare and attention. We put
the needs of our patients first and work hard to cultivate positive relationships with them. To encourage open communication regarding their health, I strive to establish a rapport with each of my patients and earn their trust as a friend. In my opinion, patients shouldn't undergo any treatment without first having all of their questions answered, so we go over every step of the process with them when we find out what they're worried about. Every member of our staff, from the assistant doctors to the coordinators, is expected to adhere to this principle and ensure that patients fully comprehend all aspects of their care.

Dr. Rajeshwari's Skin Care & Hair Restoration Centre is the first clinic in India to offer PRP treatment for hair loss

Our patients come from all over the country because we take the time to properly diagnose them before recommending any course of treatment. In this way, we can ensure that every one of our patients is satisfied with the care they receive, and we can check in with them after treatment to see if we've lived up to our claims. These are just some of the ways in which Rajeshwari's Skin Care & Hair Restoration Centre stands apart from the others.

Could you tell us about the latest industry trends and techniques that you have adopted in your solutions that deliver highly effective results?
PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy is the most advanced treatment we offer for hair loss.As far as I'm aware, Dr. Rajeshwari's Skin Care & Hair Restoration Centre is the first clinic in India to offer PRP treatment for hair loss, and soon after, other top clinics across the country followed suit. So, I overheard people say & "If you're experiencing hair loss, you should definitely consult Dr. Rajeshwari” after we implemented PRP treatment and phased out conventional methods of dealing with the problem.

And then there's hair transplantation for baldness; it's based on tested methods, and we're still refining it along surgical lines today. DHT and the DHI have made it possible to perform hair transplantation without the need for invasive surgery. Thus,
they are the most recent techniques, and we can also do the most recent treatments on the skin, tailoring our care to the needs of each patient.

Going forward, what are the changes in the skin and hair care trends that you anticipate, and what are the opportunities that you foresee to serve people better as a leader?
Today there seems to be a daily introduction of new skin and hair trends.Earlier, a single person's hair transplant surgery would take an entire day.However, at present,we can complete the treatment and the surgery in only four or five hours. I've also seen dermatology evolve from a non-surgical department to one that requires a robust solely OPD premise.

What would be your advice to budding leaders?
If I could provide any advice to aspiring leaders, it would be to always look to improve and progress the treatment you provide. To that end, there are numerous fellowships in the field of hair and skin care, both in India and abroad, from which you can learn more about using advanced technologies. Because students at medical colleges study nothing but the fundamentals. Then, after establishing a solid foundation, move on to more complex technological knowledge. Continue to improve yourself and your services by enrolling in further courses.

Dr. Rajeshwari Jarupula, CEO & Director, Dr. Rajeshwari’s Skin Care & Hair Restoration Centre
Dr. Rajeshwari is an expert in hair transplant surgery for male pattern baldness, hairline design, corrective hair transplantation, and therapies linked to female hair loss and male hair loss, having studied at a number of prestigious universities. She has been employing cutting-edge methods, such as DHT & DHI, to do hair transplants that are both successful and natural looking.

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