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Dr. Santosh R S: Curating Best Solution To Address Complex Elevator Installation Problems

Dr. Santosh R S: Curating Best Solution To Address Complex Elevator Installation Problems

Dr. Santosh R S,   Executive Director & CEO

Dr. Santosh R S

Executive Director & CEO

With the vision of becoming the most trusted and customer-centric hydraulic elevator solution provider in the world, GMV India was established in India in the year 2013. The company is a 100 percent subsidiary of GMV SpA, Italy, and today, it is one of the fastest-growing elevator companies in India. Under the leadership of Dr. Santosh R S, GMV India has retained the Leader’s crown by capturing a 45 percent market share in the Indian hydraulic elevator industry. The company delivers high-quality products by understanding the demand and the requirement of customers. To maintain its position in the market, the GMV Group is continuously working towards bringing Innovation through Research and Development.

Leading the firm to success, Dr. Santosh R S holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical from Sardar Patel College of Engineering. He obtained his MBA degree in operations from the Welingkar Institute of Management Development and completed his Ph.D. in Work Life Balance Leadership from Pacific University Udaipur. Before joining GMV India, he worked with companies like Gala Precision Components Shanghai and Gala Precision Engineering. His knowledge and dedication to work have brought various laurels to the company. Recently, Dr. Santosh R S published a book titled ‘The Sports Class Thinking Towards Business Success’: Unique Ideas from Sportsfield to Win in Business Management. This book views the sports world through a management lens and offers valuable learnings to the new-age leaders in management. Dr. Santosh R S engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insight, let’s hear from him.

How would you define GMV India as an organization and its current position in the market? What is your USP?
GMV India is offering hydraulic lift components and in the span of just
nine years, GMV India has served its components to more than 11000 lifts in India. We are not only just selling the products, but we also give equal importance to the regular servicing of the hydraulic lifts. Though GMV India never participates in installation and AMC, we believe the knowledge of GMV products to lift technicians is very important and therefore, we organize Free Technical Training at our training center organized in every quarter.

We have set ourselves to grow and enhance our India business by adding 100 percent sales revenue every five years

I think our USP is we understand the customers and we have an honest approach to giving the best world class products to our customers. GMV’s specialty is we know how, when, and where, and can always offer an easy & affordable solution.

Could you elaborate on the impacts and benefits offered through your products and solutions?
I would like to give this answer with two latest examples where we provided the best solution. So, the first one is from UAE where we installed a lift in a house without disturbing the structure, the shape of the circular staircase, and the beautiful marble flooring on zero level. The client was more than happy as we provided him with the solution to his problems. Another one is at Mumbai International Airport where our glocal partner Shreejee Elevators from Navi Mumbai has fixed up a Goods Lift. It has a narrow shaft opening and a specific opening requirement to fix in the Forklift. That is how we provided the solution to the problem of project consultants.

What is the purpose of GMV India? Share a short detail of the kind of value propositions that you offer.
Our deepest purpose as an organization is to delight every life worldwide using vertical transportation through our highest professional standards of Hydraulic Elevator Technology.

We as an organization have certain values in business and all our actions should be customer centric. We always want to be genuine and trustworthy, and we aim at continuous value creation. Each
member of the company must be sincere and must offer mutual respect and most importantly, there is no excuse for quality commitment in all our behaviors.

We are on a mission to strengthen our global reputation of hydraulic elevator standards. We have set ourselves to grow and enhance our India business by adding 100 percent sales revenue every five years.

We want to accelerate our success inter nationally in Southeast Asia and the Gulf region. We believe in our employees as our partners, and we want to inspire, engage, and develop them to the best possible level.

What are the factors that differentiate GMV India from its competitors?
First, GMV values and respect all players and competitors but with our sincere respect for each player in the market, we have certain differentiators. As mentioned earlier, GMV is the only company in the world with a unique market positioning offering best-class equipment in Hydraulic Elevators. GMV has a marketing philosophy titled as GLOCAL approach. It is a fusion of two words global and local. With our glocal approach, we want to offer global quality products through local hands in every market in the world. Also, GMV considers the relationship as the most important factor than revenue or profits, and I think, this differentiates us from the other players across the industry.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
Continuous efforts in research and innovations are in the genes of GMV and are done with the 3 Es approach which means Energy Conservation, Efficient Products, and a focus on Environment protection. To expand our market, we will continue to appoint more glocal partners. In India, we have glocal partners in most of the states and internally, we have opened our representative office in UAE. We also have a couple of partners in Thailand and one in Bahrain, and shortly we will start our business in Egypt as well.

Dr. Santosh R S, Executive Director & CEO, GMV India
Dr. Santosh is a ‘BORN TO WIN’ dynamic professional with a GLOBAL MINDSET. He is a Mechanical Engineer and MBA from Mumbai University and has a total of 18 years of industry experience.

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