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Dr. Shailaja Muniraj: Providing Better Healthcare To Create A Stronger World

Dr. Shailaja Muniraj: Providing Better Healthcare To Create A Stronger World

Dr. Shailaja Muniraj,  Chief Radiologist & MD

Dr. Shailaja Muniraj

Chief Radiologist & MD

Today the vast majority of healthcare leaders are women, transforming every subspecialty of the medical domain. Women are leading research labs or diagnostic centres, serving in health related roles in the military, and as leaders in hospitals, academic medical centres, health advocacy groups, and many other healthcare organizations. CEO Insights’ exclusive team engages in a conversation with an influential woman leader in the healthcare industry who is making her mark and bringing waves of change in various aspects of this domain.

Dr.Shailaja Muniraj, Chief Radiologist and Managing Director, Prima Diagnostics, have over 10 years of unmatched experience as a Radiologist working across India’s leading diagnostic centres. Prima Diagnostics was established in 2017 by Dr. Gururaj Rao HT (CEO) with the vision to deliver world-class diagnostic services equipped with the latest technologies under one roof. Today, under the team's excellent leadership, the diagnostic centre has spread its wings across Karnataka with more than 10 branches in Bangalore and Mysore. Prima Diagnostics, also engages in providing training for school teachers and students on how to perform CPR, educate school girls on menstrual hygiene, and conduct blood grouping tests for under privileged children.

Dr.Shailaja is a strong leader who has made a difference throughout her professional journey and her dedication continues to inspire and make our community a better place. Lets hear it from her.

What makes people choose Prima Diagnostics over other competitors
in the market?
We provide our customers with the highest quality infrastructure, and highend equipment from leading suppliers like GE, Philips, Siemens, and Beckman Coulter. We are the only diagnostic centre chain in Karnataka that offers combined radiology, laboratory, consultation, and other related services under one roof with the latest state-of-the-art and AI-enabled technology inculcated in every step of the process. Apart from providing quality reports, we ensure the overall customer experience is satisfactory.

We are the only diagnostic centre chain in Karnataka that offers combined radiology, laboratory, & other related services under one roof

What initiatives have you been taking to help people make the right preventive life style choices for themselves?
At Prima Diagnostics, we have customized preventive health packages for patients with different concerns, since we strongly believe in preventive health care. A few examples would be our body fat analysis for obese patients, MRI/CT cardiac check-ups, and group health camps.

How would you describe your leadership approach? What has been your success mantra?
As a leader I believe, to be fearless at decision making, owning it up responsibly, and making a strong case when needed. Of course in any situation, I do calculate risk versus benefit and then decide on pivot versus perseverance. The company’s current efforts apart from staying in the game as a top player in diagnostics is to integrate IT, artificial intelligence, and smooth operations into the workforce, which will help us to get through obstacles, tackle human challenges, and provide satisfactory customer experience.

Along the journey, we as an organization implement an owner
ship strategy for our employees and this gives them a sense of freedom and responsibility.

What are your future aspirations for Prima Diagnostics?
We aspire to make healthcare diagnostic facilities accessible to every citizen of this country, especially in rural areas. With such intentions, we are actively trying to partner with leaders who can help us to take Prima Diagnostics PAN India. We want to enable the integration of the best technology and breakthrough artificial intelligence innovation into the diagnostic sector, as this will assist our doctors and staff. We wish to create opportunities for many aspiring women who want to join the healthcare industry.

What advice would you give to the upcoming women healthcare industry leaders?
I was raised in a family where men and women were treated equally and also my parents and brothers ensured I got great support to pursue my dreams. I am lucky enough that the same support continues for me, with my husband, in laws, and my child. Though my 8 year old, never compromises on our story book reads! Also in our organization, we follow gender equality, and zero tolerance policies and create a thriving environment for women in all domains.

So for women, this kind of support is essential and not an option. I want all to understand this unspoken barrier and implement it to let women achieve their dreams. Apart from this, the diagnostic sector is service related and we need to be kind, and empathetic and have a 360-degree approach towards running the show successfully.

Dr. Shailaja Muniraj, Chief Radiologist & MD, Prima Diagnostics
With a passion for technology enabled healthcare and Artificial Intelligence, an MD in Radiology with a rich experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Shailaja is an ambitious young leader transforming the diagnostic space while bringing innovative approaches within the domain.

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