Dr. Sunil Kumar K: A Trailblazer In Shaping Organizations, Enterprises, & Businesses With Latest Technology | CEOInsights Vendor
Dr. Sunil Kumar K: A Trailblazer In Shaping Organizations, Enterprises, & Businesses With Latest Technology

Dr. Sunil Kumar K: A Trailblazer In Shaping Organizations, Enterprises, & Businesses With Latest Technology

 Dr. Sunil Kumar K,   Managing Director

Dr. Sunil Kumar K

Managing Director

In the realm of FinTech, the fusion of financial acumen and technological prowess is paramount. Entrepreneurs who seamlessly intertwine these attributes create a powerful synergy that propels innovation. This harmonious blend empowers them to navigate the intricate financial landscape while harnessing cutting-edge technologies, ensuring they not only understand the industry's nuances but also leverage disruptive advancements. In this dynamic arena, the marriage of financial wizardry and technological brilliance is the compass guiding entrepreneurs toward unprecedented opportunities and transformative solutions. A prime example of such an entrepreneur is Dr. Sunil Kumar K, a Co-Founder and Managing Director at SAM Corporate.

Dr. Sunil occupies a prominent presence on the global financial stage, encapsulating the essence of strategic finance and cutting-edge technology. His impressive trajectory, steeped in an IIT education, surpasses conventional confines, effort lessly fusing financial expertise and technological finesse. As the Managing Director of SAM Corporate, Dr. Sunil exemplifies a visionary leader whose prowess spans the realms of practitioner, consultant, trainer, and writer.

Below is an excerpt of Dr. Sunil’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

How has your professional journey been so far?
After completing PhD from IIT Mumbai in 2000, I embarked on a transformative journey, which began in the UAE at a research institute backed by the UAE Central Bank, then ventured to Zurich, focusing on FinTech, refining risk models, and transitioning them into software solutions with FRSGLOBAL. My path led to domains like regulatory reporting, CPM, ALM, Treasury Risk, and Islamic finance. I managed Middle East operations for Wolters Kluwer based out of Dubai till 2014. Recognizing a deep void of qualified
and cross breed experts in software implementation despite robust applications, I co-founded SAM Corporate with my two dear friends and colleagues, Marc Gillis and Andreas Jaek. From humble beginning with 2 resources in 2014, we're now a 65-member, three country strong team headquartered in Dubai.

I consider continuous innovation to be my paramount & unwavering success mantra

Share with us your academic experience from IIT Mumbai. What did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
IIT Mumbai, a crucible of character refinement, is an exquisite forge of ingenuity. Nestled within this institution is an ambiance of unparalleled brilliance, a convergence of the finest minds. Amidst its hallowed halls, the synergy of remarkable scholars and enlightened mentors fosters an atmosphere of audacious experimentation. Moreover, failure, a mere stepping stone on the path to triumph, is embraced with liberality. This nurturing milieu, a veritable boon, bequeaths not only knowledge but also enduring camaraderie. It's a global fraternity, an ethereal thread binding IITians worldwide, transcending eras, disciplines, and ranks. This, I affirm, is the pinnacle of my transformative journey, an encapsulation of the very best.

Define SAM Corporate as an organization and its position in the market.
At SAM Corporate, our passion stems from a long history of delivering complex domain-centric projects. With projects spanning 23 countries, and serving over 700 entities globally, we excel in undertaking exceptionally intricate projects that few can master. Our nine-year history is punctuated by the triumphs of these colossal endeavours. The three divisions of SAM are Services, Products and Consultancies. Services division focuses on implementation, support, maintenance, and ad hoc developments for top of the Gartner/Chartis ranked solutions from around the world. Product division has successfully rolled out ESG solution and is in the process of rolling out few more niche solutions in FinTech space. Consultancy division takes care of advisory services around digital transformations, risk management, insurance, regulatory reporting and compliance. Our prowess extends to
CPM, EPM, financial consolidation, IFRS9, IFRS16, IFRS17, anti-money laundering, fraud detection, project automation, KYC applications, HR solutions, and more. We offer an unparalleled endto-end journey, guiding clients from gap analysis to implementation, custom development, and ongoing support, fortified by a collective domain experience. With recent investment from Transworld Group, SAM is on sure growth journey.

Can you elaborate on your leadership style? What principles and methodologies do you employ to guide and manage your team effectively?
My leadership essence centres on fostering a nurturing environment. I refrain from micro-managing, providing ample space for exploration and resilience. Encouraging my team through every stumble and victory is my core ethic. Empowerment, in my belief, fuels exceptional outcomes. The keystone remains unwavering, client contentment. Each member is instilled with the ethic that client satisfaction reigns supreme in our domain, where demand shapes our path.

Tell us about the significant milestones in your journey and elaborate on the success mantra that consistently led you to achieve noteworthy outcomes.
I consider continuous innovation to be my paramount and unwavering success mantra. To envision beyond the seen, to learn beyond the known, to explore beyond the read, and to achieve beyond the done is my guiding philosophy. Among the pivotal milestones, my journey into the realm of Islamic finance stands out. Penning the pioneering book Financial Risk Management for Islamic Banking and Finance and Euromoney Encyclopaedia of Islamic Finance, was a turning point. This marked my segue into sustainable finance and the realm of green finance, resonating with the current ESG fervour. The inception of SAM Corporate, our brainchild, has been a transformative game-changer in my trajectory.

Dr. Sunil Kumar K, Managing Director, Sam Corporate
Dr. Sunil, an IIT Mumbai alumnus, has traversed an illustrious path through institutions like the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, and many more. As the Co-Founder and MD of SAM Corporate, his expertise resonates. Notably, he's a co-author of ‘Financial Risk Management for Islamic Banking and Finance’ and a contributor to the ‘Euromoney Encyclopaedia of Islamic Finance’.

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