Dr. Vishesh Rawat: Redefining Real Estate Narratives With Strategic Wisdom | CEOInsights Vendor
Dr. Vishesh Rawat: Redefining Real Estate Narratives With Strategic Wisdom

Dr. Vishesh Rawat: Redefining Real Estate Narratives With Strategic Wisdom

  Dr. Vishesh Rawat ,    Vice President & Head of Marketing, Sales, CRM & Leasing

Dr. Vishesh Rawat

Vice President & Head of Marketing, Sales, CRM & Leasing

In the dynamic and continually changing realm of the Indian real estate sector, where trends shift akin to the constant dynamics of the market, Dr. Vishesh Rawat stands out as a forward-thinking leader. With 23 years of profound experience, Dr. Vishesh Rawat has not only witnessed the industry's cyclical nature but has navigated its highs and lows with strategic acumen.

Currently donning the role of Vice President and Head of Marketing, Sales, CRM, and Leasing at M2K Group, Dr. Vishesh Rawat is a dynamic leader known for steering teams to success. Prior to his tenure at M2K, he held pivotal leadership positions with esteemed real estate developers such as Emami Realty, SS Group, Ansal API, and TDI Group. Dr. Vishesh Rawat’s tenure in these roles saw him spearheading new business initiatives, business development, marketing and sales, contributing significantly to revenue growth, and cementing his reputation as a forward-thinking industry leader.

Below is an excerpt of Dr. Vishesh Rawat’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences? What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?
I’m a result driven senior professional with proven track record in business development, sales, channel partner development & management, marketing, branding, market research, digital media, strategy, CRM, leasing, managing complete life cycle from project launch to successful delivery of large multi-location residential, commercial & retail projects across India with some of the most reputed business houses in the real estate industry.

One of a few PhD’s in the industry, distinguished speaker, marketer and well-recognized leader in the field. Combination of industry excellence and strategic thinking. A keen planner & implementer with demonstrated abilities in devising strategies for increasing revenue.

I'm driven by a commitment to excellence and thrive while taking responsibility. Beyond corporate success, I actively engage with educational institutions, sharing insights and nurturing future talents.

My daily motivation lies in innovating and leading in the dynamic realm of real estate. Seeing
smiles on our customer's face always motivates to do more for them.

As the Head of Marketing, what are the latest strategies you have adopted to expand/ optimize operations and engage new audiences in the market?
We have multiple ongoing residential plotted development projects, commercial SCO project on Dwarka expressway Gurgaon and 100 acre township project in Dharuhera. We have implemented innovative strategies to foster expansion and audience engagement. Embracing digital transformation, we prioritized an omnichannel approach to reach diverse demographics. Leveraging advanced data analytics, we fine-tuned our marketing efforts for targeted outreach, ensuring personalized experiences for potential home buyers & investors.

The core of my leadership philosophy revolves around fostering collective success

To enhance brand visibility and trust, we invested significantly in content marketing, creating informative and visually appealing materials across platforms. Furthermore, we revamped our online presence, optimizing our website for user experience and implementing virtual property tours. Social media played a pivotal role, with interactive campaigns fostering community engagement. Our customer centric approach involved leveraging feed back loops to continuously improve our offerings and services.

Our strategic focus on digital innovation, targeted marketing and customer-centricity has propelled our expansion efforts, positioning us as a market leader in the dynamic real estate landscape of India.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?
My leadership approach is a culmination of two decades of hands-on experience and an intimate understanding of the real estate domain. Throughout this period, I've steered through the market's highs and lows, establishing significant connections with stakeholders across the spectrum whether it's with marketing agencies, fellow leaders, or promoters. My extensive network spans national and international partnerships. The core of my leadership philosophy revolves around fostering collective success. By inspiring, investing in, and motivating both my internal team and external partners, I create an environment where passion meets purpose. Building a team that is not just skilled but also passionate ensures sustained success in this dynamic industry.

What are the major projects that you have undertaken till now? How
did you overcome the challenges associated with them and what did you learn from them?
I have handled portfolio of more than 30 million Sq Ft of quality real estate including large integrated townships (up to 1500 acres), mixed use developments, luxury group housing, commercial, retail and warehousing projects in NCR and across India for reputed real estate companies. The last two years has been phenomenal for the industry, but in last 2 decades the industry has seen many ups and downs.

In navigating the dynamic and ever evolving nature of the real estate industry, our marketing strategies have adapted to the changing tides. Print media, once a lead generation powerhouse, now primarily serves branding purposes, yielding fewer calls. Conversely, the digital realm has become indispensable, requiring a pervasive online presence. Recognizing this shift, our approach focuses on dynamic adaptability and a robust online footprint. These experiences emphasize the need for continual evolution and a nuanced understanding of the evolving dynamics within the real estate sector.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
I aspire to remain actively engaged, trustworthy, adaptable, motivated, and produce top notch results. My goal is to emerge as one of the innovative and successful business leaders in India, leveraging my skills and commitment to contribute significantly to the field.

I aim to continue dedicating my energy and abilities to serve my organization and the country at large to the best of my capacity.

Dr. Vishesh Rawat, Vice President & Head of Marketing, Sales, CRM & Leasing, M2K Group
Dr. Vishesh Rawat, the Vice President & Head of Marketing, Sales, CRM & Leasing at M2K Group, is a seasoned professional with 23 years of success in real estate. His visionary leadership has been a key influencer in the industry landscape, driving innovation and strategic brilliance. His influence extends through numerous accolades, recognitions, and impactful contributions.

Awards & Recognitions:
•Black Swan Award for Best Practices in Marketing 2023by URS Media & Asia One magazine

•Top 50 Marketing Minds by Realty+ and Exchange4media group in August 2021

•Iconic Achiever of the Year(Real Estate) by Asia Real Estate Excellence Awards in April 2021

•Marketing Mavericks by World Marketing Congress & World Leadership Congress & awards in February 2021

•Top Retail Minds 2020by Asia Retail Congress

•Leader of Excellence in Real Estate by Indian Achievers Forum in September 2020

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