Forum Desai Parekh: Unlocking The Mechanical Industry's Business Opportunities With Innovative And Quality Solutions | CEOInsights Vendor
Forum Desai Parekh: Unlocking The Mechanical Industry's Business Opportunities With Innovative And Quality Solutions

Forum Desai Parekh: Unlocking The Mechanical Industry's Business Opportunities With Innovative And Quality Solutions

  Forum Desai Parekh,     Co-Founder

Forum Desai Parekh


With the use of pressure differential and gas flow, a pneumatic conveying system can transport dry bulk materials cost-effectively and damage-free. Each part of the system has its specific function and is connected utilizing a transmission pipeline and a receiver. It is commonly utilized to carry materials between different storage sites in many kinds of processing facilities. In India, a well-known brand in this area, offering innovative, highquality, cost-effective products and solutions is Solids and Automation Technologies, co-founded by Forum Desai Parekh.

Forum is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the mechanical and industrial engineering sector, and she possesses a deep understanding of company strategy, operations and growth. Below is an excerpt of Forum’sexclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

What inspired you to establish Solids and Automation Technologies and what drives you today?
At the first job as a software engineer in Bangalore, my zeal to finding new challenging work seemed to be unresolved, when those days were yet to hear 'startup buzz', me and my friends were discussing the trends in food processing machinery industry and solid handlings in India, we observed a major market gap for quality and cost effective solutions for solids handling. Most of the Indian companies relied on expensive imported European or Chinese machineries which were not affordable by small scale industries. We wanted that Indian MSMEs should have technology at affordable prices. The industry than was more dominated by one time sellers, non reliable small scale fabricators, some were exorbitantly costly machine makers with no site support, limited sectorial solids solutions. It is at that point we ventured out to explore the field of solids handling with a mentor, 45+ years of experience in German know how of solids handling, and hence, Solids and Automation Technologies (SAT India)was born.

The field of solids handling is yet to reach the macro and micro levels, to the farmers, to factory owners where laborers are working in dusty factories at the cost of their health drives, and that makes me uncomplacent. The challenges on introduction of machinery in India come with misconceptions of unemployment and ignorance to adapt due to the dearth of understanding. While SAT India is
making its brand in the Indian andforeign MNCs in India, we are also looking to be exporter for affordable machinery in the world with my personal interest in making the technology reach in all indigenous small scale industries in India.

Over the years, Solids and Automation Technologies(SAT India) is a one-stop global solution in pneumatic conveying and dust collection systems at local prices

Could you talk about the learnings and experiences that you had acquired from Nirma University and how you apply them in your current role?
I completed my engineering from institute of Technology, Nirma University. The university has had a significant impact both personally and professionally. Nirma University not only provided excellent engineering education with dedicated professors, but also provided a platform for us to develop life skills. Apart from hands on management lessons, university student chapters like Rotary club, the International Society of Automation, Indian Society of Technical Education, and more, imparted event management, financial planning, marketing, problem solving, and many more such skills. At the end of course, I was a confident goal-oriented, focused person with an outline of what I wanted to accomplish in my life and how I needed to move ahead.

My company's ties to Nirma University are still significant as we continue to acquire talent/train/help young engineers. Nirma University has been integral part of my personal life as it gave me, my business and life partner as well. I owe the confidence and my solution finding attitude to Nirma Universtity which has ultimately helped the exponential growth of SAT India.

How would you define Solids and Automation Technologies as an organization and its position in the market?
Established on December 14th, 2013, Solids and Automation Technologies has grown from a workforce of three to an 80-person enterprise. To meet the needs of the Indian market, we are committed to offering innovative, high quality, and cost effective solutions for conveying systems. In the field of pneumatic conveying and dust collection, we provide a variety of products and services. Solids and Automation Technologies has expanded tremendously over the years. We started with a capital investment of $2,000 and have now reached an annual turnover of approx. $5 million.

Over the years, Solids and Automation Technologies has developed through word-of-mouth references from satisfied customers
who have repeatedly suggested our products and services to others. Customers know they can count on, and we are the go-to specialists for Indian market solutions for efficient solids handling solutions. We proudly reiterate that SATIndia is a global solution provider at local prices.

In your professional journey so far, which are the milestones that have bestowed you with utmost satisfaction- both personally and professionally?
When I look back, even the smallest of accomplishments seems monumental to me. Likes of securing our first order which was an export order, finalizing a leased location to start the factory operations, obtaining a collateral free loan, and milestone that is engraved in each of our hearts was the booking of an eight-digit worth single purchase order in the first year of operation, from a very famous snack & wafer brand.

In the life of an entrepreneur there are many sets of milestones/achievements which in due course of time make it the stepping stone towards oceans of opportunities and progress. However, satisfaction is more of an emotional virtue which I would attribute to seeing our machines run day & night aiding to our esteemed clients production, happiness on the workforce whose life is made easy by introduction of our machinery and processes, appreciation from many industry experts for our innovation, know how and technology and most importantly satisfaction is to be a part of the employment generation process, contributing to the dream of India being a developed nation.

Milestones also in terms of growth from leased premises to an owned premises of approx 1,00,000 sqft well equipped inhouse facility and from three people company to sustaining more than 80 direct families and 300 indirect families. Today, we are debt free, which I consider a massive milestone in today fund raising loss making startup era.

While SATIndia was shaping itself and growing, my small personal adventures like designing an Android Note application called 'TeleNotes', another Android application called 'CookFood', which is solution to household question of 'What to cook?’ would also add as milestones in my professional journey with utmost personal satisfaction.

Forum Desai Parekh, Co-Founder, Solids and Automation Technologies
Forum earned a Bachelor of Technology in Instrumentation and Control from Nirma University, a master's degree in corporate law from Symbiosis Law School, a master's degree in public administration from IGNOU and rewarded with MDP training from IIM Lucknow. Seasoned business management and strategist with experience in the mechanical and industrial engineering sector, Forum is now Co-Founder of Solids and Automation Technologies.

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