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  • Parshwa Shah,   Director, NB Group

    Parshwa Shah, Director, NB Group

  • Leadership has several facets. While there are occasions where a leader creates and nurtures a company into a corporate behemoth, there are a few cases where a CEO joins a family firm and subsequently takes it to new heights. One of those active leaders is Parshwa Shah, Director of NB Group. He joined his family firm, well-known for importing and exporting diamonds and has successfully entered the real estate sector. While there were numerous obstacles and challenges along the way, his drive and determination enabled him to overcome them and achieve enormous success. He made no compromises on the quality, innovation, and world-class standard of the housing products, carrying on NB Group's legacy of being an emblem of excellence, customer service, and happiness.

  • Parshwa Shah: A Dynamic Leader Leading NB Group to Greater Heights in Real Estate

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  • Top 10 Leaders from Institute of Management Nirma University Alumni ­ 2022

    Industrialist and philanthropist, Dr. Karsanbhai K Patel founded the Nirma Group of Industries and established the Nirma Education and Research Foundation (NERF) in the year of 1994 envisioning the promotion of higher education and providing excellent educational facilities to the youth in India. In 1995, the Nirma Institute of Technology, which is affiliated with Gujarat University was established by NERF. Followed by the establishment of NERF, the Nirma Institute of Management was founded in 1996. In 2003, the Government of Gujarat approved the proposal of the NERF to found the Nirma University, Ahmedabad. As a result, the Nirma University was established under the special Act passed by the Gujarat State Legislative Assembly. The University Grants Commission duly recognized the University under Section 1 (f) of the UGC Act.

    The NERF is equally committed to providing school education and strongly believes in the fact that a strong foundation is a prerequisite for education. With this philosophy, the university runs two schools, `Nirma Vidyavihar' at Bodakdev in Ahmedabad and Chharodi in Ahmedabad. The university emphasizes providing value-based education along with innovative teaching practices.

    This is what we have done for our readers on this issue. CEO Insights Magazine along with an expert panel comprising of industry leaders, veterans, Nirma University professionals, and investors together have shortlisted 10 names from the university-industry who are bringing positive change in the industry. In the current edition of CEO Insights `Top 10 Leaders from Institute of Management Nirma University Alumni ­ 2022', we bring to you the story of their passion, compassion, commitment, intellect, struggle, failure, and most importantly, their success. Hope the list meets its purpose of existence and inspires many to step into the industry to strengthen the university education ecosystem in the country.

Top 10 Leaders from Institute of Management Nirma University Alumni ­ 2022

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Winjit Technologies Abhijit Junagade, Director Winjit Technologies Abhijit has impeccable skills in Mobile Technology, Cloud Computing and CRM and is helping in operations and business development
Flipkart Ankita Dang, Category Manager Flipkart Thriving with skills in channel management, enterprise account handling, sales growth, team management, portfolio management and revenue growth
Solids and Automation Technologies Forum Desai Parekh, Co-Founder Solids and Automation Technologies Since its founding, Forum has sought to address the most critical industry issues in pneumatic conveying, dust collection, and solids handling
Revolut Hinali Thakker, Human Resources Manager Revolut Fervent skilled professional in hiring of Oracle ERP, Technical Recruiting and handling end-to-end recruitment process along with vendor management, employer branding and diversity hiring
NB Group Parshwa Shah, Director, NB Group NB Group Renowned as a passionate leader and known for his charismatic personality which include running family business and entrepreneurship
Xplora Design Skool Rohit Swarup, Director Xplora Design Skool Rohit is nurturing innovation through design technology business interventions for corporate sector, universities and K12 Schools which can help in reforming and transforming the domains
Stallion Laboratories Rutwa Shah, CEO Stallion Laboratories Unrivaled track record of handling specialized pharmaceutical formulations with a WHO GMP authorized manufacturing facility and GLP qualified strict quality control
Singh Sports Ventures Sukhvinder Singh, Director Singh Sports Ventures An experienced leader with exhibited history of working in the sports industry having extreme skills in football, management, sports marketing, marketing and sports management
Indiavaale & CinEmon Consulting Tanvi Dhamija, Founder Indiavaale & CinEmon Consulting Tanvi is an accomplished brand strategist as well as a social entrepreneur dedicated to providing sustainable employment opportunities for Indian craftsmen
Amazon Umang Bansal, Senior Product Manager Amazon Umang completed business education in 2013 and started his career in Product Management, Defining Requirements and Problem Solving

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