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Hariprasad Varma: Empowering Your Journey To Discover Limitless Possibilities

Hariprasad Varma: Empowering Your Journey To Discover Limitless Possibilities

Hariprasad Varma,   Founder

Hariprasad Varma


In a world bustling with ambition and dreams, coaches emerge as beacons of guidance, illuminating the path to personal and professional transformation. They are the architects of growth, the champions of self-discovery, and the catalysts for unlocking untapped potential. Hariprasad Varma's passion for coaching and leadership development led him to establish Zensei Leadership, a coaching brand focused on personal leadership, team dynamics, and organizational growth.

Leveraging his expertise in various unique and diverse leadership frameworks, including the archetypes from the Mahabharata, he empowers individuals to discover their unique leadership styles, foster effective collaboration within teams, and bring about greater alignment between their personal vision and organizational vision. With an impressive career spanning close to a decade at esteemed organizations such as Google, Accenture, and Amazon, Hariprasad's expertise in digital consulting and his passion for wellness and people development have shaped his diverse professional journey.

In an engaging interaction with CEO Insights, Hariprasad shares the beauty and grace that has defined the contours of his professional journey, his leadership approach and his vision for Zensei. Let us hear it from him.

How would you define Zensei as an organization and its position in the market?
Zensei, to me, is a movement anchored in the aspiration to nurture a thriving community of individuals deeply committed to work towards their personal and collective transformation. At Zensei, we invest in practices that can promote mindful and compassionate leadership at the individual, team, as well as organizational level.

As a brand, my focus is to blend inner work based on ancient wisdom traditions such as yogic practices with the globally acknowledged best practices in the
fields of professional coaching and leadership development. This opens the possibility for creating a unique context for a deeply personal, experiential, and embodied approach to learning and transformation.

Zensei is not just a brand its a catalyst for positive change, nurturing mindful and compassionate leaders for the new world

Tell us about the leadership approach and what are the methodologies you follow to lead your team?
My approach is rooted in collaboration, and I work with a diverse team of artists, musicians, theater professionals and other co-facilitators in the coaching space. In my flagship offering "Raga Yoga," I collaborated with two musicians, viz., Ms. Aarti Sivakumar & Shruti Bode from Bangalore to explore the application of the evocative power of Indian Classical music for inner transformation by blending them with inner work practices from Yoga and interactive theatre. I’ve also facilitated many online and in-person programs, where we help professionals discover their own leadership styles and its implications for themselves, their teams, and organisations. These sessions are completely experiential and introduce embodied practices that help participants discover insights that become their personal truths.

I am actively involved in various global coaching communities, where we explore emerging trends and post-COVID leadership challenges.

What is the motivation that drives you today as the new age leader?
A key motivation driving my journey is the pursuit of a life where multiple possibilities harmoniously coexist. I have never resonated with the notion of a linear career growth or a singular narrative to living life. Instead, I embrace and celebrate the idea that all of us inherently hold multiple potentials that can be nurtured and thrive concurrently. Currently, my work spans across engaging in Executive Coaching, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitation, Leadership Development, as well as Yoga Therapy. I see them as complementary and inter connected fields with a fundamental anchorage in listening deeply to myself, the other, and the context simultaneously. In all this work, I’m
inspired by and grateful for the learnings I have had with my mentors in the fields of Yoga, Coaching, and Leadership Development such as Sri Raghu Ananthanarayanan, Smt. Saraswati Vasudevan, Vidushi Rajam Shanker, Ashok Malhotra, Masao Ishihara, Tony Dickel, and many more.

I am driven by the intent to support people in discovering their true potential, and offer coaching on practices that can further their unfolding.

Where do you see yourself headed towards the upcoming years?
Looking back, I recognize that I had not designed a specific action plan for Zensei five years ago. Instead I just focused on listening intently to where I am, what I felt inspired by, and what the world around me needed. At the moment, I am deeply inspired to expand the reach of these practices and programs to spaces that are in need of them. Programs designed and offered by Zensei bring together the worlds of coaching, organizational development, and yogic practices in a coherent manner relevant to contemporary needs. In five years, my vision is to take the work of Zensei across five different continents making a positive impact globally.

What advice would you give to the budding entrepreneurs and leaders in the industry?
From my own journey, I strongly advise aspiring leaders to not compromise on investing in personal growth. As budding leaders, I feel it is crucial to prioritize one's own inner work and healing, to create a profound impact in the world. So, I vouch for an uncompromising commitment to one's own growth and continuous self-reflection.

Hariprasad Varma, Founder, Zensei Leadership
Fuelled by his passion for coaching and leadership development, Hariprasad embarked on a journey to become a certified life and executive coach. As the founder of Zensei Leadership, he continues to make a meaningful impact by working with individuals, teams, and organizations to unlock their full potential and navigate the complexities of personal and professional growth.

•Favorite Hobbies-Spend time in Himalayas, Reading Non-Fiction
•Favorite Travel Destination- Bhutan
•Favorite Cuisine- Traditional Kerala Sadya(Feast)
•Favorite Book- Mahabharata

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