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Himanshu Singh Sabharwal: Designing Experiences That Awaken Emotions & Leave Lasting Impressions

Himanshu Singh Sabharwal: Designing Experiences That Awaken Emotions & Leave Lasting Impressions

  Himanshu Singh Sabharwal,   Chief Creative Officer

Himanshu Singh Sabharwal

Chief Creative Officer

At the helm of creative innovation stands the Chief Creative Officer, a role that embodies the marriage of imagination and strategic vision. Within this dynamic landscape, Himanshu Singh Sabharwal emerges as a trailblazer, seamlessly intertwining his academic prowess and artistic flair to redefine the possibilities of creativity.

With a distinctive focus on conceptualization, design, and seamless integration, Himanshu crafts experiential installations that transcend boundaries. His creative prowess extends to diverse sectors including heritage, tourism, corporate enterprises, governmental bodies, cultural organizations, civic entities, and themed attractions.

In an insightful dialogue with CEO Insights magazine, Himanshu unfolds the compelling nuances of his professional milestones, leadership approach and future roadmap for Tricolor India Schauspiel. Here's an excerpt from the intriguing conversation.

You possess over twenty-six years of experience. How has your path to success been and what are some of your professional milestones?
My journey has been quite a ride, filled with ups and downs. It's a mix of different skills, like performing arts, technology, visual arts, filmmaking, and more. I've had the privilege of exploring various areas, which has shaped how I see things.

It all started in college when I joined a theater group at Delhi University. That was my first step into the world of theater, and it opened doors to many other opportunities. I got to work with different theater groups, learn about filmmaking, collaborate with agencies, and keep up with new technology. My journey has been all about seeking knowledge and trying new things along the way.

How would you define Tricolor India
Schauspiel as an organization and its current position in the market?
Tricolor India Schauspiel is a trailblazing force in the industry. Our venture brought highly engaging multi-sensory experiences created using multiple media that transformed the field. We ventured into unexplored territory by trying projection mapping on outdoor monuments, transending boundaries of medium. While traditional lighting and sound were the norm, we became agents of change by adopting this new technology. What truly distinguishes us is the seamless integration of engineering and technological expertise with our innate artistic talents. This rare synergy defines the very essence of our DNA. Our multi disciplinary team combines technical prowess with creative vision to deliver spellbinding and enthralling experiences that transport viewers to different eras and worlds.

Tricolor India Schauspiel represents more than just creativity, it's the fusion of imagination and technology that breathes life into our immersive installations

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the methodologies that you follow as a leader?
Building a team is like embarking on a journey of decision-making. In this collective effort, each member, whether they're a musician, a graphics artist, a filmmaker, or a lighting expert, becomes a valuable piece of our creative puzzle. The heart of our project beats with collaboration, and the foundation of it all is choosing the right individuals to join us.

The creative process can some times get a bit tangled when we're trying to communicate our ideas, but once we identify those who truly resonate with our vision, it sets the stage for some fantastic teamwork. What makes this journey special is the understanding we develop for each person and their unique perspectives. It ultimately leads to a deep trust in their skills and expertise, allowing them the freedom to contribute their best to our shared project.

What is the future destination you
are heading towards?
The future is uncertain, constantly changing. But one thing is clear: India's creative industry is still in its early stages. When we look at impressive achievements from companies like Team Labs and their international counterparts, it's obvious that India's creative journey is just beginning. There's immense potential for growth and transformation, with plenty of exciting opportunities ahead. As these initiatives gain momentum, they'll not only grab the audience's attention and investment but also catch the eye of those looking for immersive and engaging experiences.

While we've taken the initial steps, we've barely scratched the surface. The next 5-10 years hold the promise of significant change, a time when India's creative scene could transform into something truly extra ordinary.

In the light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to the budding industry leaders?
On the journey to chasing your dreams, it's important to be ready for rejection and criticism. There will be times when people try to bring you down, making you doubt yourself. Feeling like you're not good enough is normal, but it shouldn't stop you from moving forward.

Creativity thrives when you stay true to yourself and don't let other people's opinions affect you. Being a creative director, or anyone involved in the creative world, isn't something only a few people can do. It's something that's inside all of us.

So, even when things get tough, the key is to keep going and staying true to oneself. Your integrity should be your guiding light.

Himanshu Singh Sabharwal, Chief Creative Officer, Tricolor India Schauspiel
Himanshu Singh Sabharwal is an accomplished creative visionary with a diverse educational background. Holding a bachelor's degree in English Literature from Delhi University and a Postgraduate degree in Film Making from Xavier's Institute of Communications in Bombay, his journey reflects a fusion of artistic exploration and technical prowess. Presently serving as the Chief Creative Officer of Tricolor India Schauspiel, Himanshu has elevated his role into a realm where art and technology converge.

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