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Hiral Shah: Paving The Way For Information Security Advancements At Dhani Services

Hiral Shah: Paving The Way For Information Security Advancements At Dhani Services

Hiral Shah,  Chief Information Security Officer

Hiral Shah

Chief Information Security Officer

The role of Chief Information Security Officer in any organization is paramount in safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring the integrity of digital assets. It involves developing and implementing robust security strategies, overseeing compliance with industry regulations, and mitigating cybersecurity risks. Within this context, Hiral Shah stands as a leader in the field. Currently serving as the Chief Information Security Officer at Dhani Services, Hiral's journey into IT began in 1999. With a career spanning role as a Junior Programmer, IT Manager, and extensive international experience, including working with NATO and the United Nations (UN) in Afghanistan, Hiral has consistently demonstrated expertise and leadership in the realm of Information Security. His most recent role at Dhani Services showcases his commitment to advancing Information Security through innovative approaches, including leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Discover more insights from him below.

Could you please provide a summary of your professional journey and what drives your daily work?
My journey into IT began after completing my 12th standard in 1996, a time when computer technology was in its infancy in India. Despite initially pursuing a B.Sc. in Chemistry, I found my passion for IT through various courses I took during my undergraduate years. In 1999, I started my career as a Junior Programmer in a textile company, where I honed my skills in networking and system administration over the course of five years.

In 2003, I transitioned to a new job in systems and IT, which opened doors to new opportunities. In 2006, I embraced a job offer in Saudi Arabia, despite the misconceptions and risks associated with the location. There, I became the first IT officer and project lead for ‘Saudi Oil and Gas on shore’, establishing IT infrastructure and communication systems from scratch in remote desert areas.
In just a year, I successfully implemented IT, including networking, communication, and ERP, facing immense networking challenges, even in remote drilling sites thousands of kilometers away in the desert. In 2008, I became an IT manager in India, further developing leadership skills during a challenging economic recession. In pursuit of my passion for IT, I accepted a role in Dubai, where I navigated the company through the recession and provided cost-effective solutions. A golden opportunity then came my way to work with NATO and the UN in Afghanistan, providing IT services in a high-risk war zone.

My career has been a series of risks & challenges, each one propelling me further toward success in the field of Information Security

In 2012, I became the head of IT at a Mumbai based MNC, and my focus shifted towards Security and compliance, fore seeing the industry's evolution towards cloud-based solutions. In 2018, I joined Automation Anywhere as the first Information Security leader, establishing Information Security from the ground up, achieving compliance certification, and aligning it with business needs.

My journey culminated in my current role as CISO at Dhani Services, part of the India bulls Group, where I revamped and optimized the Information Security framework, leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to advance Information Security. My career has been a series of risks and challenges, each one propelling me further toward success in the field of Information Security.

How are you creating business value for Dhani Services through technology?
As the CISO at Dhani Services, my role centers on generating business value through technology. I emphasize data security to safeguard information and enhance customer trust. Efficient budget allocation ensures optimal resource utilization. I foster proactive, transparent conversations with customers, boosting confidence in our services. Additionally, I cultivate a security-oriented organizational culture by educating and empowering employees. In summary, my responsibilities encompass data security, budget efficiency, customer trust-building, and a pervasive security culture, all contributing to Dhani Services' overall success.
How do you cultivate an environment of innovation within your team? And how do you ensure the company stays informed regarding the latest trends?
In cultivating a culture of innovation within my team, I promote inclusivity in the innovation process, stimulate a forward-thinking mindset, establish a dedicated innovation environment, and foster cross functional collaboration. Leading by example, I build trust and encourage cooperation among our staff. Our flat leadership structure empowers teams to take ownership of their projects and freely explore ideas without concerns about hierarchical criticism or repercussions.

What are the skills you seek in new candidates?
Employers generally value certain skills across various positions, making candidates more appealing to recruiters. These sought-after skills encompass adaptability, effective communication both written and oral, teamwork, professionalism, a strong work ethic, and a resolute commitment to task completion.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you adhere as a leader?
I employ a democratic leadership style, which is highly effective as it promotes active participation, open communication, and attentive listening among team members. This approach fosters engagement, as employees feel confident that their input is valued. Additionally, I lead with passion, enthusiasm, inspiration, and motivation to propel my team forward. I dedicate time to understanding each team member's strengths, requirements, and priorities, making them feel appreciated and allowing me to tailor motivation strategies accordingly. I consistently reinforce the impact of their contributions, encouraging their growth by setting meaningful goals and challenges.

What is your envisioned future career destination?
I anticipate moving into the role of CEO or a business leader within a technology of AI/ML.

Hiral Shah, Chief Information Security Officer, Dhani Services
Hiral Shah is an accomplished CISO at Dhani Services. His journey epitomizes adaptability, innovation, and excellence in the realm of Information Security. He has held key roles in IT management, cyber security, and compliance, and his extensive international experience includes working with organizations such as NATO and the UN in Afghanistan.

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