Jay Nambiyar: A Visionary Personality Setting Up A Milestone In The Logistic Sector With Perfection | CEOInsights Vendor
Jay Nambiyar:  A Visionary Personality Setting Up A Milestone In The Logistic Sector With Perfection

Jay Nambiyar: A Visionary Personality Setting Up A Milestone In The Logistic Sector With Perfection

Jayakrishnan Nambiyar,   Managing Director

Jayakrishnan Nambiyar

Managing Director

As the world enters the new millennium, the gravitational pull of globalization, new trading partners, cheaper supply sources, and emerging markets impel businesses of all sizes to form alliances. The logistic market has got encountered the limelight of this development. Many numerous players have sustained in the market landscape, but a private firm named Codog notto Logistics has proved its presence with the effective service and impeccable track record it carries. Being the Italian company Codog notto Logistics India started its operations in 2010. This firm takes care of integrated logistics management, road transport, and sea/air transport services for leading companies all over the world.

This firm works with the sole motto to transport the goods with all the safety measures and adhere to shipment time. This firm has paved to becoming global third-party logistics from family-owned transportation providers. Apart from managing and delivering loads, this firm has built a network of trusted partnerships around the world for easy transactions. The various caterings of this firm include in-house service, insurance services, and all aspects of transportation and logistics, including raw materials transportation, bottom line management, warehousing and distribution, freight transportation, and international groupage and forwarding, as well as administration and management of the necessary paper work.

Jay Nambiyar is a highly experienced personality in the field of logistics with more than 40 years of experience in his hands. Having worked with the different dimensions of the logistics spectrum Jay understands the intricate component of the functionality. With a broad understanding of the logistics market sector, Jay Nambiyar emerged with an idea to connect the
world and cater materials with logistics.

In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights Magazine, CEO Jay Nambiyar spoke about his professional journey and the challenges encountered in the entre preneurial journey.

We aspire to create a new global village with our logistics connecting each dot of the world

Annotate your professional background and experience and what is the inspiration factor that made you venture into this spectrum.
I have entered the logistics industry in 1990 but I started my professional journey in 1987 with a private manufacturing firm. I worked there for three years and learned thepracticality of market functionalities. That's how I started my career, and I've been in the logistics industry for nearly 30 years.

I enjoy working in this industry because I have worked in every sector of this market including accounts,operations, management, marketing, and so on. This broad exposure over time provided me with a ground level understanding of this market as well as an understanding of global market perception. I assume this is the secret behind the high efficiency and effectiveness of our business. The prime factor which motivated me to get into this spectrum is my hunger to work and constant efforts to understand more about the market.

Tell us some prominent Information on your learning and experience that you acquired from IIM Lucknow and how you apply them in your current role.
IIM Lucknow hada positive impact on my attitude,and skillsets and enhanced my personality. Apart from academics, it caters to the ethics, values, ideologies, and collective ingredients that are necessary to become an influential leader. IIM Lucknow not only imbibes knowledge but cumulatively prepares an individual to make
positive changes in society.The discipline I learned at IIM Lucknow has shaped me and I s till apply them to every project that I work on and it has been an integral part of my life. I believe that is the productive learning from IIM Lucknow.

Elucidate the set of challenges that you’ve faced in your journey.
Challenges are part of my leadership journey regardless of their magnitude. There are exceptional situations like the pandemic which have affected our operations on a very hazardous note. Our team and I were left with no clue for some time as the entire globe was on standstill. That is one of the major and abrupt challenges that I have faced in the course of my carrier. There is a chain of problems when we deal with the global market. Especially, while dealing with the foreign board of directors, we face constant challenges. These problems majorly arise, when they try to see India from their perspective and they try to measure the market with their understanding and predefined parameters, which is practically impossible. Understanding the Indian market from a global perspective and conveying them to the board of directors has been challenging for me so far.

How do you maintain the perfect balance between your personal and professional life?
Discipline is the key factor to maintain my personal and professional journey. It is very easy to say but it is very laborious to follow it on daily basis. The very concept of discipline has made me more productive than before. At one point I decided to follow the time strictly and imbibe discipline in every activity that I take. Gradually I tend to encounter results that enhanced my confidence level. Every day I enter the office before 8 am, compartmentalize my timings and work on various projects. Sharp 4 pm I cut off my work and spend quality time with my family and friends. That’s how I balance my personal and professional life.

Jay Nambiyar, Managing Director, Codognotto Logistics India
Jay Nambiyar hails from Gateway of India Mumbai and has acquired education assistance from the same place and gradually moved to Lucknow for higher studies in IIM in the discipline of management. Getting acquainted with the leadership qualities from childhood to become a successful leader, the journey of jay Nambiyar is a bundle of experiments.

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