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Krishna Chaitanya B: Driving Strategic Business Growth Through Customized IT Solutions

Krishna Chaitanya B: Driving Strategic Business Growth Through Customized IT Solutions

 Krishna Chaitanya B,   Director

Krishna Chaitanya B


From setting goals, formulating strategies, making critical decisions, managing resources, and ensuring the company's overall success, to providing leadership, guidance, and vision to steer the company towards achieving its objectives, the role of a director in a business is pivotal. Krishna Chaitanya B, Director at OVALEDGE, embodies the essence of a proactive and accomplished leader in the tech industry. With a profound background as a passionate Technology Consultant spanning over 12 years, Krishna navigates the constantly evolving landscape of technology solutions. His expertise lies not only in establishing enduring client relationships but also in driving strategic business growth through customized IT solutions that empower organizations.

Having collaborated with global clients across diverse regions such as the US, Europe, the Middle East, and APAC, Krishna has been instrumental in contributing to companies, generating significant revenue streams and delivering considerable value and cost savings. Beyond the tech domain, Krishna enjoys indulging in a cup of coffee, exploring the latest technological gadgets, and sharing insights on the ever-evolving IT landscape. Krishna Chaitanya B's leadership role as a Director at OVALEDGE encompasses a blend of technological prowess, strategic acumen, and a forward thinking approach, aiming to enhance and revolutionize the tech journey for organizations seeking innovation and growth. Let’s hear from him in this interaction.

Could you provide a brief summary of your professional journey and what drives your daily routines?

My career path has been influenced by varied roles in IT Consulting and forward-thinking product firms. I began as a Retail store manager for an E-commerce venture focusing on zero-stock concepts in 2011. Despite this, my aim was always a lasting career in IT, centered on generating business and value.

A pivotal moment came in 2012 when a close colleague, Pavan Kumar, recommended me for my first IT role at ITC Infotech. Since then, I've progressed steadily to my current position as the Director of Business Development at OVALEDGE. This journey has provided me with deep insights into Technology Consulting, Strategic Planning, problem-solving, and value delivery.

My daily drive comes from my commitment to consistently give my
best, aiming for a lasting impact. I embrace challenges and find fulfillment in ensuring customer satisfaction, fostering my career growth. The vision of OVALEDGE's Founder and the company's goal to advance technology for our customers serve as my inspiration.

In essence, my dedication to continuous growth and making a positive impact in my industry keeps me motivated and fully engaged each day.

Tell us about your time at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. What did you gain from your experience there besides academics?

My journey through academics shaped me into a dedicated professional, fueling my career growth to this day. During my MBA, I crossed paths with Dr. Abdul Azeem, the Head of Department, who guided me toward innovative thinking. He orchestrated Case Study sessions, challenging us to solve real-world corporate issues, and encouraged involvement in extracurricular activities akin to those in top B-Schools. Additionally, he provided avenues to engage in international management fests, fostering opportunities to meet and compete with bright minds.

My dedication to continuous growth & making a positive impact in my industry keeps me motivated & fully engaged each day

Describe OVALEDGE as a company and its market standing.

OVALEDGE stands out as one of the most rapidly advancing Data Governance Software worldwide, catering to a global clientele spanning small, medium, and large enterprises. Distinguished as a comprehensive Data Governance Suite, it consolidates all governance aspects onto a single platform, setting it apart from competitors, along with competitive pricing. This unique offering has attracted the attention of the world's top three global management consultancies, collaborating with OVALEDGE to execute a governance rollout program engaging 40,000 users.

In your role as Director, what recent strategic initiatives have you implemented to expand or optimize operations and engage customers in the market?

While our data governance suite serves a wide range of industries, emphasizing our value and credibility by addressing specific challenges has led me to prioritize the development of specialized expertise tailored to different regions and their regulatory frameworks. Presently, our primary focus revolves around ensuring DPDP compliance, aligning with the latest Indian Government initiative, akin to GDPR in Europe. Moreover, we're actively cultivating proficiency in Decree 13 for Vietnam and NDMO
compliance in Saudi Arabia. This strategic approach has not only garnered increased attention but has also significantly broadened our customer base and market presence.

How do you motivate your team and inspire them to unleash their full potential?

In my experience, it's crucial to seek individuals driven to advance in their careers, who resonate with our company's goals, and provide them with a transparent path for career development. This approach fosters greater enthusiasm, commitment, and productivity in their work.

How do you help your team to leverage the latest technologies for better outcomes on the same?

The approach I adopt to assist my team in harnessing the potential of cutting-edge technologies for improved results involves various strategies. Firstly, I prioritize continuous learning through initiatives such as the OVALEDGE Academy, enabling team members to gain expertise in Data Governance and acquire certifications. Secondly, I conduct technology awareness sessions that facilitate quicker adoption of new tech tools, enhancing our overall performance.

Furthermore, I foster a collaborative environment by organizing brainstorming sessions, encouraging the team to introduce innovative processes and methodologies aimed at delivering optimal outcomes. Acknowledging and rewarding top performers with spot awards is another tactic I employ, sharing their best practices to inspire and motivate the entire team. Additionally, conducting feedback sessions enables ongoing improvement and refinement within our approach to technology integration and utilization for superior results.

What direction do you envision for your future endeavors?

Presently, I find fulfillment in my current position. However, looking ahead, I foresee myself in a leadership capacity within the dynamic landscape of technology, specifically in the realms of Data Governance, Analytics, and Privacy & Security. My aim is to utilize my skills and accumulated experiences to spearhead strategic initiatives. I am dedicated to ongoing learning and honouring my expertise to remain abreast of industry developments. Furthermore, I aspire to lend support to pioneering projects and guide emerging professionals through mentorship. Ultimately, my objective is to effect meaningful change within both the organization and the broader industry.

Krishna Chaitanya B, Director, Ovaledge
Passionate Technology Consultant, Krishna Chaitanya B has 12+ years' experience crafting tailored IT solutions, driving global business growth, and fostering innovation.

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