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Krishna Kumar P: A Visionary Working Towards Giving Back To Society

Krishna Kumar P: A Visionary Working Towards Giving Back To Society

  Krishna Kumar P,    Co-Founder and Director

Krishna Kumar P

Co-Founder and Director

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of all complex decisions making and already it is transforming every walk of human life. It allows them to make better decisions by increasing both the speed and accuracy of strategic decision-making processes. The urge of solving customer problems with AI algorithms led Krishna Kumar P to co-found Neoastra, an AI-based company that leverages cognitive technologies to solve business problems for the customers.

Krishna engaged in an exclusiveinteraction with CEOInsights here’s the highlight from the same.

Tell us about your professional experience and what inspires you to establish Neoastra?
I started my career in the telecom and embedded domain as an engineer and worked with companies like BPL Telecom, L&T InfoTech and Intel where I was responsible for the development of Mobile and embedded systems. Before switching my career from corporate to entrepreneurship, I was the Engineering Head of System Software at Samsung responsible for the launch of Android-based flagship smartphones in the North America markets.

In 2014, I co-founded Wizroots Technologies which helps Enterprises and StartUps to accelerate ‘Digital Transformation’ using disruptive technologies in Web, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud. Later in 2018, I collaborated with my Co-founders Ganesh Banda and Prashanth Venkataswamy and we founded a company called Neoastra which focuses on AI /ML(Machine Learning), IoT (Internet of Things) based product development with the belief that AI can change the world for the benefit of mankind.

Freedom to create, innovate, and the satisfaction of providing solutions along with making an impact and touching many aspects of business drives me every day to wake up and do my work efficiently.

Talk to us about the learnings you
acquired from IIM Indore and how do you apply them in your current role?
IIM Indore transformed me from just an engineer to an individual who can look at the bigger picture with lots of business acumen and the learnings at IIM had a bigger impact on me to eventually become an entrepreneur. The learnings and experience at IIM helped me sail through multiple roles during the early stage of my startup.

Celebrate the conquered challenges and work upon the Setbacks before taking the next move

Define Neoastra as an organization and its position in the market.
Neoastra is committed to enable every facet of human life with AI-powered solutions and our focused sector includes digital media, smart retail & homes, automotive, and agriculture. Any AI application requires sufficient computation power in terms of device capabilities or network bandwidth and such limitations are faced by many users. At Neoastra, we eliminate such barriers and put AI in the hands of users spread across a plethora of different kinds of devices such as smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, or streaming media players by providing optimized solutions.

Neoastra brings the power of Video & Image Intelligence to everyone by leveraging the science of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to analyse and interpret videos & images. Neoastra solutions portfolio consists of NeoVision(face recognition, age gender estimation, behavioural analytics, people tracking, and many) Image AI (Construction of story based on artifacts in the image, Video AI(in-video search and analytics), and neoLiving (AI-enabled smart devices).

What all challenges do you face as a founder in your journey? How do you overcome those challenges and what have you learned from them?
My first startup was an Edutech platform providing interactive learning for K-XII students, was filled with many highs and lows but it helped to identify weaknesses that need to be resolved to face future challenges. The initial failures
helped me to learn managing cash flows, innovation in product development, and means of outlier marketing to attain target customers. Today, after overcoming all those initial challenges, we are a part of the start-up ecosystem which plays a major role to connect, network, and collaborate to find unique ways to find a great market fit product and solve complex problems.

What has been your most remarkable achievement so far both in personal & professional life and what are the goals that you wish to invest in the future?
As an employee, I have developed many flagship products in the US which provided big business deals to organization and as an entrepreneur, I was able to create multiple sustainable and scaling startups which bestowed me with utmost satisfaction.

Entrepreneurship is a path that is uncovered with various daily challenges where we celebrate the conquered ones and retrospect the setbacks to make the next moves. One of the biggest telecom companies in India is enabling their applications powered by Neoastra’s SDK across their 370 million devices which have also opened doors for many other futuristic applications, and we are in talks with them to further drive this requirement and in collaboration, we can change the world for the benefit of mankind.

Entrepreneurship is a journey as much as the destination and you need to enjoy it throughout. We have a set goal of acquiring customers and expanding our footprint to multiple geographies and we are also targeting to become one of the best admired technology companies in the market. The Artificial Intelligence startup ecosystem is thriving in India with new avenues opening up, witnessing huge opportunities ahead as companies are slowly adopting AI into their system. I personally want to invest my time with the startup ecosystem and where we can make a positive change in the society, also providing mentorship and collaboration with budding entrepreneurs.

Krishna Kumar P, Co-Founder and Director, Neoastra
After working with various reputed companies as an engineer, Krishna Co-founded Neoastra, an AI Company, in 2018.

•Hobbies:Travel, Reading
•Favourite Cuisine: Indian
•Favourite Book: Outliers, Sapiens
•Favourite Travel Destination:
Goa, Europe
•Awards & Recognition: 10 Most recommended AI startup - 2021.

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