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Krishna Shrivatsa: Pioneering The Drone Industry With State-Of-The-Art Technology

Krishna Shrivatsa: Pioneering The Drone Industry With State-Of-The-Art Technology

  Krishna Shrivatsa,    Co-Founder, CEO & Director

Krishna Shrivatsa

Co-Founder, CEO & Director

Pursuing ones passion as a career always comes with risk. It demands great determination and courage to face the odds and challenges and find success in such a career. Those who never limit themselves to their circumstances will certainly find themselves unlocking doors to opportunities that can make a difference. Such a spirited personality who desires to assist the Indian defense force with his cutting-edge drone technology is Krishna Shrivatsa, CEO, co-founder, and director of Skyvenger Aviation. The company is a drone service provider from Bangalore, India.

Interestingly, Shrivatsa has always been a flight simulator geek and developed an interest in aviation from a very young age. The hours he spends playing flight simulator games eventually inspired him to begin a career in this industry. He holds a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Jain University (2018) Right after his graduation, he incepted Skyvenger Aviation with the goal to bring innovation to the industry and become one of the top five companies in India in the near future.

In a recent interaction with CEO Insights Magazine, Krishna Shrivatsa shares more about him and the firm, let’s read.

What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?
I truly believe that when someone is creating something of their own or when their value is at stake, they are certainly going to invest themselves completely to make it a success. The same sentiments motivate me to devote my efforts to leading my company to greater heights in an industry I love.
How would you define Skyvenger Aviation as an organization and its current position in the market?
Skyvenger Aviation is an enterprise that has gone through the test of time. What was earlier a small proprietorship company has now grown rapidly over the years and, we have collaborated with GMR RAXA to ensure high precision of Drone Services.

We are currently one of the key players in the market trusted by our clients for accurate data. We use drones to collect data, then deploy technology to harness this data and later analyze this data to augment crucial decision making processes and analytics. Our expertise is being used in almost every sector and in every aspect of businesses such as volumetric analysis in mining and inspection of pipelines and so on.

Rather than looking too long at the doors that are closed, one must look for the ones that may still be open

Could you elaborate more on the technical side of your solutions? What are the latest technologies used and what are their impacts?
Drones have come a long way from its initial phase. What was used for recreational purposes before has now advanced to carry out technical tasks after the emergence of AI and ML. To elaborate on this, drones are being used in sectors like defense, agriculture, and real estate to carry out surveys and inspections to locate problems like electric circuits without putting manual labor at risk. Similarly, in the agriculture sector, drones are used to help farmers to spray pesticides without any risk and at an efficient cost.

Skyvenger Aviation offers aerial surveys, aerial inspections, agricultural inspections, and also spraying. With the help of our technology and specialized cameras, we are able to detect the problem areas with accuracy.

Most importantly, we are, at the moment, in the process of manufacturing our own drones with a much superior design to the
current technology. Our drones will be made in India and will be launching shortly.

Could you talk about the brains behind your solutions? How was the team built & what motivates them to ensure client satisfaction?
Skyvenger Aviation's strength is our team. Our team consists of highly highly experienced professionals, starting from youngsters, to experienced candidates, who are solely focused on achieving business excellence. Not only that, the core team is of four board directors who are engineers and IIT graduates. Likewise, we have a board of advisor committee, who are group captains in the Indian Air Force, chief of design of HAL, and ex vice president of law consulting in GMR. We have handpicked our team to assure that we not only meet the client's requirements but also surpass their expectations.

In light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to budding industry leaders?
The drone industry is booming as new technologies are emerging at a rapid pace. As a result, we are witnessing a spike in the surge of companies in this sector. My request to upcoming drone businesses is to come together as a team and make India a drone hub as our honorable Prime Minister aspires the country to be. My advice to all my peers and business leaders is to believe in excellency, find the right and capable additions to your team and impart training to those people. I share the same dream for our country and I want Skyvenger Aviation to become a part of India’s defense forces. We have gathered a team of people from the defense sector to achieve this primary goal of ours.

Krishna Shrivatsa, Co-Founder, CEO,& Director Skyvenger Aviation
Krishna has immense passion for aviation inspired him to incept the company and desire to assist the Indian defense force with his cutting-edge drone technology. He is a flight simulator geek with an equal interest in music and fitness and spends hours playing advanced Microsoft simulator games.

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