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Lucy Rana: Symphony Of Success In Law, Innovation, & Leadership

Lucy Rana: Symphony Of Success In Law, Innovation, & Leadership

 Lucy Rana,  Partner

Lucy Rana


In this era of empowerment, women are not merely participants; they are torch bearers, forging paths to boardroom careers that were once considered unattainable. Among these trailblazers is Lucy Rana, whose journey exemplifies leadership and excellence. The foundation for Lucy's success can be traced back to her time at IIFT. Armed with a diverse skill set and global perspective gained from the Executive Master's program, she entered the legal industry to bring about transformative changes.

Joining a legal firm, she identified the absence of structured systems and processes—a gap she skillfully addressed with insights gleaned from her Japanese work experience and MBA education. Her strategic initiatives, such as building databases, developing inhouse software, and restructuring teams, brought a level of efficiency and innovation that traditional law firms often lacked. Lucy's commitment to structured programs, influenced by Japanese work methodologies like Kaizen, brought constant improvement amidst the organizational workplace & ethos. Let’s hear more about the transformation from business operations to the legal industry and her ascent from an employee to a partner.

Take us through your educational and professional journey in brief
My journey kicked off at Jawaharlal Nehru University where I enrolled for a bachelor's in Japanese. Studying a foreign language significantly expanded my thought process and provided valuable insights into perspectives beyond our own culture. My profession began with working for a Japanese company, specifically in business operations. Concurrently, I was interested in the legal field, recognizing the need to handle complex tasks in the organization, ranging from government approvals to day-to-day
intricacies. Seeking a deeper under standing of business operations, I enrolled in the Executive Master's program at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.

Moving from business operations to navigating complex organizational issues, I eventually assumed the role of a partner and lawyer in S.S. Rana & Co. With a background in business management and practical experience, I could bridge the gap between legal services and practical business solutions. Currently heading S.S. Rana & Co. as the Managing Partner, I oversee various verticals, collaborating closely with clients on brand protection, IP management, and corporate commercial issues.

Our fundamental foundation values are trust, transparency, and thought leadership—pillars that have sustained S.S. Rana & Co for 34 years in the legal industry

My Japanese work experience and MBA back ground played a crucial role in implementing changes. From building databases to in-house software and structuring teams, I drew on Japanese work methodologies like Kaizen for constant workplace improvement. The combined experience of a decade with a Japanese company and an MBA allowed me to reshape S.S. Rana & Co. In essence, I believe, my professional journey has been a dynamic fusion of business and law, bringing transformative changes to the legal services landscape in India.

What fuels your routine every day?
What motivates me on a daily basis is a genuine love for learning. As an observational learner, I believe that opportunities for learning are omnipresent. Whether from those junior or senior, within or outside the legal realm, I strive to absorb knowledge from diverse sources be it a child in the park as well. The desire to share my experiences and guide those around me, be it colleagues, subordinates, or friends, fuels my motivation. Making a positive difference in people's lives, whether in their professional, academic, or everyday aspects, gives me a sense of purpose
Share with us your academic experience from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.
The IIFT experience was enriching, bridging the gap between academics and industry. In the Executive Master’s Program, practical aspects took center stage, with case studies, brainstorming sessions, and real-life problem-solving projects. Already being exposed to business operations at a Japanese organization, I found the program transformative. It refined my communication and presentation skills, honed analytical thinking, and encouraged thinking beyond conventional solutions. The faculty, with vast industry exposure, played a pivotal role in connecting academia with real-world scenarios. Group interactions, off-class sessions, and diverse peers from engineers to marketers further enhanced the dynamic learning environment. It was an incredible mix, fostering continuous learning beyond traditional academic boundaries.

What's your advice for upcoming leaders and entrepreneurs?
My advice for upcoming leaders is to prioritize building a strong team. A dedicated team fosters trust, instills confidence, and forms the backbone for client service. In a service-driven industry, word of mouth is crucial, and a trusted team ensures a positive reputation. Additionally, investing in efficient systems and processes is not an expense but an essential investment. As an intellectual property lawyer, I counsel clients to embrace innovation, emphasizing that safeguarding innovation is an investment, not an expense. Cultivating a culture of innovation, trust, and collaboration is key for industry leaders to stay ahead, coupled with staying abreast of market trends and being proactive.

Lucy Rana, Partner, S.S. Rana & Co
Lucy Rana finds solace beyond her busy schedule through music and travel. She enjoys dabbling piano and singing at gatherings or parties. In her professional journey, was honored with the Woman Entrepreneurship Award, the Nari Udyamita Puraskar in 2018, recognizing her impactful contributions. Additionally, in 2016, the Ph.D Chamber conferred upon her the Speaker Award for her expertise in intellectual property rights.

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