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Madhumitha Rangarajan: Weaving Together Global Aesthetics That Are Grounded In India

Madhumitha Rangarajan: Weaving Together Global Aesthetics That Are Grounded In India

   Madhumitha Rangarajan,      Co - Founder

Madhumitha Rangarajan

Co - Founder

With increasing demand from metro and Tier-II cities, the Indian notebook market is expected to grow in the coming years. As a pioneering business with a strong commitment to quality and sustainability, The Paper Collective sets itself apart in the industry. The company's parent company, Sree Sayee Co. was founded in 1942 and began as an importer of paper from Scandinavian countries and distributing across India. The Paper Collective was established with a focus on creating sustainable products that address environmental concerns. The Paper Collective is composed of individuals with diverse expertise in sustainable problem-solving, and this harmony reflects in the products that the company builds together. Madhumitha Rangarajan, the Co-Founder of the company, has provided valuable leadership and guidance that has enabled The Paper Collective to make impressive strides in the market.

Can you talk more about The Paper Collective?
We are third generation entrepreneurs who possess an uninterrupted heritage in bringing some of the best stationery products into the country. We began The Paper Collective in 2018 to leverage our 80 year old generational expertise and to create meaningful and exciting products that each one of us can connect with. My brother Charan and I, who actively manage The Paper Collective, realized at an early stage the value of having professional exposure was vital for us to create exciting products.
Which is why Charan brings expertise in operations management and engineering from his time in New York City, while I’ve worked within India to help chronicle the journey of life through aesthetically exceptional photography as well as working with diverse communities towards conservation of wildlife and preservation of art forms. Together we are able to merge our diverse backgrounds and create innovative products and experiences for our customers. The Paper Collective is dedicated to providing design aesthetics and utility that meet the evolving needs of the Indian consumer.

Describe your leadership approach. What is your success mantra?
At Paper Collective, we believe in honest work and we are dedicated to creating global aesthetics grounded in Indian culture that resonate with a wider audience. Our focus on high quality printing and binding, combined with sustainable practices and packaging, sets us apart in the industry. Our team's emphasis on human empathy allows us to understand our customers' needs and create deeply intuitive, highquality products. We use the best equipment and experienced professionals to ensure the highest standards.

Collaboration is also a key aspect of our work, as we believe it leads to happier partners and better products. Our design philosophy is immersive, open, and supportive of local artists and artisans. We integrate them into our supply chain to diversify our product range. We’ve worked with neuro-diverse children to create beautiful fabric pieces in the form of tie-dye work. With such a thirst for evolving as an organization, we constantly put ourselves out there just to find new ways to do more meaningful work. The kind of work that fills our soul and helps us reflect, rethink, and unlearn as individuals or collectively.

Under your administration, how have you been guiding the company to ensure fine quality of the products?
We are dedicated to upholding the values we stand for and regularly
conduct system audits to ensure that everyone we work with aligns with these values. We approach these conversations with empathy, understanding that making changes can be challenging, so we do not tend to burn them down emotionally. Frequent meetings are held with vendors and clients to build consensus and maintain our commitment to sustainability.

How do you ensure the company remains environmentally responsible?
At The Paper Collective, we draw inspiration from India's rich and unparalleled heritage of respecting and preserving nature. Our relationship with nature is not a transactional one, but rather one of nurturing and honoring. We actively participate in tree planting initiatives across the city and are passionate about protecting the environment. In our office, we use sustainable materials, such as cotton fabrics, recycled boards and paper, in our products and packaging. We are committed to a plastic-free future and strive to make it a reality in everything we do.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
We intend to become India's preferred brand where every letter that’s worth printing, finds a truly fitting home. At the paper collective, we believe that anything worth saying well, has to be on paper first. We aim to provide a space for anyone who wants to express themselves through words or art forms. It is a sacred space of trust, a space where there is no judgement, a space where your secrets are safe and a space that is private and intimate.

Madhumitha Rangarajan, Co-Founder, The Paper Collective
An enterprising individual who aspires to take The Paper Collective to greater heights while still focusing on being sustainable

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