• Sushil Lalwani,    Chairman,  Aritza Gold

    Sushil Lalwani, Chairman, Aritza Gold

  • The gold manufacturing industry is one of the most critical and important industries for a nation as it plays a vital role in the country's economy. People also think of gold as an investment and look out to buy some gold jewellery from time to time which is trending and affordable. To cater to the requirement of gold jewellery buyers, Sushil Lalwani established Aritza Gold company based out in Chennai. It is a very new venture and looking forward to designing best-in-class gold jewellery leveraging the best of its technologies. The company is planning to manufacture the finest lightweight gold jewellery which will be affordable to the customers. The vision of Aritza Gold is to touch the global customer as well as cater to the global gold market requirements.

  •  Sushil Lalwani: Blending Creativity With Technique To Deliver Client Satisfaction

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Top 10 Leaders in Chennai Startups - 2023

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  • Top 10 Leaders in Chennai Startups - 2023

    Inrush of Business Incubators for Startups in Chennai
    Chennai, formerly known as Madras (until 1996), is nevertheless different, known for its prominent cultural, economic and educational excellence. Chennai's accessibility by air, land, and sea makes it a potentially preferred location for operational setup and business prospects, and has seen a remarkable rise in the startup culture. Because of these transit options, it may be less of a hassle for new businesses to move their products, resources, and employees inside and across the city's boundaries. Many new fangled organizations and startups are deluging the business & industrial landscape. As a result, the number of startups in Chennai has exploded, making it India’s fourth most active startup environment.

    Empowering Entrepreneurs
    Organising a business venture and assuming the complete risk for the venture at times giving a personal guarantee and taking personal liabilities. The availability of a competitive but hassle-free climate is what makes Chennai the trendiest market for startup entrepreneurs. The Startup & Innovation policy 2018-2023 of the Tamil Nadu state government is planning to generate at least 5000 technological startups and partner with educational institutions to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit at the same time also reducing existing regulatory and tax burdens on entrepreneurs.

    In this issue of CEO Insights magazine we bring you a list of ‘Top 10 Leaders in Chennai Startups - 2023’ who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience for the growth and profit of the respective organisations in which they have served. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board.

Top 10 Leaders in Chennai Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Felix Pilot Training Institute Gokul Sudarsan, CEO Felix Pilot Training Institute An aeronautical engineer skilled in aviation management, flight operations and leadership, offering world class training for students to grow in the aviation sector
Alchemy Global Hemanath S., Managing Partners Alchemy Global He holds over 17+ years of experience in Product, Service and Solution Sales and encompasses a wide range of skill set, roles and industry verticals
Gadget Wagon Karan Kishnani, Owner Gadget Wagon This passionate leader has immense business insight which he leverages to help the firm gain a competitive edge over the rest
Mallar Agrofoods Karthikeyan Sivalingam, Founder Mallar Agrofoods He helps in improving daily lifestyle by providing oils that are traditionally cold pressed in his firm, with all their flavour, aroma, and nutritional value, great for cooking and skin care requirements
Orril Energy Services Lakshmi Arun Kumaar, Director Orril Energy Services Having an experience of three decades in Industrial outsourced services as the director of the firm she is successfully recruiting skilled forces for the organization’s development
Right Sourcing Solutions Lokesh Chandrasekar, Chief - Operation Right Sourcing Solutions With a value driven and entrepreneurial approach he has gained the likes of top global companies in realizing industry leading outcomes
The Paper Collective Madhumitha Rangarajan, Co - Founder The Paper Collective A pioneering business leader with a unique vision to prioritizing environmental sustainability
Auto Ingress India Suresh Panneerselvam, Managing Director Auto Ingress India After 17 years in the industry, he has risen through the ranks to become the Managing Director of the firm
 Aritza Gold Sushil Lalwani, Chairman Aritza Gold Currently, as the Chairman of the firm he continues to drive innovation and excellence in the business world with a vision of becoming one of the top gold jewellery manufacturers in India
Ticketh Yuvan Arvind, Co-Founder Ticketh A 21-year-old budding Entrepreneur, Web3 Enthusiast, and Cyclist currently building the firm as a seamless NFT ticketing platform