Mahesh Tyagi: Coxswaining The Development Of Heller India By Ensuring Sustainability As The Core Of His Expertise | CEOInsights Vendor
Mahesh Tyagi: Coxswaining The Development Of Heller India By Ensuring Sustainability As The Core Of His Expertise

Mahesh Tyagi: Coxswaining The Development Of Heller India By Ensuring Sustainability As The Core Of His Expertise

 Mahesh Tyagi,   MD and Country Manager

Mahesh Tyagi

MD and Country Manager

A phenomenal leader with a sound track record of performance in unique companies, Mahesh Tyagi ascended to the position of Country Manager at Heller India in 2009 and get the position of MD in year 2014, and ever since he has been pragmatically engaged to drive the overall growth of Heller India. A mechanical engineering graduate coming out from a moderately ranked college located on the outskirts of the ancient city of Agra, Mahesh has come a long way in his professional career by the virtue of his sturdy industry-relevant skills.

Equipped with superior interpersonal skills, Mahesh is not only capable of resolving multiple and complex issues related to sales, human resources, legal, financial, and operations but also believes in motivating co-workers to improve performance. Standing out in the industry as a quintessential leader, Mahesh is coxswaining the development of Heller India by ensuring sustainability as the core of his expertise and adding value to the organization despite being one of the youngest corporate stalwarts of the country at present.

Below is an excerpt of Mahesh’s interaction with the CEO Insights Magazine

Having more than 15 years of experience, how are you implementing your expertise across the operations of Heller India?
My professional journey started when the machine tool industry was going through a transformation. It provided me with an opportunity to work with two different approaches to developing systems, which are entirely different in terms of methods and models used; expertise in machine tools and acumen in marketing with a strong commercial insight of running organizations. The skills which I had achieved with these two entirely different approaches for the same goals made me the best fit to run Heller India with the best possible revenues and sustainable bottom lines. The exposure of 180-degree different approaches enables a person to take selective decisions on how to move ahead, and that is what has helped me until now.

Define Heller India as an organization and its position in the market?
Heller India a part of Heller Group which was founded in year 1894 with the core competence as metal cutting solution supplier, till today we are one of the best in the world with the goal to support our customers in mastering their production tasks, helping them to successfully compete in the market with the 05 production facilities, 30 sales/ service location and a strong team of 2600 competent and committed staff.

Heller India is structured in a way that we support customers with a multi-directional unique system of an integrated team. Heller India is equipped with best-in-class sales offerings, services onsite, tested
and approved pre-owned machines as well as spare parts delivery in the shortest possible time. As an organization, we are providing 24x7 onsite support to run machines and production systems, along with the unique proposition of having a critical part onsite to address a failure within the lowest stipulated time of response.

How are you adapting new tools/ technologies to revolutionize your services to be at par with current industry standards?
At present, the world is moving towards connected manufacturing. We have a unique proposition of supporting customers with a multi-level system that is working on the global service network platform. Through this, customers are having the possibility to get in contact with our global support centre in Germany and connect machines with a remote diagnosis system to get an immediate response to their requests. We are developing products which are working in an environment of connected techs and this is making machines available 24x7 on connected systems within theorganizations. Our IND 4 product range with inbuilt diagnosis features makes it go further to serve the purpose of reducing MTBF and MTTR.

Always think about bigger goals in your life, your mind will be aligned accordingly and when you get an opportunity it will be easier for you to take it forward as your mind is already prepared for the challenges towards the same

How do you maintain the perfect balance between your personal and professional life?
A healthy balance might look like meeting your deadlines at work while still having time for friends and hobbies, having enough time to sleep properly and eat well not worrying about work when you are at home.

As far as I seen until now in my life, a perfect balance between personal and professional life not possible to maintain with a satisfactory level of acceptance from all concern participants around you. If you want to be successful above average in your professional life, then more dedication towards your goals is needed and this will for sure hamper your personal life because a day is having fixed 24 hours and 02 hands to work only. At the end, the decision must be taken that in which hand we need to have a sweet. You cannot have sweets in both of your hands, and you have to select in which hand you need to have sweets. If you want to get in both hands then it is a fair chance that you will lose and both hands will be empty.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behaviour that you anticipate, and what are the opportunities that you foresee?
After the pandemic, we are seeing a trend of moving towards the flexible
manufacture approach that in fact can flex in between the minimum production to maximum Production bands without involving a lot of labour and human intervention. As a result, customers are moving towards, connectedsystem via which the productivity can be optimized without the physical presence of people on site. At the same time, the turnaround time need to be drastically reduced for a new project or a running project. On one side it is an opportunity to make projects faster which in turn shoots up your revenue and bottom lines but at the same time, it becomes a completely new approach to allocate your resources and manufacturing capabilities.

What are the fundamental factors that you consider while developing a long-run business plan and what are the risk factors you take into consideration?
Before the pandemic, whenever I draw a business plan, I first look for the sustainability of that plan and bottom lines, which is possible to achieve in time horizon of 05 years. Its completely change after the pandemic, now the business plan are having a quick turnaround time, best possible multilayer flexibility to adapt changes and they must have considerable amount of technology inputs. The biggest risk factor is to have right work force for right job, at present we have big gap in this to fulfil; I consider the right work force for right job is the highest risk factor for any business than other will kick in like market structure, financial stability, and product/services etc. Once I am convinced that the plan is sustainable, and then I look for profitability and the bottom line. After that, I put maximum effort to have the best possible utilization of the capacity, for there is always a never-ending aspect of capacity utilization versus installed capacity calculation.

Share about your leadership style. How do you motivate your team to move forward?
I believe in the Participative Leadership, whereby I tend to listen my colleagues and involve them in the decision-making process, it ensures transparency so every member of the team can see how their role fits into the bigger picture and helps achieve better results. It requires an inclusive mind-set, good communication skills and the ability and inclination to share power.

To lead my team effectively and keep them motivated, I like to challenge them with new opportunities every day by promoting accountability in individual roles and coming together to find solutions, rather than pointing fingers when problems arise.

Mahesh Tyagi, MD and Country Manager, Heller India
A young, dynamic, and result oriented engineering professional with acumen in managing bottom lines & strong commercial insight of running organizations.

Hobbies:Driving on long highways
Favorite Cuisine:Dal Makhni with butter naan
Favorite Book:Start with Why by Simon Sinek
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