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Manish Gaur: Designing Strategic Business Processes Through Innovative Solutions & Technology

Manish Gaur: Designing Strategic Business Processes Through Innovative Solutions & Technology

 Manish Gaur,   Managing Partner

Manish Gaur

Managing Partner

The American author Stephen Covey once said, “Trust is the glue of life. It's the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships”. Leaders who build rock-solid trust with their employees leave an impact on the outcomes of the organizations. Manish Gaur is one such leader. Managing Partner at Urbane The Design Workshop (UTDW) and IVS School of Design (IVS), Manish holds exceptionally rich educational qualifications from XLRI, BIMTECH, and IIM-Rohtak.

He is responsible for formulating strategies to scale up the business and also exploring new business opportunities for UTDW and IVS. Both businesses have gained significantly from Manish’s rich experiences of working with reputed international brands.

In an in depth conversation with CEO Insights magazine, Manish shares more with us about his professional journey and various lessons he has gathered on the way. Let's hear it from him.

Tell us about your professional journey and the knowledge acquired through it.
My professional journey is inspired by the famous Chinese Proverb 'Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner every where.' Learnings have been my focus and I have never been afraid of taking up new challenges, whether the challenge was from my core expertise or whether it was a diversified field, altogether. Rich exposure in leadership roles with reputed organizations such as Hyatt International, HVS International, Dorling Kindersley, and Cushman & Wakefield in all aspects from reaching the customer to the back end and ensuring seamless processes made me proficient across all business functions from Marketing to Finance.

Exposure to business innovations enabled me to acquire expertise in designing, setting up, and successful implementations of new businesses for organizations, successful implementations of
Automation and Digital Transformations, sharing best practices with businesses, and the ability to evaluate and assess businesses' vulnerability to a broad variety of risks.

Urbane The Design Workshop has executed world-class projects by ensuring maximum efficiency,coordination, and client satisfaction & conceptualized the IVS School of Design

Tell us about your learning experience and major lessons that you have inculcated from IIM Rohtak.
IIM-Rohtak is a new generation IIM, and the institute is at the forefront of bringing the importance of technology and data analytics. These disruptors can play a pivotal role in today’s dynamic business environments. Data is the new oil and the importance of Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning as enablers in enhancing efficiency and improving business productivity. These are the most important lessons, I learned.

How would you define Urbane the Design Workshop & IVS School of Design, as an organization in the architecture and planning services & Design Education domain and what are some of the unique business propositions that they offer?
Urbane The Design Workshop with an experience of more than three decades, is a reputed, award-winning architecture, engineering, planning, interior design, and program management firm providing customized user-specific solutions. Our diverse portfolio includes world-class projects. Our 'end-to-end project' approach ensures maximum efficiency, coordination, and client satisfaction. We are a research and process based design company that works in line with the client’s design intent, believing in the single point of responsibility with the design and build approach.

IVS School of Design was instituted in 2009, with a vision of promoting high design values and fostering an attitude towards 'out of box' thinking and a motto to propagate and improve the quality of design in India. The institution offers a global, industry-oriented curriculum and as a pioneer in the field of Interior Architecture and Design and structural innovation, IVS has
adapted a culture of practical learning to empower students to become future-ready.

Describe your leadership style and
approach that you practice at Urbane the Design Workshop & IVS School of Design to drive the growth of the organization.

People, People, People'– One aspect which I have learned from various experiences is that you are as good as your team and Human Asset is supreme and matters the most. The story which has impacted me the most in believing in the strength of the human mind is Wilma Rudolph’s Story. Rudolph’s legacy lies in her efforts to overcome obstacles that included childhood illness and physical disabilities to become the fastest woman runner in the world in 1960. The power of the human mind, beliefs, and its unimaginative capacity to achieve influences me and my leadership style is a mix of Coaching and Transformative. A motivated team, empowered with trust and backed up by a robust business process, aiming for continuous improvement by innovations will always be successful.

You possess over twenty seven years of industry experience, what has been your mantra for success?
My success mantra has been Determination, Dedication, and Drive with discipline and focus on my work. I focus a lot on innovations and this entails detailed questioning of the existing process based on the in-depth analysis I am able to chalk out areas of improvement, which enhances business efficiency and increases productivity. There is also a lot of emphasis on a systematic approach.

Where are you headed in the next five years and what is your advice for future business leaders?
Apart from the continuous pursuit of business growth for UTDW and IVS, I want to venture intoCircular Economy Environmental, Social, and Governance, and promote Indian artisans globally. I wish to give back to society through my work and that will be my focus for the next five years.

Manish Gaur, Managing Partner, Urbane The Design Workshop & IVS School of Design
Manish holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Birla Institute of Management Technology,Executive Development Programme Certificate Course on Data Analytics from IIM- Rohtak, and Post Graduate Senior Leadership Course from XLRI, Jamshedpur, as a Managing Partner with Urbane the Design Workshop and IVS School of Design is responsible for their strategic business growth.

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