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Marwadi Shares And Finance: Promoting A Robust Business Model That Delivers High Value And Services

Marwadi Shares And Finance: Promoting A Robust Business Model That Delivers High Value And Services

  Ketan H. Marwadi,   Chairman and MD

Ketan H. Marwadi

Chairman and MD

During and post-pandemic, the number of new retail investors has grown at a significant speed. These investors are neither experienced nor skilled and therefore, they look out for financial institutions to help them in trading. With a mission to help individuals and families in achieving their financial goals, Marwadi Shares and Finance (MSFL) was established as a financial service company. MSFL thrives to be strategically advanced and anticipates changing market needs to reinforce its position among India’s leading retail brokerage houses. Ketan H. Marwadi is the Chairman and MD of the firm.

MSFL has its corporate office located in Rajkot, Gujarat and has embedded the latest technology across the operations to ensure seamless, secure, and uninterrupted trading. The firm has been consistently ranked amongst the top 10 performers in BSE in the Equity/F&O/CDS segment from 2007-08 onwards. The core focus of MSFL is always been retail broking and the firm believes that every client deserves access to the right guidance an efficient trading platform and relevant cutting-edge products. By sharing accurate insights and ensuring that our front-end & back-end Infrastructure is backed by the latest technology, MSFL has always maintained transparency in its dealings and has been customer-centric, this has earned them trust and goodwill.

Ketan H. Marwadi engages in an exclusive interaction with the CEOInsights Magazine, here’s the highlights.

Tell us about your flagship offerings and what value additions customers can expect from your services and solutions.
Being a retail broker, mainly the products offered by MSFL consists of Equity and Derivatives Broking, Depository Services, Commodities Broking, Currency Trading, IPO
Distribution, Mutual Fund Distribution, NPS(National Pension Scheme-Distribution), Research and Advisory, Smart Portfolio Analysis, Online Trading, SLBM, Margin Trading, and PAN Card Services. In addition to that, MSFL also has a dedicated arbitrage and jobbing desk, and an institutional desk and has around 600 institutional clients empanelled for broking services. MSFL also provides a dedicated clearing facility to HNIs/Ultra HNIs/FIIs, and more, for their trades and investments in India.

Uncompromising integrity helps in building great relationships

MSFL’s terminals have never been down either due to connectivity issues or due to funds issues thus ensuring 100 percent uptime for the customers. This is the biggest assurance ever that any customer in the securities market will value the most. Further, the online applications for trading and back office interface for customers are developed in a state of technology and are always updated.

Could you give a brief about the platforms and tools used in the company’s solutions that help in avoiding risk?
MSFL has a technology enabled Risk Management System(RMS) and a highly experienced team in place to avoid business risks. We use various applications such as Odin Chief Admin, eProtector and iBeats as well as NSE and BSE RMS applications for monitoring and controlling the risk at optimum level. MSFL has used strong firewalls and network security tools to avoid external risks of threats and cyber security. We are proud to say that so far, our network and systems have never faced any virus attack or cyber attack and our system uptime is highest.

How is the team built and what motivates them the most to ensure client satisfaction?
MSFL has a strong team of 1300 employees who cater services to the customers. MSFL has always believed in giving the best ever possible environment, ambience, and culture to work with this company. The employees are always assured of the safety of their job and given full freedom to evolve with newer ideas to handle the business and processes more effectively. MSFL has registered its growth in leaps and bounds and top
management has always ensured that the employees are also cared for and given appropriate growth. This has led to very good retention of employees. MSFL has a comparatively low attrition ratio for employees as well as customers. So, the seasoned and satisfied employees ensure to impart the best of the services and appropriate responses to the customers.

Tell us about the company’s CSR initiatives. How does the company encourage the employees to participate in them?
MSFL does have a CSR committee and it fulfills its social obligation through Harkishanbhai B. Marwadi Charitable Trust and Marwadi Education Foundation Trust both are registered trusts under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950.

Harkishanbhai B. Marwadi Charitable Trust has been engaged in Animal welfare related activity for the last twenty years. This trust has a very good setup and adequate resources for carrying out animal welfare activities. The trust runs an animal hospital and takes care of around 850 abandoned/sick animals.

Marwadi Education Foundation Trust has been engaged in carrying out all activities for educational purposes. By making grants to trust the CSR activities for imparting higher education to needy students is met.

What is the role MSFL has envisioned taking in the near future? What is the level of impact it strives to bring to the market?
MSFL is planning to have a steady growth of 5 to 7 percent in the retail sector. The group is strongly pitching online trading platforms to the client since the industry is moving in this direction. This should definitely be working towards the goal of regulators to ensure that retail investors are investing in the securities market on their own. Further MSFL is also to focus aggressively on the new IPOs and more participation of investors therein.

Ketan H. Marwadi, Chairman and MD, Marwadi Shares and Finance
Incorporated in the year 1992 as a financial service company, Marwadi Shares and Finance thrives to be strategically advanced and anticipates changing market needs to reinforce its position among India’s leading retail brokerage houses.

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