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Mayank Agrawal: On a Mission to Deliver Client Satisfaction with Each Offering

Mayank Agrawal: On a Mission to Deliver Client Satisfaction with Each Offering

Mayank Agrawal,CEO

Mayank Agrawal


Someone has very wisely said, ‘Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role but always about the goal.’ One such industry leader who is making milestones with his unique approaches is Mayank Agrawal, CEO, Gallantt Ispat Limited. Having completed his graduation from Amity University, Delhi, Mayank Agrawal got involved in their family business wherein they had a small set up of Flour Mill and mini steel plant in Gorakhpur, U.P. Back in 2005, enthused by the Industrial Policy of Gujarat Govt., Mayanksaw an opportunity to set up an integrated steel plant with power plant right from Greenfield at Samakhyali, Kutch Distt. “I was fully engaged with the project; as a novice, I had the fear of taking up such a huge responsibility and burden of executing such a big project. My father gave me free hand which helped me in decision making and thank God, the project was successfully commissioned in December, 2005. This encashment of the opportunity boosted my confidence and gave me ample experience in all the areas related to steel sector”, shares Mayank Agrawal.

In 2006 as the Government of Uttar Pradesh evolved a new Industrial Policy which declared some incentives to the investors, Mayank decided to encash this opportunity and went ahead to set up another integrated steel plant with captive power plant at GIDA, Gorakhpur in 2007 and commenced commercial production in 2009. Today, it is the one and the only state of the art steel plant in U.P., Bihar, Delhi and around. Listed on NSE & BSE, Gallantt Ispat Limited at present has an approx. one million ton production capacity with an expected turn over of approx. Rs.4000 Crores in the current F.Y. Let’s hear more from Mayank Agrawal in this interaction.

What is it that drives towards this journey?
My motivation is the happiness of everyone associated with Gallantt Group; i.e., employees, Distributors and more. We always sticked to the commitment and provided all possible help to improve the overall standard of living of the employees. My focus is not on myself but solely on ourselves and I want to accomplish in the future for society. To do something for others is truly the motivational factors that run my day and it gives me a sense of motivation.

Tell us more about Gallantt Ispat. Where is it positioned in today’s industry?
Gallantt Ispat Limited is a public limited company listed on both NSE & BSE and primarily engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of steel products, including sponge iron, billets and TMT bars. Gallantt Group can be defined as a very progressive, modern, and a trustworthy brand, that has a very strong brand presence with its product placement in domestic Trade market specifically all over northern and western Indian markets and is represented by more than 5000+ strong dealer network. We are also involved in various social and community development activities through its philanthropic arm, Gallantt Foundation. These activities include supporting education, healthcare and community development initiatives in the areas surrounding its manufacturing units.

With a strength of 5,000 workforce across the country, at Gallant Ispat, the business activities are done in a pre-defined manner under the
guidance of Board of Directors and qualified and experienced professionals. Over the period of two decades Company has gained huge brand value in the steel sectors; especially in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat ‘Gallantt TMT’ has a wide acceptance from builders, contractors, architects and retail customers. With a manufacturing capacity of approx. 1.00 Mn. Ton per annum, Gallant Ispat is positioned in Top 10 long Steel manufacturing Group.

You will need to think about the big picture while relentlessly focusing on the small picture, surround yourself with the right people, spend a little time planning and a lot of time doing

Throw some light on your flagship offerings and what are the value additions that customers can expect from your offerings?
At Gallantt Ispat we offer flagship products that include TMT Bars-available in Various Grades namely Fe550D, Fe500D and Fe 550. We manufacture various grades of TMT bars as per market requirement and end application. For futuristic multi storied and critical applications, we have Fe500D and Fe550D Grade Bars (Gallantt Advance) which have highest elongation to yield strength ratio with minimized Sulphur & Phosphorus. Gallant’s state of art completely automatic plant coupled with Ladle Refining Furnace makes sure that we deliver a product which adheres to every possible international standard.

Today, we are committed to providing quality products to the customers for which we have a team of experts from metallurgical and mechanical engineering background works hard round the clock to adopt modern technology to ensure quality control measures and excellent and timely delivery of our products to the satisfaction of our valued customers.

We have also captured a substantial market of TMT Bars in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan & Maharashtra. Trusting ‘Gallantt TMT’, our clients include some of the most reputed names in Indian infrastructure & construction space such as Adani, Reliance, TATA, L&T, Shapoorji Pallonji, Shalimar Corp, Viraj Constructions, Parsvnath Developers, Omega Developers & Builders, Military Engineering Services (MES), Uttar Pradesh Rajkiya Nirman Nigam, U.P. Bridge Corporation and other various Government departments.

Tell us about your leadership approach, and the guidelines or methodologies you follow
to lead your team.

As an entrepreneur, each day is a new day to learn and implement some thing. I believe, clarity in vision, forecasting, delegation of responsibility, time management and reward for achievements are the basic tools that have enabled us to achieve organizational goals. We are always clear in our planning front and we go ahead with a positive attitude. We monitor the progress of task assigned at a regular interval and try to solve the issues being faced by the work executors on a daily basis. Man made errors is discussed, possible supports are given and right person at right place approach is followed.

Overall, effective leadership should involve clear communication, setting expectations, empowering the team, and fostering a positive team culture that encourages personal and professional growth. At Gallantt, we follow these guidelines as our corporate principles and ensure that both management and the workforce adhere to the same Communicate Clearly, Lead by Example, Empower Your Team, Build a Positive Culture, Encourage Personal and Professional Growth and Recognize and appreciate Achievements.
Tell us some of the toughest challenges that you have encountered in your journey so far and how did you overcome them?
While there have been numerous ups and downs and we have paved way through them very smoothly, in one such case, there was a shortage of raw material, especially iron ore. To overcome this crisis, we entered into a longterm understanding with Essel Mining & Industries, a Birla Group mining company in Orissa, with a commitment that 80 per cent of the required iron ore will be procured from them. This understanding not only helped us to get discounts and finalise weekly sourcing as per requirement, but also reduced the shortage of iron ore and enabled us to run the plant smoothly.

Since most of our raw material is transported through railway rakes in bulk quantity, we often face the major crisis of timely availability of railway rakes, owing to which there is often delay. After vigorous persuasion with the railway authorities, we were upgraded as ‘Priority C’ category where the Railways allots the total quantity of rakes from various railway zones as per the requirement. Going forward, we now have GENERAL PURPOSE WAGON INVESTMENT SCHEME.(GPWIS)" according to which we have issued purchase order for procurement of Railway wagons which would ensure smooth transportation of raw materials.

What are your plans ahead?
In the years to come, we aspire to be one among the first three steel producers in India and to make the brand known in the infrastructural map of India. We further intend to make the workplace safer, prevent risks to health, while ensuring that plants and machinery is safe to use, making sure safe working practices are set up and followed. For us, employee satisfaction is an important aspect as employees are our backbone, without which we can not do anything. We provide an open and positive work environment, provide healthy work relationships and we make employees feel that they are not doing a job but are partners in success thereby they feel appreciated. Finally, we conduct biannual or yearly employee satisfaction surveys, on the basis of which necessary steps are taken to overcome the issues related to employees.

In the light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to the budding industry leaders?
I believe, hard work has no substitute, in fact, work works wonders. Leadership is an integral part of any company’s success. A true leader enables his team to achieve goals through clear direction and support. I consider myself to a transformational leader as I encourage my team to set goals that directly line up with the company’s goal. I conduct review meetings to track the progress of the goals set. You will need to work harder than you ever imagined. You will need to work smarter than you ever imagined. You will need to think about the big picture while relentlessly focusing on the small picture, surround yourself with the right people, spend a little time planning and a lot of time doing. Yes, starting a business can be hard; however, eventually, it can be incredibly rewarding. The most successful startups are established by people who are passionate about what they do. When you base your ideas on something you truly love, you will be more focused and motivated.

Mayank Agrawal, CEO, Gallantt Ispat
Mayank Agrawal is the CEO of Gallantt Group, a leading player in the Indian steel industry. He was born in India in 1984 and completed his education from Amity University, New Delhi. After completing his education, he started working in the Family business of manufacturing of Flour Products. In 2005, Mayank Agrawal founded Gallantt Ispat Limited with the aim of manufacturing high-quality steel products. Under his leadership, the company has grown rapidly and established itself as a trusted player in the industry.

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